The Next Generation of Toys Has Arrived

OK, I’ve finally returned home from my little holiday, and I didn’t come empty-handed. Because I was told George had been a good boy for his dad, I brought him a little present. A very squeaky, rubbery present which filled the whippet with excitement and made him extremely happy: a big, bendy chicken, perfect for tugging…

… munching …


…and doing silly tricks with:

So far, we haven’t had the chance to play with the chicken too much, because George is fascinated with the squeak located inside the toy and doesn’t want to let go of it. He just carries it around the house, from one place to another, munching on its bottom. Silly boy…

Luckily for George, his dad also had the inspiration to buy him a new tug toy (the yellow one you can see in picture no. 2), so rough playing is still on the cards.

So, it looks like we’re covered. No more dying toys for a while. The next generation has arrived. I only hope they make it until Christmas.



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12 responses to “The Next Generation of Toys Has Arrived

  1. Soooo funny. Munching on the chicken’s bottom, eh? Hmmm. That George is so lucky. Grace wishes she could visit; it looks way-cool there for toys.

  2. Lucky George. He doesn’t have to fight anyone for the parson’s nose or the wishbone.

  3. Kas

    Great pictures!! And Diesel would die for that toy … chickens are his absolute favorite! 🙂

  4. We want 10 of those toys, one for Beryl and nine for Frankie:) The last photo is a crackup! Enjoy them, George.

  5. Haha – last til Xmas – you’ll be lucky.

  6. Yay for new toys!! Zoe wants to come over to play. I guess if she leaves now, she might make it by Christmas. 😉 Have fun George!

  7. So cute — George got presents from BOTH of his parents! 🙂 Love it, and love the pictures. Thanks for the happy moment.

  8. Hahaha that third picture is hilarious. Nice toy george 😉

  9. You captured the moment of the last photo perfectly! George looks mighty happy with his new toy. Maple’s teddy is a little tattered now and needs a replacement. This post is a good reminder for me to scout around for the ‘next generation’ toy that will do an equally good job of entertaining Maple as George’s chicken. 😀

  10. I can never get too much of looking at George being himself. That last shot looks like he is playing the male lead in his own version of the nutcracker lifting up the sugarplum chicken.

    • 😀 That’s a very original interpretation, Lionel… George the ballet dancer…Maybe I should get him a pair of leotards, that would embarrass him, wouldn’t it?

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