George’s Birthday In Pictures

It wasn’t my intention to dwell on George’s birthday too much. My plan was to make a big deal of it on the day, enjoy it and then move on. The day after anyone’s birthday is just another ordinary day, right?

But then, some of our blogging friends asked me to post a few birthday photos and I promised I would, providing that they’re any good. Well, to be honest, I don’t think they are anything special, but I’m posting them anyway…At least you’ll see what George was up to on his day, and I can move on to other things that I’d like to post about.

So…August 19th, 2011…

Birthday boy spent some time in the garden, sunbathing and sniffing the air (please notice George’s trademark wonky ears)…

…opened his present….

…was presented with the birthday cake…

…ate it all up…

…had a lovely walk (in spite of the weather suddenly turning against us), played with his sister and redefined the rules of frisbee…

…and went to bed exhausted after such a busy day and all the excitement!

I wonder if he’s dreaming of all the adventures he’d like to have in his 4th year on Planet Earth?!



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23 responses to “George’s Birthday In Pictures

  1. All photos of George are special:) Just like him. It looks like the frisbee has turned into a tug toy! Wow, that’s a great looking cake. Oh heck, I’ve just realised it’s Beryl’s birthday in a couple of weeks. She’s not getting a new collar this time! Have you got the recipe for the liver cake handy, lol!

    George certainly looks very content in the last photo.

  2. lifewith4cats

    The candle looks like a dried papaya spear. Is it? Don’t worry, as long as you never post pictures of your dog getting married to another dog in a ceremony… Ill never think your a crazy person. (Yeah, just google cat lover and youl see what I mean)

    Personaly I like to stretch my birthday out over three days, if I can get away with it, or even a birthday month. A good excuse to get back rubs from hubby. 😉

    • Papaya spear…Sara, you always have the most original take on things 🙂 No, it’s a boring carrot stick, but George loves it and it’s good for his teeth, so that’s what he has every year.
      And no, no pictures of dogs marrying other dogs, etc. I hate those too.
      You and my husband, he always goes on about his birthday week and birthday month, and how we should be nice to him. We’re always nice to him! Back rubs sounds like something I could get into…;)

      • lifewith4cats

        of course theres nothing wrong with a bit of playing at marrying George off. Especialy when theres a young one in the house. Creative play is important.

        I just came back to add this as I was worried my comment might not come across as clearly as it might have were it spoken word. 😉

      • 😀 😀 Don’t worry, it’s crystal clear 😉 I agree about play, we need it as much as our kids do 🙂

  3. I absolutely love that first picture of George sunbathing!

    Happy Belated Birthday, George! 😀

  4. Looks like George had a great time!!

  5. I love the chronology of the day as shown by the progression of activities. It looks like he was certainly enjoying all the fun and attention. He plays that part so well! A great day for all and I’ve very glad to be witness to it via the photos. The cake is lovely. Will you share the recipe?

  6. More good stuff! I have nothing new to add I guess from what I said in George’s previous birthday post.

    • Thanks, Ed. Speaking of good stuff, I know you’ve written some cool posts on subjects that (you know) I’m very interested in, I just haven’t had the time to read them properly and tell you what I think. I will catch up soon, I promise, as soon as we get this summer holiday out of the way and Brianna gets back to school…Then I can get some rest and catch up with the blogging 😉

  7. George’s birthday was certainly very special. I always think that these little occasions are most fun when shared with loved ones—I bet George was happy to celebrate his 3rd birthday with the best family a dog could ever wish for.

  8. Awhh, I’m so glad you shared photos from his special day. George is such a handsome guy! I’m glad that Zoe isn’t the only one with wonky ears. 🙂 I hope he has many more birthday celebrations like this one!!

  9. George is pretty good at opening gifts. 🙂

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