A Better Week and a Snowy Weekend

In case you were wondering how George is doing, I’m happy to report that he’s doing well and is pretty much back to normal! Thanks to all our friends for the good wishes and healing thoughts 🙂

After the first week of compulsory rest and self-pity, things started to brighten up by last Wednesday. In spite of having to take ‘treatment brakes’ and wear baby socks (see pictures below), my little boy has gradually been able to use his foot more and more and, eventually, resume his lunch walks and play roughies with his dad. Consequently, his spirits lifted to new highs, too.



And then came Sunday and the first (and probably last) snow of the winter… We couldn’t have ordered a better present for George to celebrate his recovery. We all woke up really early and went out on the field, to make sure that we’re the first ones to leave footsteps on the pure snow. As Brianna says, “I want to be the first to trash the snow”. George ran around like crazy and got involved in our snow fights by trying to catch the flying snowballs and eat them.

After a little warming up break in the house, the humans went outside to trash more snow (in the front garden, this time) and make a snowman.


Then we released the whippet in the back garden and had one more snow fight until he surrendered and asked to go inside.


What can I say… It feels good to be back to normal and, although most of the snow has already melted, the snowman has lost his head and none of us like the dirty slush in the street, we’re happy. Very happy.



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20 responses to “A Better Week and a Snowy Weekend

  1. What an awesome report! Love George in his baby socks! 🙂 And looks like you all had a grand time with the snow adventure. Soooo fun! Glad George was feeling up to enjoying it. Did he have to wear a bandage or sock in the snow? I’ve never heard of “trashing snow” but it certainly makes a lot of sense. Leaving those first tracks is a magical experience.

    • Hi, Robin, I’m so embarrassed to reply so late… That snow seems like a lifetime ago … No, George didn’t have to wear a bandage in the snow, which is good, because whenever he had those socks on he seemed to think that he couldn’t or wasn’t allowed to walk, so he hopped about like a bunny rabbit 🙂 You’re right, there is something magical about snow, I don’t know what it is, but it turns me into a child for definite 🙂

  2. Lol, I love George’s ears in the bottom photo:) He’s sure ready to trash some snow:) So glad he was back to his normal self in time to make the most of your snow. What a weird winter you’re having and we’re having an equally weird summer!

    • Hi, Sue…Yep, weird is the word…The snow is gone and we’re having warm weather at the moment, but I wouldn’t write off the winter just yet…We’ll see what happens in the next few weeks x

  3. I’m so glad you’re feeling better, George! Stay warm in that snow!


  4. so glad to hear the foot is better – this looks like so much fun

  5. Very pleased to hear that George is feeling much better and able to enjoy himself again. He looks so lovely in the snow.

  6. The last photo shows how happy George is.
    I am sorry to hear about George…I will now read what happen to him.

  7. Good to see George showing some of his old elan in that last picture!

  8. So glad George is feeling better.
    I enjoy your blog and have nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award.
    See my blog for details. Jane

  9. Kas

    We finally got snow yesterday!! George looks too cute, and sorry to hear about his foot but glad to hear that he’s feeling better 🙂

  10. Happy to hear about George. I would have loved to see him dodging those snowballs.

  11. Bless him. I’m glad he’s getting around better now. I bet he and Zoe could have some amazing snow fun together! Too bad we live so far apart.

    Love your snowman!

  12. Didi, you are so fun! I am glad to see George up and about — and that snowman made me laugh out loud. 🙂 I hope he enjoys many more fun walks in the snow or rain as we move into Spring. He deserves it!

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