George’s Olympic Holiday

The Olympic Games ended on Sunday night, at least for a couple of weeks until the Paralympics start. We watched the Closing Ceremony with mixed feelings of joy, pride and sorrow that it’s all come to an end. It’s been hard work following all the events, but a thrilling experience nonetheless. A feeling of ‘hangover’ is predicted to sweep the nation over the next couple of days, until life returns to normal. We’ll see about that.

On a personal level, we’re planning to spend the two weeks (until the Paralympians take central stage) enjoying the rest of our holiday and reflecting on the Games gone. The 30th Olympic Games were all about inspiring a generation, and I think they’ve done it successfully. Our own daughter has been swimming for hours every day and is planning her own Olympic career for the years to come. If all the kids in this country and all over the world are doing the same, the future of sports is looking bright.

All this is very nice but, since this is a dog blog, you’re probably wondering about the whippet… Has he been inspired by all this sporting holiday frenzy? The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. George being George, he’s stuck in his routine and not very flexible when it comes to any major changes to his day. So he’s been running along the same paths, playing the same games, eating the same food and going to bed at the same time every day.

But there has been some improvement. We’ve taken him for more walks around the countryside, which has opened up a whole world of new smells for him. Whilst out and about, he’s made more doggy friends than ever. Thanks to the nice weather, he’s also been able to lie in the sun undisturbed – in his favourite camping chair – allowing his human sister to immortalise him in a work of art for the family collection

However, the most adventurous thing George did in the past few weeks was to try out Brianna’s latest food discovery: Marmite crisps! The initial hesitant sniff was followed by a little lick with the top of his tongue, just to see what this brown, yeasty stuff was all about. The next second, the Marmite-smudged crisp was gone and the whippet was licking his lips.

Although I had the camera ready in my hand, this is the best photo I managed to take. It took five attempts (i.e. five crisps) and I still missed the eating bit. He seems to really like Marmite… Who would have thought?


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13 responses to “George’s Olympic Holiday

  1. cafall

    We should try it with Monty – he doesn’t seem to have much of an interest in food of any sorts.


  2. Now I’m really jealous that I missed the Olympics. I don’t have TV and they were only available online to cable subscribers. Ugh.

    But it’s exciting that the competitions have gotten everyone so excited about sport.

    BTW, the painted portrait of George was lovely. I hope your daughter doesn’t go so crazy for sport she neglects her art. 🙂

  3. Ummmmmm…George should be eating Vegemite. We have a Marmite shortage here in New Zealand…the factory was damaged in the quake and the shelves are empty. Oh No the masses are screaming while I quietly smirk as I smear vegemite on my toast

  4. Love the artwork Didi. I like how George is posing in the background.

  5. Chancy and Mumsy

    Looks like you are enjoying the holiday and those yummies sweet George. Hugs and nose kisses

  6. Hi Didi,

    What a beautiful picture Brianna painted of her buddy George. 🙂 I’m impressed to hear that she’s been swimming so much! Please pass along a cheer from her mom’s American friend for all her hard work.

    I’m glad to see you’re blogging again! I’m on summer break still, and having a hectic but happy time here as I shuttle my son off to kindergarten. What an adjustment! He’s home every day before lunch, but it’s still a lot to get used to — having school so early, and for five days a week.

    I remember watching the Olympics four years ago when my daughter was a newborn. I was so thankful they were on, as I was up all hours of the day and night to care for her and her brother. Sometimes she’d sleep on me in the rocking chair, and I’d just feel so at peace, and so inspired for the future as I watched the incredible feats of athleticism from competitors who hailed from every country around the world. You are right — it is awe inspiring, to see how our world can unite in such a positive way.

    I hope you had a wonderful summer!


  7. Well now that the games are over George can get back to his pampered routine. PS Games were great GB did an outstanding job

  8. Kas

    Hope you all are doing well 🙂

  9. I totally missed the Olympics, the Marmite pic is ace btw 😀

  10. really nice, hope to see more from you

  11. Great idea. Pacific dogs prefer Spam over Marmite or just about anything else!



  13. Steve Langenbeck

    You haven’t been posting, I hope George and his family are OK.
    I have a nine month old whippet who looks a lot like George.
    We live in Washington State, USA

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