George’s Range of Dummies for Dogs

I’m sure that those of you who have been our friends for a while already know that George is a complete baby. If you’re a new friend, then trust me, George is a baby. Whilst other dogs take cuddle toys and soft blankets to bed with them, my ‘original’ whippet has chosen to create his own range of dummies – are they called ‘pacifiers’ in the US? – to soothe his sleep. OK, when I say ‘create’, I don’t mean it literally, because George has no hands. What he did was source them (i.e. choose them from the pet lady’s basket at the market) and slightly alter their intended use.

But that’s enough build-up, here’s some photographic evidence.

The Summer Range – created especially for those snoozy afternoons in the garden, when you’re hot, are feeling lazy and can’t even be bothered to take off your harness after a lunch-time walk.

The Winter Range – a lighter design that you can take indoors with you, for a lie in on your humans’ soft, warm duvet.

George knows his range of dummies is quite limited at the moment. But, being a dedicated entrepreneur, he is working relentlessly, day and night, to develop new items:



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19 responses to “George’s Range of Dummies for Dogs

  1. Awww, that is so cute:) It must be hard work softening up those dummies. I hope you show us more photos as George develops his range!

  2. I hope George won’t feel too embarassed that these candid pictures of him in deep slumber are out there in the blogosphere for all to admire (lol)! I think George looks cute and what makes it even more adorable is how he has not outgrown the pacifier. It’s touching to know that our adult canine companions are still very much puppies at heart 😀

    • He probably does feel embarassed, but what can he do about it? Besides, I think he’s got used to me ‘humiliating’ him in public 😉
      I completely agree with your last sentence… It’s nice to have a sweet, forever baby in the family 🙂

  3. I haven’t never seen such a thing — hysterical and heart-warming all at the same time. That George is something. And smart — he knows what he likes!

  4. At least George is creative and versatile in using a varity of DUMMIES…hehehehehehe
    And he’s cute so that helps.

  5. Of course gnawing on something is comforting. Why do you think Winston Churchill smoked cigars?

    George has the right idea.

  6. Lovely pictures. I can see the dummies do the trick – George looks so sleepy! 🙂

  7. Those pictures are priceless! And I love the descriptions you gave for each of the “models” that George uses. What a pooch!

  8. Kristin G.

    Isn’t that interesting. George is an original. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of my hounds sleeping with a pacifier. 🙂 He’s so cute!!

  9. how cute!!! I really like how George holds his dummy in the third picture. What is that anyway? it didn’t look like bone

  10. I can’t stop laughing Didi. At least he is smart enough to have a dummy for all seasons.

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