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Mystery Creature Revealed

OK, voting is now closed, folks. All votes have been counted and verified by an independent (not) judge. I can now reveal who George’s mystery friend is and, more importantly, who won the ‘Guess Who’ competition.

Taadadada…Meet Ishoo, everybody.


Ishoo is my mother-in-law’s Yorkshire Terrier and George’s youngest buddy. He is 1 now, but was only about 5-6 months old in that photo. He’s still a tiny boy, but has a lot of character and we are convinced that he’s a whippet at heart, since the behavioural similarities between him and George are amazing. Which might be why they’re best mates and George prefers him over dogs his own size.

Here is the original photo…


…and another one just because they’re both so cute:


Now we’ve come to the exciting part…The Awards Ceremony! And the winner is … complicated.

No one guessed that George was playing with ‘Ishoo the Yorkshire Terrier’, but a few of you have identified or guessed some key elements. Therefore, in joint first place, we’ve got Kristine and Carrie, who both guessed George was playing with another dog. Ladies, please let me know if you’d like your fur babies to make a guest appearance on our blog at some point in the near future.

Because I’m a softy, I’ve got a few more awards to hand out. First, our worthy runner-up is Kas, who guessed George is playing with another animal, smaller than him, but then got distracted and failed to identify it as being a dog. Her silly answers would have won her the comedy prize, if there was one. Which there isn’t, of course, since this is a serious blog.

We’ve also got two special prizes. The prize for originality goes to Sara, who guessed that George was playing with a toad!!, and the prize for logic goes to Melissa who deducted that George is playing with someone smaller than him, whom he’s not very familiar with. I find this impressive, given the fact that Melissa is not a doggy person. Indeed, this was the first ‘unsupervised’ play session George and Ishoo shared outside in the garden, so they were both testing the water.

I have really enjoyed everybody’s answers, so I’d like to thank you all for playing along. The funny thing is that I came close to choosing a similar photo in which George was playing with Brianna, which would have made pretty much everyone else a winner. Such is life.

I hope you’ve enjoyed out little game. It’s back to more serious stuff next week. Have a nice weekend!



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Happy ‘Love Your Pet Day’

I’ve been looking forward to today for a few weeks. Since the 30th of January, to be more precise, when I discovered that ‘Love Your Pet Day’ existed. You can imagine my excitement to learn that there is, actually, a day when I can make a fuss of George and spoil him rotten without being frowned at or being told that I’m a bit over the top.

Yes, I admit, my whippet is spoilt. I love him and I like to show it. I think he deserves it in return for what he’s given us. I could write volumes about what George means to us, about how he’s a best friend to Brianna and a loyal companion to us, his human mum and dad. I could write about his sweet nature, goofy grins and wet ear washes that he generously treats us with every day. But I won’t. Not today.


Today is not a day for words, but a day for all of us to show our pets how much we love them and how lucky we feel to be part of their lives. We, people are good at writing and talking about how we would do anything for our pets. That’s how much we love them. Well, I think now it’s time to turn off the computer and actually do something with them. I’m sure this will mean the world to our beloved animal friends, who are always happy to see us, never ask for too much and spend their lives waiting for us to return home or finish work so that they can share a few cuddles.

Take your pets for a walk, join in a game with their favourite toy and bake them a special treat. Then laze around on your sofa, allowing them to curl up on your lap and dream about the wonderful day you’ve given them. They will be happy, and you’ll be rewarded with a warm feeling of satisfaction and gratitude.


Happy ‘Love Your Pet Day’, everyone!


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