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George’s Range of Dummies for Dogs

I’m sure that those of you who have been our friends for a while already know that George is a complete baby. If you’re a new friend, then trust me, George is a baby. Whilst other dogs take cuddle toys and soft blankets to bed with them, my ‘original’ whippet has chosen to create his own range of dummies – are they called ‘pacifiers’ in the US? – to soothe his sleep. OK, when I say ‘create’, I don’t mean it literally, because George has no hands. What he did was source them (i.e. choose them from the pet lady’s basket at the market) and slightly alter their intended use.

But that’s enough build-up, here’s some photographic evidence.

The Summer Range – created especially for those snoozy afternoons in the garden, when you’re hot, are feeling lazy and can’t even be bothered to take off your harness after a lunch-time walk.


The Winter Range – a lighter design that you can take indoors with you, for a lie in on your humans’ soft, warm duvet.


George knows his range of dummies is quite limited at the moment. But, being a dedicated entrepreneur, he is working relentlessly, day and night, to develop new items:




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Let’s Play…Guess Who!

I’ve been tempted to jump on the Wordless Wednesday train for a while now, as I think it’s a really neat idea. I love looking at beautiful photos of dogs, cats, flowers or anything else, and the absence of words can be quite refreshing at times. There’s only one problem that stands in my way: I love to talk and can’t shut up. But I’m working on it, and one day I might be able to post something completely wordless. I’ve come close to it a few times, but I’m not quite there yet.

Anyway, as this week’s attempt to fewer words, here’s a photo of George – in what looks to me like a somewhat uncomfortable bow position – asking for a game.


If you want to play, you could try to guess who is the mystery living creature that George wants to play with? Human or animal? Dog, cat or something else? Breed? Name? (I know, now I’m pushing it). I’m afraid you don’t win anything, apart from public recognition for being good at guessing. Although a guest appearance on our blog is a possibility. Clue: it’s not me, I was talking the picture.

And no, that’s not our revamped garden, we were visiting.


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How Much is that Doggy on the Armchair?

We had another playful weekend the other week, and boy it was fun. We were more outdoor oriented this time, as the weather gods have finally decided it was spring and rewarded us with glorious, sunny weather and quite a few degrees on the Celsius scale. Out and into the wild we went, eager to check out our forest, our fields and pretty much everything else in our corner of the world. I’m happy to report that everything is still in place and turning bright green but, as I left my camera at home – doh! – I have no evidence to back this up. So I’ll have to return to it some other time.

This post is about another one of our family games, which we indulged in after we returned from the walk. George was pretty much exhausted and went to sleep in his dad’s chair, as always, so it was up to Brianna to decide what she wanted to do. She said she was going to her room to ‘think about it’, and re-emerged half an hour later with one of those I’m very pleased with myself looks on her face.

In a solemn voice she announced that “today we’re not playing anything …because I’m too busy with my new business. I’ve opened a new shop in my bedroom!”.

I’ve got to tell you that my daughter is quite entrepreneurial that way. She’s always looking for a way to earn her living, and her bedroom often turns into the premises of her new business ventures. It has served as a cafe, zoo, school and dog kennels in the past, so it was only a matter of time until the idea of a shop sprung into her mind. This was the day.

In the half an hour she took to prepare for the grand opening, she’d covered every item she owns with ‘For Sale’ signs and price tags, and her door was filled with all sorts of announcements, from the opening hours to irresistible offers for the potential customers.

So we loaded our pockets with pennies and queued up outside the shop door, excited at the prospect of what we might find inside. I have to admit that we were quite impressed at the level of organisation and the professional, helpful and friendly service we found. Here’s a little snippet of what the shop had on offer:


Now, you wouldn’t expect Brianna to leave out her precious companion – the little whippet called George – would you? She involved him in her shopkeeping game, by delegating him a very important role: that of the most expensive item on sale! Needless to say that George was not at all impressed with his new status. In actual fact, he was completely disgusted at such humiliation, but was too tired to do anything about it, so he just sat there looking sad.


What do you think? Not a happy bunny, right? But do not worry, she did buy him back at the end of the game and they’re best mates again!


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The Descent of the Whippet Alien

I’m an alien,


I’m a whippet alien…


And I’m coming to get you!


Be afraid! Be very afraid!


This is a Blog Hop! Enjoy!


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