Emergency Pancakes

As you already know – I’m sure I’ve moaned about it before – our summer here in the UK has been rubbish so far. In actual fact, it’s fair to say that we haven’t had any summer weather yet, as it hasn’t stopped raining since Easter.

Apparently, this is an all-times record… But we could have done without it, really. The rain and cold temperatures have brought everybody’s spirits down. Although we’re trying to stay positive and hope that sunnier, warmer days will eventually come our way, there is one member of our family who’s had enough and is succumbing to weather-induced depression. Yep, you guessed it: it’s George!

Fed up of getting wet, walking through mud and puddles and not being able to sunbathe in the garden, he’s been sporting his moody look for weeks now. Yesterday, after getting caught in torrential rain once again, he looked so sad and grumpy that I knew it was time to take action and cheer him up. So, after consulting with Brianna – who is Chief Advisor on matters relating to George, yummy treats and general kids’ stuff – we decided that there was only one solution to our whippet’s bad mood: emergency pancakes!

My family love pancakes… Jam, sugar and lemon, honey, cream, chocolate spread or cheese, whatever the filling, they’ll eat them up in seconds. George is usually allowed one plain or cheesy pancake, but this was an emergency situation, remember! So he had three…


They seemed to do the trick, at least for now. There’s a bit more bounce in his step and a bit more optimism in his eyes. Hopefully, the sun will reappear before I have to switch my entire family to a pancake-only diet.


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11 responses to “Emergency Pancakes

  1. Oh YUM! I love pancakes but am no good at making them. I kind of suspect that if George had a choice between pancakes and sun for a month he might just choose the sun? Glad the pancakes improved his outlook though:)

  2. Great – now you’ve made me really hungry! Please post some pancakes immediately – express mail.

  3. How funny and sweet! George is one lucky dog. Sorry for all your rain, I would be going nuts as would Grace. She loves her sunbeams, too. But in absence of sun, food would help ease her anxiety, as well. We need some rain, so if you send some this way, I’ll share some of the hot sun we’ve been having!

  4. Poor George! I am pleased he enjoyed the emergency pancakes! I did see on the news that you might be having better weather in the UK for a few days – I hope so!

  5. Well, pancakes with a little lemon curd do look an awful lot like sunshine. 🙂

  6. Here in Michigan we are in a drought with record high temperatures. Sure wish we could share some of our sunshine with you and take some of your rain!

  7. Chevvy is a pancake girl as well. We have had days of rain here, schools closed early yesterday, roads flooded, not great walking weather at all. So I might try this tonight as the day doesn’t look like we will get far afield.

  8. I’ll bet George loves the all-pancake diet!!!

  9. I don’t know if it’s a British thing or not, but my Sheila makes pancakes for the dogs as well. I had to laugh when I saw the pic as I am very familiar with this scene.

  10. Chancy and Mumsy

    Poor, sweet George. We are happy the pancakes helped his mood. We sure hope you all see some sunshine soon. Wish we could send some of what we have to you and you could send us some rain. We are so tired of the very hot temps and the drought. Hugs and nose kisses

  11. The pancake looks delicious Aunt Didi 🙂

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