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Happy Birthday, George!

The last time I wished Happy Birthday to my sweet boy on our blog was – believe it or not – 8 years ago! Where has time gone?

George is 11 years old today, but as full of beans and youthful as ever. There are not enough words in the world to describe the joy, love and laughter he has brought to our lives, the massive impact he’s had on our family or the ways in which he’s changed us forever. So, instead of coming up with some soppy message, I’ll just say: Happy Birthday, Georgie boy!

Here are a couple of pictures of the birthday boy, taken today:

If you want to see what he looked like as a (very, very cute) puppy, click here.


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Happy Birthday, George!

Today is a very special day in our family, a day that all of us have been looking forward to: it’s my little boy’s birthday!

George is 3 years old today (where did the time go?), which technically makes him a fully grown, mature whippet. Over the course of a few years, we watched him turn from a scrummy baby….



… into a sweet, beautiful, well-behaved dog that we’re very proud of:


Brianna is really excited about George being 3, as she’s got it in her head that this is the perfect age for him to get married. So, this morning, she wished him Happy Birthday, gave him a kiss and then informed him – as solemnly as she could – that she’ll start searching for the perfect girlfriend for him. Which George didn’t seem to care about much. Unsurprisingly, he was more interested in his present.

Have I ever mentioned that George loves presents? Well, he does. So much so, that no package can be opened in our house without his help. And no shopping bags can pass through the front door before they’ve been thoroughly checked for surprises (preferably edible) by the whippet nose.

So here’s what we’ve got in store for the birthday boy to make him happy and make this a special day for him:

1. Birthday cake ….Made of liver, of course. He can have as much of that as he wants for lunch.

2. Big present no. 1…A large fresh bone hidden inside a generous amount of wrapping paper for him to rip and shred. He’s already opened it and is munching on it in the back garden as we speak.

3. Big present no. 2 …A kong stuffed with yummy treats. George has never had a kong before, so he’s bound to find this exciting.

4. Barbecue party this evening, with family and doggy friends … His own burger, on his own plate, to his taste. And a bit of ice-cream for dessert. Yummy!

5. Lots of games, walks and cuddles spread throughout the day.

Hopefully, this will be enough.

Happy Birthday, Georgie! We love you!


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