Seven Oldies In One Go

As some of you will most likely know, there’s a new initiative sweeping through the blogosphere. It’s not an award, it’s more of challenge that is passed from one blogger to another. Originating at the Tripbase Travel Blog, the ‘7 links’ challenge is an invitation to showcase what you think are your best posts within 7 categories (for more details, click the link).  About 2 weeks ago, I was surprised to receive an invitation to take part in this challenge, issued by my friend Sue from Greyhounds CAN Sit. Thank you, Sue, for including our blog on your list of 5 nominees. I’m grateful for the vote of confidence and will try to do you proud with my selection of my ‘most ….’ posts.

Apparently, you’re supposed to not over-think it and go with your gut instinct which, as a control freak, I found particularly hard. Anyway, enough with the introduction, here are my 7 links:

1) My most beautiful post: Pool of Light, simply because I think this is one of the best photos of George I’ve ever taken, and a lot of our friends seemed to like it.

2) My most popular post: How to Make Liver Cake, according to the blog stats.

3) My most controversial post: I’ve Got a Dog, Talk to Me!. This one was hard to choose, since I haven’t written anything controversial yet. I’ve got a few draft posts on ‘touchy’ subjects, but I was saving them for later (i.e. when I get around to finishing them). Although not particularly controversial, this post might make it look like I’m picking on chatty people, so it’ll have to do.

4) My most helpful post: Guide to My Little Dog’s Barf Diet: Fruit and Vegetables, chosen based on the comments I received at the time and the blog stats.

5) The post whose success surprised me the most: George the Versatile Blogger. I thought this wasn’t a particularly exciting post (just accepting and passing on an award), but people seemed to really like George’s contribution and way with words. So, George, this is all down to you, baby.

6) The post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved: Open Your Heart for Red Nose Day. I feel that all my posts get the attention they deserve for the amount of work that goes into them and the time I allocate to promotion, etc. But I didn’t want to leave this category empty, so I thought I’d better showcase a good cause…And I can’t think of a better one than children in need.

7) The post I am most proud of: Blanket, Hopscotch, and a Pack of Dominoes. Finally, an easy category. This is by far my favourite post of all times, because it’s about us spending time together as a family, doing what we like to do. When I’m old and grey, this is the one post I’ll come back to for an infusion of sweet, heart-warming memories.

Phew! This was hard work, I tell you. Now that’s out of the way, let’s proceed to the second, more exciting part of the challenge: passing it on to other 5 worthy bloggers. The rules clearly specify that only 5 blogs are to be nominated, so I apologise in advance to those of you whose blogs I love but will not appear on this list.

1) Graceful Leadership – Grace is a beautiful girl and a real superstar, whilst her mum Robin is brilliant at writing about interesting topics, raising good questions that make you think and linking the dog world to our own through cunning observation. This is definitely a ‘substance’ blog, where you feel compelled to bring your contribution and leave a meaty comment. Robin’s blog is your perfect destination if you’re into debate, analysis and improving society through personal example.

2) HappyBarkDays – You’ve got to love these girls. Little Miss Maple Leaf doesn’t only have the coolest name ever, but she’s also got the looks and personality to go with it. She’s pretty, she’s feisty, she’s full of beans and very spoilt. By her mum, who’s got a good writing hand and a brilliant touch with the camera. Lovely writing and beautiful photos, this blog has got it all.

3) Lifewith4cats – I am a big fan of Sara and her cats (and I’m not even a cat person). Useful information about cat and animal care in general, nicely ‘tweaked’ pictures and an amazing sense of humour, all these make Sara’s blog one of my favourites. Plus, if you want an honest, straightforward opinion about anything, ask Sara. She’s the most open person you’ll ever meet and will tell you what she thinks straight in the face. I wish I had more friends like her in real life.

4) Dogs Rock! – Karen is my fellow whippet lover and her dogs are George’s whippet buddies. There are few things in life as beautiful as a whippet running at full speed. Go to Karen’s blog and you’ll see I’m right. Her dog photography is amazing, and she’s got the writing skills to go with it. But be careful, her blog can cause addiction.

5) Balladeer’s Blog – This is not a dog blog, but you’ll always find it on my list of favourites.  It’s the most original blog I’ve ever come across. It brings together neglected aspects mythology, unknown or long-forgotten movies and – believe it or not – American college sports. In his specific, inimitable style, the Balladeer blends all these together and gets away with it. Somehow, on his blog, it all makes sense. Needless to say, I can’t wait to see the selection of his top 7 posts. Warning: Be prepared for anything! (in a very, very good way!)

This is it. Mission completed. Now I can sit back, relax and enjoy my friends’ posts.


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14 responses to “Seven Oldies In One Go

  1. This was so fun to read through — and especially cool to click on the posts you selected for yourself. Like going down Memory Lane. The “Pool of Light” photo and headline are indeed beautiful. I love the way your write and bring George’s personality and your family life to a reality for us. I’m honored to be selected and to read your description of Graceful Leadership. And I am going to venture over to the other blogs you’ve named as well; upon my return from vacation it will be a highlight, I’m sure. Didi, thanks for your continued great work. It is always a pleasure to visit you here and see your name and insights on my blog, too.

    • Thank you for the nice comment, Robin. You know I feel exactly the same about you and your blog. I’m glad you liked the description, it’s hard to do your blog justice 😉
      We’re off for a mini holiday until the end of the week, too, so I guess we’ll ‘see’ each other when we’re back at home. I hope they’ve sorted out the flights by now…Have a great time!

  2. lifewith4cats

    Awww Thank youuuu! Your words are so kind. But not only that… The way youve described these other blogs, I love it! Youve been a buzy bee making this post, I had wondered what you were up to since your blogging les often these days.
    Im so terrible at doing the requirments for awards. But I love getting them too. Ill make it my goal to pass it on.

    by the way.. do you have any recommendations for good Vets near london? Ive got a reader about to move there with a dog and a cat.

    • You’re welcome, I wouldn’t let you out of it for the world. There’s so many cool posts on your blog, I’m really anxious to see which ones you’ll choose…So, please, do comply with the requirements this time 😉
      I thought writing this post will be easy, but it wasn’t and, as you guessed, it was more time consuming than an ordinary post. But I’m not complaining, I like writing about and linking to my friends.
      I’m afraid I can’t help with vets around London, as we live about 3 hours drive away from the capital…However, everybody in the UK is mad on animals, so all your reader will have to do is ask the neighbours…I’m sure someone will be able to point them in the right direction.

  3. Thanks so much for including Dogs Rock!! I have to admit, I love having whippet buddies near and far. It’s always fun to check in on George and see what you all are up to. I agree with you on the Pool of Light post. One of my favorite photos of my dogs is Roxie and Xander snoozing away in a sunny spot. They really love basking in the sun!

    • You’re welcome! We love you guys, so you had to be on the list. I think Is that the photo you had framed not long ago? I think I can remember you wrote a post about that…

  4. I loved the pool of light photo, and I agree on your calls about your other posts! I’ve enjoyed all of those. I know that challenge really made me think hard, too! I’m sure I overthought it! 😛

    • 😀 Yeah, it’s hard to stick to the ‘don’t overthink it’ rule…I knew you’d taken part in the challenge, which is why you weren’t on the list. But you know we love all of you at Tales and Tails, right? I know I’ve got a lot of catching up to do on your blog, but I won’t get around to it until next week 😦 Brianna’s summer holiday is proving a bit of a challenge 😉

  5. Well done, Didi! I confess to not having read your posts yet or checked out the blogs you nominated, although you probably know I follow Dogs Rock too (great choice). But it will happen later tonight or tomorrow night.

    I actually found it quite hard choosing my posts too, so much so that when it came to nominating the 5 blogs to pass the challenge on to I’d run out of puff to describe them like you did so well:)

    I’ll be back!

  6. Me again. I’ve just read your posts that I hadn’t already and they’re wonderful. I particularly enjoyed Blanket, Hopscotch and a pack of Dominoes. There’s nothing like doing simple things as a family and just enjoying being together. It’s becoming a lost art these days, I fear:( And also Open Your Heart For Red Nose Day. Beautifully written about a great cause. Of course, I’m making Beryl the liver cake for her birthday:)

    • Thank you so much, Sue, both for the nomination and your kind words. I’m happy I did you proud! I’m also glad to hear that Beryl is getting a liver cake for her birthday…Hopefully, she’ll be a good girl and share it with Frankie 😉 When is Beryl’s birthday? I will be off for a few days and am wondering if I’m going to miss it. If so, wish her an early Happy Birthday for me and I will catch up with the events when I get back. x

  7. What a nice treat to go back and read some posts I hadn’t caught the first time around. And it sounds like you enjoyed revisiting your efforts.

    It’s been a fun challenge, hasn’t it?

  8. Thank you for such a thoughtful introduction to our little blog—I don’t think we could have done it any better! We’ve had a lot of fun keeping tabs on your blog and just when I thought I might have covered all of your posts to date, I realized that I missed one very useful article… “How To Make Liver Cake.” I don’t know how that could have passed us by! Thanks for re-introducing us to the recipe 😉

    This sounds like a very innovative challenge that we’re keen to try out. We’ll need a couple of weeks to rummage through our archives—hopefully we can share some insightful posts, just as you have!

  9. Thanks for including Balladeer’s Blog, Didi! You’re always so kind to me! I’ll try to have my part up in the next week or two. Have fun on vacation!

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