Back From Our Mystery Holiday

 OK, folks, we’re back from our one week break from civilisation. No computer, no telephone, no worries…plus fabulous weather (no drop of rain), perfect for long family walks/expeditions! What more could one want? We came back recharged, sun-tanned, fitter and a lot more relaxed than we’d been for ages.

I could write volumes about this trip, since every second was special to us. I will, however, refrain myself from boring you to death and try to concentrate the whole experience in a couple of posts containing fewer words and more photos. Hopefully, you’ll like them.

First off, I’ve got to keep my part of the bargain and disclose our mystery destination. As all of you guessed (I wonder if I’m too good at giving clues?!?), we went to the beautiful Lake District in Cumbria, to a camping site near Lake Windermere called Park Cliffe. What a fabulous place…Well run, very picturesque and the perfect base for day trips and adventures of discovery. This was our second visit there, and we’ll definitely return a few more times over the following years, as there are a lot more things to see and peaks to explore.

Here are few photos of the site and its surroundings…

View of Lake Windermere from the top of the hill

View of the site from higher up

…as well as a few other photos taken during our gentle, ‘recovery’ walks:

Lake Windermere and its boats

At Moss Eccles

George having a rest

At the kids’ request, we also ventured on higher peaks for a bit of ‘extreme training’. However, due to space constraints and my picture overload tendencies, the recount of our one-day adventure on top of the world (well, not really, but it felt like it) will be the subject of a future post.



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25 responses to “Back From Our Mystery Holiday

  1. Absolutely gorgeous views and it sounds like a perfectly relaxing and enjoyable vacation. I’m very happy for you. George looks smashing in his vest. Can’t wait to see more! Did you have mint cake?

    • Thanks, Robin! Glad you like George in his mountain harness. He loves wearing it, I think he feels more handsome when he’s wearing it 🙂
      No mint cake this time, I’m afraid. I don’t like it and the others like it but aren’t mad about it, so they didn’t ask for any. Maybe if the weather had been rubbish, we would have ended up walking around the town, nipping into the shops and buying some. Luckily, the weather was pefect for walking over the forest/peaks, so that’s what we did. Much cheaper…;)

  2. Welcome back! We missed you!

  3. We 2nd Ed’s comment, we missed you to! Welcome home George, and yes you do look rather dashing in your mountain jacket, like a search and rescue dog!
    Our big adventure to Tasmania starts in about 15 days time!
    Annie Clancy and Connor

    • Oh, Guys, you’re so nice. We missed you too. I know you’re getting ready for a great adventure (to anyone from our part of the world, Tasmania sounds about as exciting as it can get)…I’ll come and visit your blog a bit later, to see what you’ve been up to in preparation of your trip 😉

  4. Looks like a beautiful place! I’m glad to here you all had a great time.

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely trip. Glad you had such lovely weather.

    Every time I come back from my one-week vacation, I ask myself how I can keep the holiday feeling from fading away. After all, I live year-round in an area that many people come to vacation. There must be some way to keep that relaxed feeling even when I’m home.

    Haven’t figured it out yet. Maybe the nice pictures will help you relive your trip?

    • It must be a bit weird to live in a place that’s also a holiday destination and see a mass of people relaxing and messing about whilst you’re trapped in your everyday routine (work, etc.). I guess you get used after a while…
      I, too, have wondered about how to hold on to the holiday feeling for as long as I can…The photos definitely help, which is why I take so many. I don’t know about other efficient methods, I’m afraid. Apart from going on holiday often 🙂

  6. lifewith4cats

    A week without anything but nature. This sounds so lovely. Im glad you had as good a time as you had hoped. Its strange to see so many tents in one field. Here in the states camping spots are usualy secluded from each other, except at festivals and stuff. Still, I would have enjoyed it immensly had I been there.

    • I’d love to have a field for ourselves, but I’m afraid that’s not possible. You guys in the US have a luxury that we don’t have: space. The UK’s a pretty crammed place, so everything is small(er), including camping spaces. Also, you can’t just go to a forest and camp wherever you want, so you’re limited to using camping sites which have limited space available. But we didn’t stick around the tent very much anyway, so it didn’t matter. It was fun…

  7. You have returned from your trip…welcome back 🙂

    The view looks lovely.
    Your two ‘children’ looked happy. I wonder what was George wearing? a vest?

    • Thanks, Novroz, it’s good to be back. I’m still catching up with my blog reading and everything else, which is why I haven’t visited you guys yet. But if you’re patient with me, I’ll get there in the end.
      George is wearing a special mountain harness, that offers him protection and helps us have a firmer grip of him when walking over dangerous ridges.

  8. What a lovely camping site—the scenery is breathtaking! The best vacation of all is one where you can remove yourself from civilization and soak up the beauty of nature. Yes, even a city person like myself can appreciate the great outdoors (lol)! Glad to see that your family had a wonderful holiday—your photos certainly show it 😀

    • Thank you, I’m glad you liked the photos. You’ve captured the mood perfectly, and I completely agree that even city people need to go as far away from civilisation as they can sometimes. Actually, we’re probably the ones who need it the most…Stay tuned, there are more photos to come next week. In the meantime, have a nice weekend and kisses to Miss Maple. x

  9. Kristin G.

    I’m glad you had such a nice trip, and no rain! The mountain views look really beautiful there. 🙂

  10. Don’t worry Didi…my babies aren’t going anywhere. Just take your time 😉

    Ahh…dog sure has nice and useful things to wear. He looked comfy in it.

    • Thanks, Novroz, you’re so kind. Actually, George doesn’t have that many things to wear (because his dad doesn’t want us to pamper him too much). But he needed that harness, as the mountains can be dangerous and we like to know that we’ve got a good grip on him. Indeed, it’s very comfy, and George seems to love wearing it.

  11. This looks like beautiful place Didi. Sheila and I plan to get back home to Scotland next year and I for one can’t wait. By the way, I love the pic of George. It looks like a poster for a movie about a rescue dog.

    • How exciting for you to return to Scotland…How long since your last visit? I hope you have a great time when you go, Lionel. We haven’t been to Scotland yet, but it’s scheduled for sometimes within the next couple of years. We decided to wait until Brianna is bigger and can do a lot of walking and climbing, and this camping trip prooved that she can. And George, who was a nervous traveller and used to get sick in the car, now travels OK for hours on end, so we’re thinking of doing some reaserch over the winter and see if we can get up there next summer or the summer after. Imagine if you and us happened to be there at the same time!! 🙂

  12. Oh, how could you go home? That looks like such a beautiful place for a holiday. Great idea getting a vest like that for George, and he looks very handsome in it:)

    • We didn’t really feel like going home, that’s for sure. We spent a whole week afterwards wondering whether we should move up there (it happens every year). That harness is great for safety, and George loves it…I think he feels handsome in it!

  13. What a gorgeous place to camp! These are exactly the kinds of places we enjoy taking Buster and Ty. Unfortunately, we’d have to fit the motor home with pontoons to get there from the US. =)

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