And We’re Back!!!

I wish I could say ‘we’re back in style’, but the style bit might have to wait for a bit longer. The primary aim of this post is to resurrect this poor little neglected blog.

First of all, I’d like to thank our friends Sue, Robin, Melissa and Ed, who spurred me into logging on to the blog again. I am truly touched that you guys thought of us and left messages wondering if we were all right. Do not worry, we’re fine. Actually, we’re better than ever – you know what they say, ‘no news is good news’.

Our blogging break was meant to be very short. I was only going to skip 2 or 3 posts and then return before anyone even noticed. But then I blinked and a month’s gone by and it somehow feels like I’m starting again…Where did the time go?

The excuse for our absence is the same as always: life’s too busy at times and we get pulled into many directions. Sometimes, too many even for someone with our level of energy. When that happens, we need to slow things down a bit and try to regain control over our lives. To do so, something has to give. This time, it had to be the blog. Sorry about that.

I have to admit, I’ve missed you guys. Although I am aware what you have been up to blog-wise due to the notifications I get in my inbox, I’ve really missed ‘talking’ to you. You know…Sharing stories, facts and opinions, discussing and debating, agreeing and disagreeing. The usual stuff that bloggers do and I love so much.

So yeah, it’s good to be back. Almost back, because we’ve still got a few things to work out in order to make enough time for regular blogging.  But we’re heading in the right direction so you should hear from us a bit more from now on.

In case you’re wondering if the we that have been super busy includes George, the answer is it doesn’t. George has still been George, always true to himself and forever snoozing on Brianna’s bed (when not running around at lightning speed, causing havoc). Here’s a recent photo of him, just in case you missed his cute little face:



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24 responses to “And We’re Back!!!

  1. Welcome back! Lovely picture of George.

  2. Hi Didi! It is SOOOOOO good to have you back — even for this one post as you continue to catch up with life. Totally understand how that is and I’m glad your absence was nothing more than that. Sounds like George has been George — good for him! I have missed his sweet little face and your oh-so-kind voice being around. Take care and look forward to more posts from you soon. Happy Holidays!

    • Thank you so much for your nice words, Robin! It is great to be back and hear that you’ve been missed 🙂 I missed you too, I don’t have many real-life friends that I can talk to the way you and I talk 😉 Sweet little George sends sweet little kisses to sweet little Grace xxx

  3. Kas

    Welcome back!! We missed you. We also started feeding RAW, btw, thanks in large part to you! 🙂

    • Thanks, Kas 🙂 I did know about your switch to raw and your babies loving it, I’ve read your post last week (I just didn’t have time to comment, sorry about that). Congratulations, girl, I’m proud of you 😉

  4. Awwwwww – we missed both of you…

  5. Good to see you are back! We missed both of you! George is still a ham I see.

    • 😀 Hi, Ed, and thanks for your messages… You are one of our best friends and we missed you, too. I know you’ve been busy for the past month and have become a bit of a radio celebrity over there, right? Good on you 😉

      • Ha! Thank you very much, Didi! Some of the radio interviews were okay, some got tense and heated, but what can you do? I dedicated yesterday’s Christmas Carol-A-Thon to you and George and especially Brianna since she wants to be an opera singer. It was my post about 3 opera versions of A Christmas Carol!

      • Hi, Ed…Thanks again for the post, that is already one of the best presents this Christmas 😀 xxx

  6. Welcome back Didi and George, the three of us miss you so much.
    I think you are back in style…just look at the photo of George and snow white 😉

  7. Awesome to see a post from you:) And I can totally relate to where you’ve been as I’m having the same problem, except I’m not even getting time to check/read blogs, let alone comment (but I’ve made an exception for you;) You wrote this on the 9th and I’ve only just seen it, sorry. So glad to know it’s life interfering with blogging and nothing bad has happened:) George is looking a handsome and irresistible as ever.

    • Thank you, Sue, and thank you for thinking of us and finding the time to check up on us…Yes, we are ok, it’s only good things that are keeping me away at the moment, and I wholehartedly hope this is the case with you, too. I can’t wait for us to be back to our normal chatty self sometime soon. Take care x

  8. Glad to hear your ‘voice’ and to see George’s presence in the blogosphere once again! Has it been one month? I’m just as surprised as you are by how fast time has passed on by. Blogging can be quite a consuming hobby and I can understand how it would be the first item to be placed in the backseat as that you get all of life’s other priorities in order. I would do the same, too, so not need to apologize for it! Just enjoy the ride 😀

  9. I’ve missed you guys too, and definitely missed George’s cute little face. We’ve been busy too, and I’m playing blog-land catch up right now myself. I’m glad to know all’s well in your world, and hopefully both of us will settle back into a routine soon. Take care!!

    • Hi, Kristin, so it looks like we’re in the same boat at the moment, although you’ve been a more dedicated blogger than me this week (I’ve just commented on your latest post ;)). Just like you, I can’t wait to be back into a routine. Kisses to all your babies x

  10. Hi Didi, Welcome back! I missed you. So glad, and relieved, to hear that everything is okay. You are usually such a diligent blogger, that I was getting worried.

    However, no need for apologies. I took 3 months off blogging this summer, remember? And it flew by. I think you are being wise, and balancing things so that you find the best possible mix for yourself and your family.

    Though I am so happy to see you back, it sounds like you are still overloaded. So I’m sending you some sympathy hugs from the U.S., and wishing you a relaxing rest of the year. (And how cute is George on the Snow White pillow??) 🙂

    • Hiya, Melissa. I do remember you took 3 months off in the summer and this kind of helped me not to feel too guilty during my absence 🙂 And thank you for your support, yes I’m still overloaded, but I’m not complaining, it’s all good news. xxx

  11. I have been busy myself Didi so no worries.

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