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Evening Cuddles

It’s about time I published something short and sweet, and Wednesday seems to be the best day for it… After all, it’s Wordless Wednesday, remember?

So here are a couple of pictures of my two kids chilling on the sofa one cool, rainy and uneventful evening.



There wasn’t anything special about that evening, but watching Brianna play on her DS with George cuddled up in her arms filled my heart with joy. Once again, it was a good reminder that it’s the little things that can make us the happiest.



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Two in One Bed

George owns one of those kidney-shaped plastic beds that are everywhere and you can buy for a tenner. He got downgraded to one of these indestructible items after eating his RSPCA-recommended, soft, padded bed that we bought for him when he was a puppy.

Of course, we’re not that cold-hearted to make him sleep on the bare plastic. Like any other whippet, he wouldn’t lie on anything cold or hard, so we lined his ‘nest’ with soft and cuddly blankets. Surprisingly, this new ‘mean’ bed has proved to be an instant hit, not only with our furry boy but also with the youngest members of the family. It has, in fact, become the best and most wanted seat in the house.

You will often find Brianna and one (or two) of her cousins squeezed in the dog’s bed with George, playing with their (or his) toys or just lying on top of each other ‘being dogs’. Sometimes, the real dog will surrender to the noisy invaders and take refuge on the sofa, watching over them from the distance.

Most of the time, however, when it is quiet and there’s no one else around, this is what you’ll see: George and his human sister cuddled up together, enjoying a good story.



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