George Had Guests

After long weeks of atypically warm and pleasant weather – so warm and pleasant that it even tricked the neighbour’s fruit trees into blossom – we’ve finally had our first few days of proper winter. The weekend came with negative temperatures, extensive frost, slippery pavements and strong winds. Perfect conditions for staying in, according to George, who didn’t seem too enthusiastic about going out for his walks, especially in the morning. His dislike of the cold is so strong, that he even tried to send his dad out on the field without him!

Such extreme circumstances called for a family meeting. We had to decide – rather quickly – what we could do to entertain the whippet. Indoors. So we asked my parents-in-law around for a cup of tea. As you may expect, George loves his grandparents. Normally, them coming to visit is entertaining enough for George. But we wanted to make it extra special for him, so we issued a request: Bring the dogs!

George loves the dogs. They are his best mates and partners in crime. Usually, their crime consists of running around our feet and the furniture at break-neck speed, stealing each other’s toys, jumping on the sofa, playing roughies and making a lot of noise. Nothing that we can’t cope with for a couple of hours. For their sake. Because we love them and we want them to have fun.

So who are the dogs? They are Blaze the handsome long-coat chihuahua and Ishoo the scruffy-yet-cute Yorkshire Terrier whom you’ve met before. Both tiny creatures with big personalities. Both cheeky and playful. Both perfect companions for George, who doesn’t seem to mind the size difference. But then, dogs are never bothered by such insignificant things.

I think that’s enough talking. I’ll let a few of the photos I took talk for themselves and tell you about the lovely afternoon George and his guests had playing.

Ishoo posing nicely for the camera...I bet you wouldn't have recognised him now that he's a big boy!

George and Blaze taking a little break ... Smile, boys!

"Ok, so what shall we do next?"..."I've got an idea, guys, gather around..." ..."How about..."

Ok, so Blaze stole the bone...Ishoo wasn't too bothered, but check out the look on George's face!

George takes checking Blaze out too far... Of course, Blaze is too absorbed by his bone-munching to notice... Being of a more delicate nature, Ishoo restricts himself to sniffing George's ear... Cool dogs!

Then it was time for Ishoo and Blaze to go home, and for George to crash out on his dad’s chair, exhausted and happy. What a great play afternoon!


P.S. I’ve just noticed that this is my 100th post!!! Hip hip hooray!



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22 responses to “George Had Guests

  1. Cute dogs! And congrats on hitting 100 posts!

  2. What a great afternoon! I love the pictures. Congratulations on reaching 100!

  3. Happy 100th! Time flies when you’re blogging, doesn’t it?
    I had to laugh when you talked about the size difference between George and his mates. Wait a minute, I asked myself, isn’t George a whippet?! Around here, that would be quite small 🙂

    • Yep, time sure does fly when you’re blogging. And when you’re not, for that matter – I wonder where last year’s gone 😉
      😀 Yes, George is a tiny whippet compared to Georgia, but he’s still a giant next to his buddies. A matter of perspective, I guess…:)

  4. Wish i had the space and the local 4-legger friends to do the same today. Technically we are not allowed to have other dogs in the house as we “rent” and he doesn’t want to cause dogs to start marking all over (or so he says) so play dates must be in the yard or off property…. which on a rainy, windy, cold day like today is not really fun. Looks like I might be working on some tricks with Luna today to stave off the mental boredom. Glad George for to see his buddies, quite the trio

    • We’ve got the same rules here regarding rented property. Actually, most of them don’t allow any pets at all. Shame, really, but that’s the way it goes. Owners always fear the damage that unruly pets may cause…Glad you liked the photos…Good luck with keeping Luna entertained!

  5. cute pics! I need friend-dogs like that for Gwynn on the mucky unpleasant days, but I have a feeling that the wrestling would destroy the house!

  6. Nice to see that George has some canine family to relate to. I bet he likes being the big dog of the crew as well.

  7. These pictures are priceless and so are the captions. Love the look on George’s face with the bone capture. Horrified, indeed! Yet he seems to know he can’t grab it back as that would not be a very gracious host. When you said you invited the in-laws for tea, I was envisioning pictures of George joining all his people for tea as I recall he has quite a taste for a cup of tea himself! Looks like a grand time for all and a great way to expend energy.

  8. Ohh, how nice of you to arrange a play date for George and his friends. Sounds like a lovely way to spend a cold, wintry day.

    We’ve also had weird weather. I have buds on my blueberry bushes that have no frozen. I don’t think that bodes well for this summer’s crop.

  9. coming her always makes me smile – congrats on the 100th post – you made me look at mine – I need to get out more – I have 421…hehe

  10. That photo of George and Blaze looks like you caught them in the middle of some crazy playing! 🙂 Much what my own kids look like when we have a human playdate at our house!

    Loved this line, “Both perfect companions for George, who doesn’t seem to mind the size difference. But then, dogs are never bothered by such insignificant things.”

    We should all take some Life Lessons from dogs like yours!

    • 100 posts? Wow! You know, if you’re pressed for time these days, you could always re-post some of your earlier pieces. 🙂 I didn’t even know about your blog 100 posts ago, so it would be great to see them. (And if you feel self-conscious about doing that, just put the blame on me.) 😉

  11. Happy 100th post, Didi!

    And your captions for those pictures were hilarious! George looked like he was having a lot of fun with his visitors.

  12. I can’t think of a better way to spend a day indoors than with a playdate that involves your best buddies. The whole gang looked like they had a lot of fun, sniffing one another and chatting up a storm. George, Ishoo, and Blaze make a handsome trio—The Three Muskateers! Congrats on your 100th post. Here’s to another one hundred more! 😀

  13. Congrats on your 100th post:) Time flies when you’re having fun!

    What a great way to entertain and tire out George and it looks like everyone had the best time:) Does George want to come visit us and help me tire out Frankie and Beryl? I sometimes think I need another dog to play with them:) They don’t play with each other long enough to get tired.

  14. Chancy, Mumsy and Crew

    Such cute pictures! Looks like they were all enjoying. Congrats on the 100th post.

  15. Happy 100th post! Congrats! It looks like George has some fun pals there. 🙂

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