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Emergency Pancakes

As you already know – I’m sure I’ve moaned about it before – our summer here in the UK has been rubbish so far. In actual fact, it’s fair to say that we haven’t had any summer weather yet, as it hasn’t stopped raining since Easter.

Apparently, this is an all-times record… But we could have done without it, really. The rain and cold temperatures have brought everybody’s spirits down. Although we’re trying to stay positive and hope that sunnier, warmer days will eventually come our way, there is one member of our family who’s had enough and is succumbing to weather-induced depression. Yep, you guessed it: it’s George!

Fed up of getting wet, walking through mud and puddles and not being able to sunbathe in the garden, he’s been sporting his moody look for weeks now. Yesterday, after getting caught in torrential rain once again, he looked so sad and grumpy that I knew it was time to take action and cheer him up. So, after consulting with Brianna – who is Chief Advisor on matters relating to George, yummy treats and general kids’ stuff – we decided that there was only one solution to our whippet’s bad mood: emergency pancakes!

My family love pancakes… Jam, sugar and lemon, honey, cream, chocolate spread or cheese, whatever the filling, they’ll eat them up in seconds. George is usually allowed one plain or cheesy pancake, but this was an emergency situation, remember! So he had three…


They seemed to do the trick, at least for now. There’s a bit more bounce in his step and a bit more optimism in his eyes. Hopefully, the sun will reappear before I have to switch my entire family to a pancake-only diet.



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Two of My Favourite Things

When I wrote my last post, we were building snowmen and fighting the cold…This time, we’re getting ready for spring…The weather is warmer, the birds are singing, the whippet has cheered up a bit and I’ve got a big bunch of tulips brightening up the living-room…


… what more could I want?


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A Better Week and a Snowy Weekend

In case you were wondering how George is doing, I’m happy to report that he’s doing well and is pretty much back to normal! Thanks to all our friends for the good wishes and healing thoughts 🙂

After the first week of compulsory rest and self-pity, things started to brighten up by last Wednesday. In spite of having to take ‘treatment brakes’ and wear baby socks (see pictures below), my little boy has gradually been able to use his foot more and more and, eventually, resume his lunch walks and play roughies with his dad. Consequently, his spirits lifted to new highs, too.



And then came Sunday and the first (and probably last) snow of the winter… We couldn’t have ordered a better present for George to celebrate his recovery. We all woke up really early and went out on the field, to make sure that we’re the first ones to leave footsteps on the pure snow. As Brianna says, “I want to be the first to trash the snow”. George ran around like crazy and got involved in our snow fights by trying to catch the flying snowballs and eat them.

After a little warming up break in the house, the humans went outside to trash more snow (in the front garden, this time) and make a snowman.


Then we released the whippet in the back garden and had one more snow fight until he surrendered and asked to go inside.


What can I say… It feels good to be back to normal and, although most of the snow has already melted, the snowman has lost his head and none of us like the dirty slush in the street, we’re happy. Very happy.


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Georgie One-Foot

If you’re wondering whether George has joined a Native American tribe and taken on one of those cool names that only they can come up with, the answer is: No, he hasn’t. He’s been named “Georgie One-Foot” by his dad due to an unexpected, unfortunate and rather worrying development that took place about a week ago and we’re still dealing with at present.

What happened was that George came back from one of his morning walks looking moody. His dad, who wasn’t a happy bunny himself, said that all George wanted to do was to stand in one place, sniffing everything for ages. This is atypical for our whippet, who is normally a fast, on-the-go sniffer. After about half an hour of standing, he got told off and brought back home. Hence the moody face…

Two hours later, when George leaped off his dad’s chair (after his mid-morning snooze), he started limping. We rushed to check his leg out, as a potential injury on his long legs is a constant obsession for us. Luckily, the leg and joints proved to be all right, so we turned out attention to his pad. At a quick inspection, we couldn’t see anything, but we knew there had to be something wrong, because George didn’t want us to touch it, which was odd from a dog who loves his handshakes and doesn’t mind being handled.

A quick walk in the shower, followed by another inspection, revealed a sizeable, open, weeping wound on the side of one of his toes, in the worst location possible: between the two middle toes, where most of the pressure is applied during walking. He must have stepped on some glass and managed to scrape off the entire pad. Just great!

This discovery led to a complete change in George’s daily routine: short pavement walks once a day, no play time with his friends, no rough playing in the house, foot washes in salty water, a lot of antiseptic cream and foot bandages to stop him from licking the medicine or biting his toes. Luckily, all these seem to have worked so far and the wound is healing nicely, although it’s still got a way to go. We think it might take another week until he’ll be back to normal, but we’re making progress every day and we managed to avoid going to the vet. Not that we hate the guy or anything like that, but we didn’t fancy seeing George walk around with one of those big plastic cones attached to his neck. I don’t think he would have fancied that, either.

I won’t post a photo of the injury – yes, I have taken some! – because it wouldn’t be very pleasant to look at and might upset those of a more delicate nature. But here are two pictures of George cuddled up against his dad, feeling sorry for himself.



He looked miserable for most of last week, but has picked up a bit lately as his pad stopped hurting and he was able to hop/move about more. Hopefully, he’ll be back to his old cheeky self soon!


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George Had Guests

After long weeks of atypically warm and pleasant weather – so warm and pleasant that it even tricked the neighbour’s fruit trees into blossom – we’ve finally had our first few days of proper winter. The weekend came with negative temperatures, extensive frost, slippery pavements and strong winds. Perfect conditions for staying in, according to George, who didn’t seem too enthusiastic about going out for his walks, especially in the morning. His dislike of the cold is so strong, that he even tried to send his dad out on the field without him!

Such extreme circumstances called for a family meeting. We had to decide – rather quickly – what we could do to entertain the whippet. Indoors. So we asked my parents-in-law around for a cup of tea. As you may expect, George loves his grandparents. Normally, them coming to visit is entertaining enough for George. But we wanted to make it extra special for him, so we issued a request: Bring the dogs!

George loves the dogs. They are his best mates and partners in crime. Usually, their crime consists of running around our feet and the furniture at break-neck speed, stealing each other’s toys, jumping on the sofa, playing roughies and making a lot of noise. Nothing that we can’t cope with for a couple of hours. For their sake. Because we love them and we want them to have fun.

So who are the dogs? They are Blaze the handsome long-coat chihuahua and Ishoo the scruffy-yet-cute Yorkshire Terrier whom you’ve met before. Both tiny creatures with big personalities. Both cheeky and playful. Both perfect companions for George, who doesn’t seem to mind the size difference. But then, dogs are never bothered by such insignificant things.

I think that’s enough talking. I’ll let a few of the photos I took talk for themselves and tell you about the lovely afternoon George and his guests had playing.


Ishoo posing nicely for the camera...I bet you wouldn't have recognised him now that he's a big boy!


George and Blaze taking a little break ... Smile, boys!


"Ok, so what shall we do next?"..."I've got an idea, guys, gather around..." ..."How about..."


Ok, so Blaze stole the bone...Ishoo wasn't too bothered, but check out the look on George's face!


George takes checking Blaze out too far... Of course, Blaze is too absorbed by his bone-munching to notice... Being of a more delicate nature, Ishoo restricts himself to sniffing George's ear... Cool dogs!

Then it was time for Ishoo and Blaze to go home, and for George to crash out on his dad’s chair, exhausted and happy. What a great play afternoon!


P.S. I’ve just noticed that this is my 100th post!!! Hip hip hooray!


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A Quiet Morning in the Run Up to Christmas

Today I left the kids alone in the living-room, while I went about the house sorting out a few things. Here is how I found them when I returned:


The twinkling of the Christmas tree and my two kids cuddled up together in an armchair, reading a book – to me, this is the perfect image of a quiet family day in the run up to Christmas…


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And We’re Back!!!

I wish I could say ‘we’re back in style’, but the style bit might have to wait for a bit longer. The primary aim of this post is to resurrect this poor little neglected blog.

First of all, I’d like to thank our friends Sue, Robin, Melissa and Ed, who spurred me into logging on to the blog again. I am truly touched that you guys thought of us and left messages wondering if we were all right. Do not worry, we’re fine. Actually, we’re better than ever – you know what they say, ‘no news is good news’.

Our blogging break was meant to be very short. I was only going to skip 2 or 3 posts and then return before anyone even noticed. But then I blinked and a month’s gone by and it somehow feels like I’m starting again…Where did the time go?

The excuse for our absence is the same as always: life’s too busy at times and we get pulled into many directions. Sometimes, too many even for someone with our level of energy. When that happens, we need to slow things down a bit and try to regain control over our lives. To do so, something has to give. This time, it had to be the blog. Sorry about that.

I have to admit, I’ve missed you guys. Although I am aware what you have been up to blog-wise due to the notifications I get in my inbox, I’ve really missed ‘talking’ to you. You know…Sharing stories, facts and opinions, discussing and debating, agreeing and disagreeing. The usual stuff that bloggers do and I love so much.

So yeah, it’s good to be back. Almost back, because we’ve still got a few things to work out in order to make enough time for regular blogging.  But we’re heading in the right direction so you should hear from us a bit more from now on.

In case you’re wondering if the we that have been super busy includes George, the answer is it doesn’t. George has still been George, always true to himself and forever snoozing on Brianna’s bed (when not running around at lightning speed, causing havoc). Here’s a recent photo of him, just in case you missed his cute little face:



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