After A Good Run

This morning, George met up with his best mates (the two Airdales down the road) for a play on the field. They chased and bounced and sniffed and ran around in circles and, overall, had a fabulous time. By the time we were ready to say goodbye, all three dogs were shattered and ready to go back on the lead.

Here’s George five minutes later, when we got back home:

Doesn’t he look happy tired?



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28 responses to “After A Good Run

  1. Yes! That is definately happy tired! Isn’t it just great to watch our friends play like that? It makes my heart sing with joy when Clancy and Connor do some really fast ‘wizzies’ on the park or at the beach, especially when they are joined by friends!

  2. Tongue-hanging happy! And still bright-eyed, excited about his morning romp! Wonderful photo, capturing his bliss.

  3. awww…that is a marvellous cute picture of George. look at those googly bright eyes. he’s happy alright 🙂

  4. Kas

    🙂 Gotta love that, “I’m tired and OH SO HAPPY!” face!!

  5. This is the first time I’ve seen Prince George look rather goofy-cute. I suppose royalty can have silly sides, too! 😀

  6. Love that tongue hanging out. George looks quite satisfied with himself I’d say. How wonderful he has such great friends close by!

    I hope you enjoy a quiet afternoon. 😉

    • Since he is not too keen on other dogs (that he doesn’t know), we’re delighted that he’s formed a small group of friends that he can play with. This way, he gets enough doggy interaction and a lot of exercise.

  7. Hahah I love that photo! When our dogs come back from long walks they are goners for at least the next hour. Ha, lazy boys!

  8. Lol, George looks like he’s too tired to pull his tongue inside his mouth:) I have as much fun watching my kids play with other dogs as they do playing!

  9. Wow!! He looks completely wiped out! That must have been some play session. 🙂

  10. lifewith4cats

    Silly George. Hes a dog of many faces.

  11. Loved this post! I always get a kick out of watching dogs run together because they have so much fun doing it.

  12. What a hilarious photo of George! I think George might need a little time-out before his next playdate 😉

  13. Whuahaha what a shot!! Poor George…or happy George? 😉
    Love the look on his eyes and the tongue hanging like that

  14. This pic is too funny. I love it. He looks insane.

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