We’re Still Around

Hello to our blogging friends everywhere who still remember us! Although we’ve kept a very low profile for months, we’re still around and planning a return to writing sometime soon. So, stay tuned!

Kristin, Robin, Sue and Ed – I’d like to thank you for checking up on us over the past few days. I’m truly touched that you’ve thought of us during such a long absence and I feel very privileged to have made such good friends in the ‘blind’ world of blogging. Life’s been too busy for a while, but George and I have been keeping an eye on your blogs (thanks to email notifications) and we hope we’ll be able to share our adventures with you again. Soon.

In the meantime, if you’re wondering what exactly we’ve been up to in the past 4 months, my husband has published a detailed post on our other blog yesterday. Here’s the link: http://www.city-smallholder.co.uk/blog/2012/06/13/work-life-balance-solution/

Assuming that some of you have missed George’s cute face, I leave you to enjoy a photo taken last week, during our annual Lake District adventure.



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22 responses to “We’re Still Around

  1. Hi Didi! So great to see your post but I am so glad you did the right thing for you and your family to take the break. I loved seeing the picture of George in the Lake District — I do remember your vacation there last year. You had the riddles for us to guess where you were going, right? Thanks also for the link to your husband’s blog. I love the way you two have created the structure for happy living. Take care and give George a hug from Grace!

    • Hi, Robin! It is, indeed, so nice to be in touch again! I’ve got a lot of blog reading to catch up with, but I’m looking forward to it. You’re right about the riddle game last year, I wish I had the time to do something similar this time. Anyway, the holiday was good, the break long but necessary…Now I really miss you, guys, so it’s time to come back…Kisses for you and pretty Miss Grace…xxx

  2. Welcome back 🙂 The Lake District looks the perfect place for long walks!

  3. Sam

    Thanks for checking in! We always wonder what happens to our blogging friends!


  4. Glad to hear that everything is okay!

  5. Was happy to see the new post in my feed reader. Glad you’re trying to find a positive balance for your family (loved your husband’s post).

    Can’t wait to see more vacation pix.

  6. Chancy and Mumsy

    Good to see you back. Nice picture of George and that is beautiful scenery. It was good to see a post from you. Hugs and nose kisses

  7. We are so glad to hear you are still around and about to write again, we have missed you!
    Clancy and Connor

  8. Yay, welcome back:) I will admit to being a little worried as how would any bloggers let their readers know if something bad had happened? So I’m greatly relieved to read this post and can totally understand your reasons for not blogging for a while! Love your husband’s blog and your ambition to lead a simpler, healthier and self sufficient life. Glad you got another holiday at the Lakes this year, hope you’re going to show us some more photos? George is as handsome as ever:)

    • Thank you, Sue! You’re so nice and caring, I’m really touched. But we are ok, as you now know, and getting ready to return to blogging properly. I’ll try to post a few more photos today, especially for you 😉

  9. Nice to hear from you again! People prolly wonder the same about me these days. Sounds like you are having fun in all your business. Looking forward to hearing/seeing more soon.

  10. Yay! I’m sure George hated being out of the eyes of his adoring public for so long!

  11. Nice to hear everyone is still here Didi. Love the shot. George looks like he is about to rescue someone.

    • Hiya, Lionel…I’m very happy to be back, and I can’t wait to take a look at your wonderful photos… You’re right about that photo, he does look like a rescue dog, doesn’t he? It must be the harness, he loves wearing it and shows off …:)

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