Georgie One-Foot

If you’re wondering whether George has joined a Native American tribe and taken on one of those cool names that only they can come up with, the answer is: No, he hasn’t. He’s been named “Georgie One-Foot” by his dad due to an unexpected, unfortunate and rather worrying development that took place about a week ago and we’re still dealing with at present.

What happened was that George came back from one of his morning walks looking moody. His dad, who wasn’t a happy bunny himself, said that all George wanted to do was to stand in one place, sniffing everything for ages. This is atypical for our whippet, who is normally a fast, on-the-go sniffer. After about half an hour of standing, he got told off and brought back home. Hence the moody face…

Two hours later, when George leaped off his dad’s chair (after his mid-morning snooze), he started limping. We rushed to check his leg out, as a potential injury on his long legs is a constant obsession for us. Luckily, the leg and joints proved to be all right, so we turned out attention to his pad. At a quick inspection, we couldn’t see anything, but we knew there had to be something wrong, because George didn’t want us to touch it, which was odd from a dog who loves his handshakes and doesn’t mind being handled.

A quick walk in the shower, followed by another inspection, revealed a sizeable, open, weeping wound on the side of one of his toes, in the worst location possible: between the two middle toes, where most of the pressure is applied during walking. He must have stepped on some glass and managed to scrape off the entire pad. Just great!

This discovery led to a complete change in George’s daily routine: short pavement walks once a day, no play time with his friends, no rough playing in the house, foot washes in salty water, a lot of antiseptic cream and foot bandages to stop him from licking the medicine or biting his toes. Luckily, all these seem to have worked so far and the wound is healing nicely, although it’s still got a way to go. We think it might take another week until he’ll be back to normal, but we’re making progress every day and we managed to avoid going to the vet. Not that we hate the guy or anything like that, but we didn’t fancy seeing George walk around with one of those big plastic cones attached to his neck. I don’t think he would have fancied that, either.

I won’t post a photo of the injury – yes, I have taken some! – because it wouldn’t be very pleasant to look at and might upset those of a more delicate nature. But here are two pictures of George cuddled up against his dad, feeling sorry for himself.

He looked miserable for most of last week, but has picked up a bit lately as his pad stopped hurting and he was able to hop/move about more. Hopefully, he’ll be back to his old cheeky self soon!



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25 responses to “Georgie One-Foot

  1. Pad injuries are no fun at all! Especially when it’s on the walls not the flat part. Been there and never want to go back. Luna should have gotten stitches but they wouldn’t have stayed in anyway. daily bandage changes, soaks and meds… a month later we were pretty much back to normal. Hers was real bad though, a rear foot so she got really good at not using it. When it was totally healed I had to actually force her to use that foot by putting a cap between her other foot. Eventually realized she could use it again, but to this day that foot seems to be accident prone, last summer she ripped part of her nail off it… and if something pokes it she won’t use it for a while lol. Silly girl
    Hope your boys heals fast fast fast! Sending well wishes your way

    PS… what do you feed george? His coat looks fantastic

    • Hi, Anna. Thanks for your comment … I am sorry you and Luna have confronted with a similar injury, but I am grateful that you shared your experience in this comment, as it reassured me that we’re looking after George’s pad wound properly. His is on his left front leg so, unlike Luna, he’s been forced to use it. He’s getting better and more cheerful by the day, so fingers crossed there won’t be any setbacks.
      I also thank you for your nice comment about George’s coat…I’ve taken that as a compliment and it’s made my day. I feed George a Barf diet, mainly raw mince, bones, wholemeal biscuit, vegetables, herbal supplements and a few other essentials. If you’ve got the time and patients to get into the details of his diet, you’ll find it all in my Barf posts (in the Nutrition section of the blog) 🙂

      • Anna, I’ll chime in to say that Didi’s post are really interesting about the Barf diet. George is one lucky pup!

      • Yeah foot things are always a pain. I would stick with what you are doing and it should heal up just fine. The vet even said Luna’s was bad (I made the stupid mistake of dumping quick-stop on it when we got home to get the bleeding to stop… which gunked and caked it all up so I had to take her to vet to get them to do the hard part of cleaning it out. Then I cared for it on my own) and she has made a full recovery.

        I had a feeling you fed some sort of Barf diet. Your ingredients are pretty foreign to me lol, but not totally as I follow some hunting dog blogs from scotland who feed some of the same. I will look into your post too to get more specifics. I have been adding the tripe mix to our dogs food again in hopes of strengthening wyatt’s stomach. Overall I am happy with our kibble, and it keeps it easy for the husband lol. But you should totally take the coat comment as a compliment, he looks great!

      • Oh, yes, we swear by tripe…George loves it, of course, like all dogs, and there’s extensive proof that it’s good for them. Please let me know if it makes a positive difference to Wyatt’s stomach.
        George’s foot almost pretty much back to normal now, thanks again for your support. x

  2. Poor George! That does not sound fun for any of you. You guys certainly seem to have the routine down like pros — and glad you are making progress so he’ll be back on all fours soon. Love the pictures; he is such a ham. (Do you use that word in England, meant for anyone who loves to play to the camera?)

    • Thanks, Robin…No, it’s no fun at all and it’s a lot of worry… I’ve discovered that I worry about him as much as I worry about Brianna 🙂 But I don’t have to tell you what it’s like, because I know how you are with Grace 😉
      No, I’ve never heard the word ‘ham’ used in such a context, but I love it! And I’ll make sure England hears about it 😀 I don’t know if he’s a ham, though. He normally runs away from me when I turn up with the camera, but I think at present he’s trying to protect his foot and not jump on it too much…

  3. Poor George! It’s always so heartbreaking when these things happen to pets since you can’t explain to them what’s wrong.

    • Thanks, Ed. You’re right…I felt really bad for him, because I couldn’t explain why we were doing all those things to him…But he did know he had a poorly foot and somehow he knew we were trying to help and look after him, so he’s been an exemplary patient. He’s ok now 🙂

  4. Bless him! I hope George feels better very soon. I know how difficult it can be to keep a whippet still long enough to heal. We’ll be sending healing thoughts your way from across the pond. P.S.-Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. Just trying to get back to normal here, but I missed you guys and George’s super-handsome whippet face!

    • Thank you, Kristin, and welcome back. I, too, have struggled to be a diligent blogger for months now, so I completely understand. Don’t worry, take your time and visit when you can…Everything’s fine as long as we don’t loose touch completely 😉
      Indeed, keeping George still all day long was quite a challenge…You wouldn’t believe the energy built-up! When he was allowed to play rough again, he almost killed all of his toys…Back to normal now 🙂

  5. You’re such a good Doggie Mommy! I am amazed at your instincts with taking care of George. I would have gone to the vet, for sure. But you handled it perfectly. And I can’t believe he let you keep a bandage on him! What a good little puppy.

    Your captions are perfect — he does look like he’s feeling morose in those pictures! All snuggled up to your husband. So glad you figured out what was bothering him, and I’m sending wishes George’s way for a speedy recovery.

    • I don’t know if I’m a good mum, but I’m doing my best. And I’m very proud of my little pup, he’s been the best patient one can have. I think he wanted to get well quickly…Thanks for the good wishes, they’ve worked their magic…;)

  6. Poor George! He looks so sad! Hope he feels better soon.

  7. I hate to hear about poor George’s little injury. I hope he gets better soon. We had a very rough patch with our Sia last fall where she contracted Lime’s disease. It was very bad, in fact we thought that she wasn’t going to make it, but luckily she pulled through.

    • Thank you, Lionel. Yes, he’s ok now, and I’m grateful for it. I can only imagine how terrible it must have been for you and Sia to have to go through that horrible disease. I’ve read about it, and I know it can be a nasty one to recover from. I’m happy to hear that Sia’s one tough lady and won her battle. Kisses to all xxx

  8. Yes, George’s coat is positively glowing. I’d love to see Frankie’s coat looking that shiny. I do feed a lot of raw and very little kibble type dog food but haven’t got coats looking as good as George! So sorry to read about the poor boy’s injury:( I probably would have raced off to the vet but it sounds like you’ve got everything under control and improving. I hope he’s back to his normal cheery self very soon.

    • Thanks, Sue! Your pups look gorgeous, I wouldn’t worry too much about the shine. I think it depends on the type of coat a dog has…What matters is that the pups are well fed and loved, and yours have plenty of both 🙂

  9. Poor George 😦 I hope he has fully recovered by now.

  10. Ow…poor George 😦
    I bet Aunt Didi is worried sick about you. Glad to know (from your next post) that you’re getting better.

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