Two of My Favourite Things

When I wrote my last post, we were building snowmen and fighting the cold…This time, we’re getting ready for spring…The weather is warmer, the birds are singing, the whippet has cheered up a bit and I’ve got a big bunch of tulips brightening up the living-room…

… what more could I want?



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20 responses to “Two of My Favourite Things

  1. It is quite wonderful how a promise of spring can make things seem so much better!
    …and George, we think you make the tulips look even better!

  2. That is just gorgeous. Tulips are one of my all-time favorites and they look so bright and cheery in your home. And what a perfect backdrop George makes. A total package! Enjoy the spring — we are definitely not there yet, but it’s been unseasonably warm for us, so we’re ready for the bulbs to pop up.

  3. We have tulips here too. Unfortunately, they are the actual bulbs coming out of the ground because it’s been unseasonably warm and unsnowy. I’m also looking forward to spring. But I wonder if it’s going to be interrupted by a May snowstorm. 🙂

    Glad George is perking up with the season.

    • Oh, no, no May snowstorms, please…I know what you mean about the weather, though…Up until this month, we had a very mild winter, too… I’m really hoping we won’t get any freak weather to spoil our spring months 🙂

  4. I have loved tulips ever since living in Holland…great post.

    • I’ve never been to Holland, but I’ve seen enough photos and videos to know that their tulip displays are the most spectacular in the world. I guess that once you’ve lived there, even for a short while, you’re forever in love with tulips 🙂

  5. We could use some tulips (and George!) to brighten things up around here. I won’t be surprised if we’re told this has been one of the wettest summers on record! Cloudy days have easily outnumbered the sunny ones and we’ve just had another 3 days of rain, what is going on??? I hope your warmer weather continues:)

  6. Seeing this makes long for spring as well. Very nice Didi.

  7. Here’s another thing we have in common . . . tulips are my favorite flower!! They look even better with George! 🙂

  8. Oh how lovely! What a great shot — two of your favorite things. Now that song is floating in my head, which is a good thing. You’ve inspired me to add some life to my kitchen! I’ll have to pick up some tulips to brighten away our snow-clouded sky. Can’t complain, though, we’ve had almost no snow all winter. And when it’s done, the sun will return and sparkle off the freshly white world.

  9. Beautiful photo! SOrry for the late reply, but I’m swamped with college sports post-season action again. Last time I had this kind of delayed comments to you was in December for Bowl season, this time around it’s college basketball. WHen this storm passes I’ll be a regular visitor again!

  10. Nice picture, beautiful Whippet!

  11. Stopped by to say hello. I hope you all are ok! xoxo

    • Kristin, I think it’s so cool you checked in with Didi and George. I think of them quite often and the thought has crossed my mind to drop a note — but you actually did it, and it inspired me to do the same. I miss reading about George and the family but I’m sure that more important things are happening. Just wanted to say hello, too!

  12. Lol, I see Kristin and I think alike! I’ve been wondering about you guys for a while now and also hope life is keeping you busy and that you are OK. Give George a pat for us.

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