Happy Birthday, George!

Today is a very special day in our family, a day that all of us have been looking forward to: it’s my little boy’s birthday!

George is 3 years old today (where did the time go?), which technically makes him a fully grown, mature whippet. Over the course of a few years, we watched him turn from a scrummy baby….



… into a sweet, beautiful, well-behaved dog that we’re very proud of:


Brianna is really excited about George being 3, as she’s got it in her head that this is the perfect age for him to get married. So, this morning, she wished him Happy Birthday, gave him a kiss and then informed him – as solemnly as she could – that she’ll start searching for the perfect girlfriend for him. Which George didn’t seem to care about much. Unsurprisingly, he was more interested in his present.

Have I ever mentioned that George loves presents? Well, he does. So much so, that no package can be opened in our house without his help. And no shopping bags can pass through the front door before they’ve been thoroughly checked for surprises (preferably edible) by the whippet nose.

So here’s what we’ve got in store for the birthday boy to make him happy and make this a special day for him:

1. Birthday cake ….Made of liver, of course. He can have as much of that as he wants for lunch.

2. Big present no. 1…A large fresh bone hidden inside a generous amount of wrapping paper for him to rip and shred. He’s already opened it and is munching on it in the back garden as we speak.

3. Big present no. 2 …A kong stuffed with yummy treats. George has never had a kong before, so he’s bound to find this exciting.

4. Barbecue party this evening, with family and doggy friends … His own burger, on his own plate, to his taste. And a bit of ice-cream for dessert. Yummy!

5. Lots of games, walks and cuddles spread throughout the day.

Hopefully, this will be enough.

Happy Birthday, Georgie! We love you!



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29 responses to “Happy Birthday, George!

  1. Oh my gosh, George will want every day to be his birthday. He’s one lucky doggie. It sounds like a fun-filled day for all. Will there be any candles on that liver cake? I wish we lived closer so Brianna could inspect Grace as a potential girlfriend option. Grace is a bit older but I think George is wiser, so it might work out just fine. Happy Birthday, George!

    • Thank you for the kind wishes, Robin and Grace. No candles on the cake (George tried to eat them on his 1st birthday)…We use a carrot stick instead, which George likes to chew when the cake is gone.
      I wish we lived closer to each other, too. This would allow Grace and George to hang out (I think they’d make a smashing couple) and us to have really good chats over a cup of tea/coffee 😉

      • A carrot for a candle — brilliant!!! I love it. I do hope some pictures came out so we can see this celebration. It sounds lovely. And I do think George and Grace would make a smashing couple; their names have a bit of a royal touch, don’t you think? Chats over tea would be charming, too. I recall that George likes tea, but I’m not sure if Grace would like it — I’m sure she’d try, though!

      • I thought you’d like the candle idea 😉 “George and Grace” or “Grace and George” does sound a bit royal, doesn’t it? They’re pretty good at ‘royal posing’, too…

  2. Sam

    We hope you have a pawesome birthday, George!


  3. Happy, happy birthday, George! Hope you have a fantastic day!!

  4. Happy Birthday, George! Sounds like you’re going to have the best time, or if it’s over I’m sure you’re thinking about all the goodies you got and the lovely food and a birthday cake! I’ll bet you all had a blast and I hope we’re going to see photos?

    • Thanks for the wishes, Sue. I think George will be thinking about the goodies, the food and the cake for a while (he keeps going to the fridge). I can’t promise any photos, it depends if they’re any good. I did try to take some, but it was a bit crazy around here and George was too excited to stay put for two seconds, so I’ll have to see how they’ve turned out.

  5. Awhh, Happy Birthday George!!! Those puppy photos are adorable. Zoe told me to ask George how he feels about long-distance relationships. 😉

    I hope he had a wonderful, special day!

    • Thanks, Kristin. As a whippet mum, I knew you’d fall for the puppy photos. Imagine how cute Zoe and George’s babies would be 😉 Personally, I’d be more than happy to be Zoe’s mother-in-law…And George doesn’t make his feelings for her a secret….So, you never know…:)

  6. lifewith4cats

    Happy birthday to your sweet George. I hope the weather was perfect for your party.

  7. Woofy Birthday to You, Woofy Birthday to You, Woofy Birthday Dear George, Woofy Birthday To You. For he’s a jolly good Whippet, etc etc and so woof all of us!
    Your birthday sounded rather special and very enjoyable George.
    Clancy wants to know what a ‘girlfriend’ is coz he is 6 and no one has mentioned anything about them to him….Connor is too young as he is only 2.
    Have a great year George, we are so pleased to know you have a great family who also celebrate doggy birthdays, just like our Annie does, we also think it must be nice to have a Brianna.
    Clancy and Connor

    • Oh, you guys are good singers…Thanks for that!
      Birthday was great, presents OK, cake very tasty…
      Not sure what a girlfriend is myself, but mum, dad and Brianna talk about it a lot. I think it must be something nice, because they go around winking at me and saying “Oooh, Georgie, a giiirlfriend” in funny voices…
      It’s very nice indeed having a Brianna, although she can be quite bossy at times and doesn’t always let me chew her toys. But she does let me sleep in her bed and she’s very warm and cuddly…

      Thanks for stopping by, boys.


  8. Happy Birthday, George! It sounds like your family made it a very, very festive day for you! And those pictures were adorable!

  9. Happy birthday George. It’s amazing how as a puppy he looked so much like our Sia at that age. Although without the fuzzy fur.

  10. Happy Birthday George…may you always be good boy 🙂

  11. Oh no, I’m late! I’m sorry! Happiest of Birthdays, George! I hope you had a great day and that your party was just awesome sauce!


  12. Happy Belated Birthday, George!

    It sounds like someone is trying to put a few pounds on the little guy after all the tiring hiking on vacation. 🙂

    And thank you for for putting to rest the idea that people enjoy treating their dogs because they’re making up for not having kids. You certainly prove that there’s plenty of room to love a special doggy friend even when you have children.

    • 😀 😀 Oh, no, I’ve given up trying to pile some weight on him ages ago…But I did let him eat his entire liver cake 🙂
      I know what you mean…A lot of people have pets as a replacement for children…I reckon that if we didn’t have any kids, we’d have two (very, very spoilt) whippets. But as we stand, we’ve got one human child and one canine child 😉

  13. Birthdays are always fun to celebrate, especially when they revolve around your favourite family companion. There’s nothing like throwing a special party once a year for the four-leggers who bring so much joy to our lives everyday. George must have been thrilled to be at the centre of the festivities—and they were most well-deserved at that!

    Happy 3rd Birthday, George! We’d help you with the search for a cute girlfriend if we could 😉

    • Thanks, girls. George had a smashing day and got really tired by the end of it (which is a good sign). If you lived any closer, Little Miss would definitely be in the running for the cutest girlfriend 😉

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