Evening Cuddles

It’s about time I published something short and sweet, and Wednesday seems to be the best day for it… After all, it’s Wordless Wednesday, remember?

So here are a couple of pictures of my two kids chilling on the sofa one cool, rainy and uneventful evening.



There wasn’t anything special about that evening, but watching Brianna play on her DS with George cuddled up in her arms filled my heart with joy. Once again, it was a good reminder that it’s the little things that can make us the happiest.



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26 responses to “Evening Cuddles

  1. I just love the way they are curled up together. I can see why it was picture-worthy to you. They both look so content and happy. It’s wonderful to capture those special times. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I disagree that there was nothing special going on here. It looks very special to me! Wonderful pics.

  3. This is what having a dog is all about.

  4. aww!!!!!! thats so cute..I really miss my pets…never being without a dog till i was married

  5. awwww that is soooo sweet! I am going to cuddle my mommy now 😉

  6. spiderpaw has hit the nail right on the head! Cuddles with my boys of an evening is really special to this big and much older kid too!

  7. You are right – it is the little things that can make us the happiest..

  8. Really cute pictures! Brianna could be a model! Does she still want to be an opera singer?

  9. these are the moments that define us

  10. Chancy and Mumsy

    What sweet pictures. Hugs and nose kisses

  11. The little things indeed. Especially the furry little thing that make us happy

  12. One of the reasons I can’t keep up with blogs is because after a hard day at work and sometimes being away from the dogs for 14 hours all I want to do is blob on the couch and cuddle with them:) Which is what I’m going to do after I’ve caught up with you:)

    Truly special photos of Brianna and George. Every child should have a pet to love!

    Can I confess to having no idea what a DS is?

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