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Snowball Puppy and His Cat

This morning, I started my working day with this little video on SMN. Not a bad start at all, given its sweet content. You know, the kind of stuff that makes you say “Awww…”

I’ll let you see what it’s about and I hope it will brighten your day like it did mine. Just click the link below¬†ūüôā

It looks like even the most patient cat in the world has her limits. I hope Snowball is all right and has learnt his lesson …


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George’s Sand Holiday – Part 2

It’s time for the second (and last) instalment of our seaside holiday tales. So, what else did we do when we weren’t digging? Not much…

George took us for a sunrise walk on the beach at 6 am every morning. So much for having a lie in whilst on holiday…

Come on, dad, hurry up!

Isn't it beautiful?

Brianna took us to the fair at 8 pm every evening, and made us go on everything. Her dad did not escape the bumper cars, whilst I had to go up and down on a giant slide a million times, tucked in a piece of old rug which Brianna poetically called ‘Aladdin’s carpet’. So much for having a rest on holiday…

Down the monster slide she goes, tucked inside her Aladdin carpet...

She also spent a few pounds in the amusements, winning herself a toy ice-cream van – which apparently she’d always wanted and really needed! – at the 2 p machines…

Ice-cream, anyone?

…. whilst I busied myself around the trinket, art and gift shops, looking for treasures and bargains.¬†As a result,¬†three geckos are now crawling up our living-room wall. They took forever to put up, but aren’t they cute?

Our three little cuties...

We also had a lot of ice-cream and a couple of barbecues, plus a few hours reading whilst sitting around the tent. Yes, when we eventually reached the limit of exhaustion, we forced the kids to sit quietly for a bit…

Brianna, how long do you think we've got to lie here for?

We didn’t do much else but, before I end the post, I’d like to thank the weather gods for being so generous and spoiling us with good, dry weather so that we could do everything we wanted.

With all the camping gear packed away, I can’t help dreaming of next summer…


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Back From Our Mystery Holiday

¬†OK, folks, we’re back from our one week break from civilisation. No computer, no telephone, no worries…plus fabulous weather (no drop of rain), perfect for long family walks/expeditions! What more could one want? We came back recharged, sun-tanned, fitter and a lot more relaxed than we’d been for ages.

I could write volumes about this trip, since every second was special to us. I will, however, refrain myself from boring you to death and try to concentrate the whole experience in a couple of posts containing fewer words and more photos. Hopefully, you’ll like them.

First off, I’ve got to keep my part of the bargain and disclose our mystery destination. As all of you guessed (I wonder if I’m too good at giving clues?!?), we went to the beautiful Lake District in Cumbria, to a camping site near Lake Windermere called Park Cliffe. What a fabulous place…Well run, very picturesque and the perfect base for day trips and adventures of discovery. This was our second visit there, and we’ll definitely return a few more times over the following years, as there are a lot more things to see and peaks to explore.

Here are few photos of the site and its surroundings…

View of Lake Windermere from the top of the hill

View of the site from higher up

…as well as a few other photos taken during our gentle, ‘recovery’¬†walks:

Lake Windermere and its boats

At Moss Eccles

George having a rest

At the kids’ request, we¬†also ventured on higher peaks for a bit of ‘extreme training’. However, due to space constraints and my picture overload tendencies, the recount of our one-day adventure on top of the world (well, not really, but it felt like it) will be the subject of a future post.


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From a Dog’s Perspective

My whippet cup comes from a lovely seaside village on the shore of the North Sea. It’s a small and quirky place that has, somehow, managed to resist progress and remain stuck in the 1970s. It’s a non-commercial, time-forgotten place where nothing has changed for 40 years, with a fabulous sandy beach and lovely dunes. Perfect for family holidays with the dogs. We love this place so much, that we return to it every year, in the tent.

The recent talk about my whippet cup and the fact that we’ve just booked this year’s holiday have brought back the sound of the waves and a lot of sweet memories. I can’t wait to get back there, and neither can George.

Initially, I was going to post a couple of the photos we took last year to show you how much George loves his seaside getaway, the dunes, the sand, the sun and the sound of the sea (but not the wet sea itself, of course). However, inspired by one of the posts my friend Robin (of Graceful Leadership) wrote the other week and the photos she shared, I’ve changed my mind about which picture of George to use.

So here’s my somewhat unusual choice for today. This photo is not about how we see George, but about how George sees us. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


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