Happy ‘Love Your Pet Day’

I’ve been looking forward to today for a few weeks. Since the 30th of January, to be more precise, when I discovered that ‘Love Your Pet Day’ existed. You can imagine my excitement to learn that there is, actually, a day when I can make a fuss of George and spoil him rotten without being frowned at or being told that I’m a bit over the top.

Yes, I admit, my whippet is spoilt. I love him and I like to show it. I think he deserves it in return for what he’s given us. I could write volumes about what George means to us, about how he’s a best friend to Brianna and a loyal companion to us, his human mum and dad. I could write about his sweet nature, goofy grins and wet ear washes that he generously treats us with every day. But I won’t. Not today.


Today is not a day for words, but a day for all of us to show our pets how much we love them and how lucky we feel to be part of their lives. We, people are good at writing and talking about how we would do anything for our pets. That’s how much we love them. Well, I think now it’s time to turn off the computer and actually do something with them. I’m sure this will mean the world to our beloved animal friends, who are always happy to see us, never ask for too much and spend their lives waiting for us to return home or finish work so that they can share a few cuddles.

Take your pets for a walk, join in a game with their favourite toy and bake them a special treat. Then laze around on your sofa, allowing them to curl up on your lap and dream about the wonderful day you’ve given them. They will be happy, and you’ll be rewarded with a warm feeling of satisfaction and gratitude.


Happy ‘Love Your Pet Day’, everyone!



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8 responses to “Happy ‘Love Your Pet Day’

  1. Beautiful post! This holiday needs more attention and I think various pet organizations and pet supply franchises are missing out by not hyping this the way they should! This could be the pet equivalent of Christmas Day if is was publicized the way it should be! Always glad I read your blog.

    • Thanks, Ed, you’re always so supportive! I have to admit that I’m also surprised that this day is not well known and more advertised. I thought the marketing machine was keen to jump to any opportunity to increase their revenue, but they seem to have missed this one. Well, at least now we know about it and can tell our friends. Pets’ Christmas Day sounds like a very good idea to me, I bet our fur babies wouldn’t complain about that 😉

  2. lifewith4cats

    Shutting off the computer and doing something with my pets instead of just writing about them. You hit the nail on the head. I think I’ll go brush all my kitties today. Happy Pet Day one and ALL!

    • I wonder how your lovely kitties enjoyed their special grooming session…I’m sure you’ve all had a fabulous day. Maybe you can tell us all about it, Sara, in one of your witty posts.

  3. I’ve never heard of this day and it looks like I’m too late for it already, seeing as how it’s Monday here :p But turning off the computer and doing REAL things with Rufus and Georgia is something I have to remind myself about too.

    Today, I’ll be baking YOUR liver cake, or variation of. I’m sure Georgia will be there helping. Stay tuned and wish me luck! xox

    • It’s never too late to celebrate, we do it all the time. You making them liver cake is the perfect gift for yesterday, and you’re only one day late, I’m sure they won’t notice 🙂 Georgia sounds like she’s the helpful type, just like George. I wonder if she’ll do what he does and plonk herself in front of the oven, just to ‘guard’ the precious content. I hope your babies will like it, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they do. Please let me know if it’s a success. x

  4. didn’t know such a day exist and so did my mommy,if she knew I bet she would prepare something special for us.
    You said you spoil your dog … hehe we are also being so spoilt by our mommy.

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