The Nosy Whippet and The Orange

Hey, George, look what I’ve got! Want one?

Want one what? Let me see… What’s that?



Hmm…That’s a strange tennis ball…

Put your eyes back in, silly boy. It’s only an orange.

Oh…Well, then…Thanks, but no thanks. Not my thing…



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21 responses to “The Nosy Whippet and The Orange

  1. George isn’t an organge fan? Shiva loves them, though she prefers we remove the peel first.

    I can only imagine the mess if this were to be used as a ball… Outside only!

  2. It looks like he’s trying to figure out if it’s an orange monster! That would have been a juicy mess if he used it as a ball. Very cute picture!

  3. George seems to be a discriminating little dog. 🙂

    In a related matter, Honey loves to carry grapefruit halves around (after the fruit has been sectioned out). It’s one of her favorite toys and it’s dirt cheap. The problem comes when we decides to pull one out of the compost pile.

    • Yes, he is…Giving everything/everybody a fair chance means nothing to him 🙂
      No grapefruit in our house, I’m afraid. I absolutely love them, but I’m the only one. Honey’s definitely original in her choice of toys…George, too, finds the compost irresistible, but he favours egg shells and carrot peel…

  4. Hmmm, I don’t think Frankie or Beryl would do anything but maybe try to play with an orange. Frankie is very selective about what he eats, Beryl less so but while she likes a lot of human food fruit isn’t on the list. Not even bananas. So they agree with George. And I think their expressions would be similar if presented with an orange!

    Glad you’ve found our new home:)

    • I’m glad we’ve found you, too 😉
      Beryl, Frankie and George could form their own “orange and other strange things” investigation squad 🙂

  5. He sure looks interested! Not even a little nibble?

  6. Hahaha George’s face reminds me of Kroten’s when I show her an apple. She loves apple peel but avoid a whole apple

  7. Wow! George is going over that thing like he’s a Crime Scene Investigator!

  8. Shoot, our dogs will eat anything you put in their face. Ha, George has control!

    • Yes, too much control, if you ask me. Having a child and a dog who are both picky eaters, I envy people whose kids and dogs eat anything, anytime…It can make life a lot easier 🙂

  9. Funny. I guess George has his limits.

  10. lifewith4cats

    If he were a human he might be the type who wont let any food item touch any other food item on his plate. At lease if it involves messy oranges. 🙂

  11. Kas

    Haha his face is priceless!! Bailey makes that face entirely way too often.

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