Sad Prisoner…

How sad can a whippet look?

I’ll let you judge for yourselves:


Note: If you’ve noticed that we haven’t been very active for the past week, don’t worry. Everything is fine. We’re just taking a break from the computer and the Internet, and will be back in action by the end of the week. Until then, happy blogging and don’t be shy with the comments. We’ll reply to all of them when we get back 😉



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20 responses to “Sad Prisoner…

  1. You always have pictures that capture the expression perfectly, Didi! George definitely does not look thrilled with this arrangement. But that plush comforter must help! Glad you are well and just taking a well-deserved break. Looking forward to having you back.

    • Thanks, Robin. I’m back and trying to catch up with the blog and everything else. George is much happier now that we’re all together again 🙂

      • Was this your first time away for any length of time? How did it go????

      • Once a year I take Brianna to visit relatives abroad for a week and leave George behind with his dad. This was the third time since we’ve got George and it went OK. I think he knows what’s going on now, and the fact that my husband stays with him helps. He seems to get bored a bit more and miss us, but apart from that he seems to be all right. He’s good at taking advantage of my feelings of guilt for leaving him behind, though and, ever since we returned, he’s been going for extra cuddles, games and treats 🙂

      • Ahhh, it’s nice he was with his dad. And I suppose George was good company for him with the girls of the family away! And those extra treats will make him forget any bad memory of missing you both. You’re such a good mum!

      • He seems to have forgotten already, he’s back to his old cheeky self… I don’t know if I’m a good mum, but I’m trying my best 🙂

  2. That looks like a whippet version of stink eye! Even when he’s sad, George is very debonaire and handsome:)

  3. He’s definitely mastered the “sad whippet” look. I hope he busts out of prison soon. Enjoy your break, and we’ll see you soon!

  4. George, what is going on? Do you need Clancy and I to come and rescue you????

    Your mates Connor and Clancy in Tasmania

  5. aw…poor George. he doesn’t look happy at all.
    Hurry back aunt Didi 🙂

  6. “This cage will never keep me, copperrrrrrss!”

  7. Kas

    That face is classic!! Bailey gives us that one sometimes … that look is just too much 🙂

  8. I think George is just giving that “woe is me” look in response to the great way his mom called him out on sleeping with his dummy. Besides if I ever landed in jail, please give me one as cozy as this one.

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