George’s Sand Holiday – Part 1

I’ve talked about our seaside holiday so much, I feel I can’t delay this post any longer. I promised you photos of our adventures, and photos you shall have. Plus a few explanations to go with them, because I can’t help myself.

As you’ve already seen in the preview photo I posted last week, George got to spend some time on his favourite beach, digging. In actual fact, all of us spent a large part of this holiday digging. I don’t know what it is about sand that can turn adults into children again and makes them want to play for hours and hours on end. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure: this holiday we were all just kids having fun in a giant sandpit.

Every morning, after breakfast, we eagerly climbed over the dunes…

…armed with three buckets and two giant spades, chose a good spot and started digging. Initially, we aimed to build a sand castle. Gradually, our building ambitions grew bigger and bigger, and we ended up erecting an entire city instead. Well, almost. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves, and I’ll let you be the judges of our architectural flair and construction skills.

Brianna and 'brave' George fetching some water for their construction

The kids at work

Entrance to the city

Work in progress...

Proud lady of the castle

When the sand city was complete, we put our building skills to better use…Like burrying Brianna in the sand and turning her into half-a-mummy. And, before you say it…It was her idea!

Happy mummy

Having reached the end of our sand tales, I have just realised that I have posted more photos than I initially intended (I must have really loved this holiday!). So I think I’d better stop here for now, before I overload the system and abuse your patience. I will, however, return with Part 2 of this post by the end of the week. See you later.



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16 responses to “George’s Sand Holiday – Part 1

  1. I thought at first you meant “Georges Sand” holiday, which would make George even more of a high-class pooch than I figured he was!

    I ahven’t forgotten abut your challenge, but with hurricane stuff and football season it’s been hectic!

    • 😀 I never thought of that! But nope, I’m afraid he’s not that posh…
      Don’t worry about the challenge, do it when you can…I hope everything’s back to normal after the hurricane.

  2. What lovely holiday shots. There’s something magical about the beach, isn’t there?

    That was quite a sand city you built. I guess George could dig the moat.

    • Yes, beaches are magical, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like them. Glad you liked the city, we tried our best. George helped dig the hole in the middle, but then got tired and went to sleep! What a baby 🙂

  3. George is a very nice boy!!
    As I scroll down I keep hoping to see George destroyed Brianna castles …but he didn’t. Good boy

  4. I love Brianna’s hoody:) What a beautiful beach, lovely golden sand. We have black sand around our area! But it’s still sand and the beach:)

    Judging by the smile on George’s face I don’t think he considers what he was doing as work. Your sand city is wonderful. Well done to you all.

    Thank you for your sympathetic comments on my recent blog posts, Didi. They are greatly appreciated and help a lot:)

    • I’ve never seen black sand, I think I’d find it weird at first. But, as you say, sand is sand, that’s all that matters.
      No, George never thinks that what he does is work…But then, he only does what he wants/likes to do…Lucky boy…
      I’m glad you found my comments helpful, that’s what friends are for…I meant every word, and I’m always here if you need me 🙂

  5. Those two are quite the creative team. You can just tell how proud they are of the work — and each other. So sweet. You have created such a fine family and I absolutely love the way you find so many active and enjoyable activities to be all together sharing those moments. Very special. (Love the rock entrance to the city; I imagine it wasn’t easy to get just the right size and shape stone!)

    • Thank you so much for your nice words…You’re right, them two are quite a team, they like doing things together. And I am a lucky girl to have them.
      Finding the stones wasn’t that difficult, as they were everywhere along the shore. Picking them up without getting soaked proved to be the difficult part (although, secretly, both Brianna and I like a little dip in the sea ;)).

  6. lifewith4cats

    I just love that great sand city. I think even though Im a grown up I would have been right there too with bucket in hand. Such fun times. 🙂

  7. Lovely post Didi. As far as I’m concerned, there are never too many photos in your posts. The obvious bond between George and Brianna in the photos is fantastic. The shot of George by the water is priceless. The apprehensive gaze on his face is one that I have seen before. 🙂

    • Thanks, Lionel. Ha, ha…the apprehensive gaze…You can tell he’s not too keen on water, can’t you? I was hoping he’d get caught by a wave and get his feet wet – just to see how he reacts – but he was too quick.

  8. George looks like he was definitely in his element! I especially love the “kids at work” shot. A very happy boy and girl!!

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