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A World of Whippet Paraphernalia

This morning, whilst I was drinking my tea out of my whippet cup (pictured below), I realised that we don’t have many whippety things around our home. You know, ornaments, vases, lamps…things that would tell the world we’re into whippets. Statements of our dedication to the breed and love for our dog.

I know a woman – let’s call her Sue – who has built her whole life around whippets. Her house is a “whippet shrine”, as she likes to call it. You know that whippets rule around there before you even get to the house. There’s an oversized whippet statue guarding the end of the drive, plus a number of other garden ornaments scattered between the flowers, in front of the house. The door is, again, guarded by two identical marble whippets (which must have cost a fortune). The first glimpse of the interior decorations can struck you like lightning. Everything is whippety…I mean, everything. Whippet paintings on the wall, whippet ornaments in the glass cabinets and pretty much everywhere else, whippet blanket and cushions on the sofa, whippet rug on the floor, whippet vase on the table, whippet lamp in the corner of the room, plus a big box full of  whippet toys. And, of course, real whippets. 8 of them, to be precise. She’s even personalised her car registration plate to include some sort of abbreviation of the word ‘whippet’!

I’ve only got the whippet cup and a small photo of George on a bookcase shelf. Whilst I’d like to acquire a couple of whippet ornaments for my display cabinet and maybe have a portrait of George painted by a real artist, I’m not planning to go much further than that. However much I love George and like his breed, there is a limit beyond which my love and interest could border on madness. Too much is too much. Although Sue is a lovely person and I appreciate her dedication, I won’t be visiting her house again. I found her obsession with whippet paraphernalia very off-putting. Some of those objects were real gems that I would have liked to have in my own home (like the sculpted floor lamp in the corner of her living room), but the overall effect was just too overwhelming.

So here’s my only piece of whippet paraphernalia. So far. My precious whippet cup. Isn’t it beautiful?



Do you have any dog, cat or other pet-related decorative objects on display around your home? Are you a collector of such treasures? Do you know anyone like Sue?

And yes, before you say it, I’ve used to word “whippet” a lot in this post. 23 times, if my maths is correct. Hopefully, by doing so, I’ve managed to render the feeling of suffocation I got when faced with Sue’s obsession.




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