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His Majesty, Prince George

On Friday, when we went away for the weekend, we had a lot of nice activities planned to fill our time, and I was hoping for a good post as a result. But it just wasn’t meant to be. The weather was not on our side, and we were forced to stay indoors pretty much all of the time due to heavy downpours of rain.

No need to feel sorry for us, though, it wasn’t that bad. Instead of the triathlon training we usually put ourselves and the kids through, we had lunch sleeps! I hadn’t had a lunch sleep for many years, not for  lack of want, but for lack of time.

And boy, it felt wonderful…A nap on our comfy sofa, with the sound of a summer thunderstorm in the background… To me, that’s magic. I know some people don’t like thunder, lightning and storms in general, but I love them. I find nature’s displays of power irresistible. I guess I’m one of those crazy people who would follow a tornado, if given the chance.

So, not much to write about, I’m afraid. Obviously, I don’t have any photos of us sleeping, and I wouldn’t post any even if I did. What I do have is a photo of George enjoying his afternoon siesta in extra comfort.


Apparently, whilst the adults were snoozing, he’s managed to convince Brianna to bring his duvet from our bedroom and place it on the sofa, then add his blanket on top! I don’t know how long His Majesty had been sitting there, but I woke up under his piercing gaze, watching me from his new throne. I swear this dog could rule the world (if he wasn’t so lazy).



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Two in One Bed

George owns one of those kidney-shaped plastic beds that are everywhere and you can buy for a tenner. He got downgraded to one of these indestructible items after eating his RSPCA-recommended, soft, padded bed that we bought for him when he was a puppy.

Of course, we’re not that cold-hearted to make him sleep on the bare plastic. Like any other whippet, he wouldn’t lie on anything cold or hard, so we lined his ‘nest’ with soft and cuddly blankets. Surprisingly, this new ‘mean’ bed has proved to be an instant hit, not only with our furry boy but also with the youngest members of the family. It has, in fact, become the best and most wanted seat in the house.

You will often find Brianna and one (or two) of her cousins squeezed in the dog’s bed with George, playing with their (or his) toys or just lying on top of each other ‘being dogs’. Sometimes, the real dog will surrender to the noisy invaders and take refuge on the sofa, watching over them from the distance.

Most of the time, however, when it is quiet and there’s no one else around, this is what you’ll see: George and his human sister cuddled up together, enjoying a good story.



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