Shouty Boy

George doesn’t always catch his tennis ball. Or his frisbee. When that happens, I blame myself for throwing it the wrong way. Or him for being too lazy. But George always blames the ball. Or the frisbee. So he tells them off…

…and I say: George, stop shouting at that ball! It can’t hear you!



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26 responses to “Shouty Boy

  1. Is that a photo of George mid-bark? Too cute! You tell that ball who’s boss, George! 😉

  2. LOL! You tell him George!! My dogs almost always miss their catches. I’ve given up on them learning to catch. 🙂

  3. Wow!!! great shot! Tell the ball to obey you george!!

  4. Sometimes they need a good telling off! lol

  5. Great photo — all the motion is really captured. I guess that ball just isn’t listening, is it? It must be very frustrating to George who knows exactly what he is saying to it!

  6. LOL, I find that so cute! George sure looks like he had a lot to say to his toy 😀 When Maple gets really wound up with her orange ball, she will growl, bark, and pounce on it. I wonder what it is they’re trying to communicate… maybe something along the lines of, “Don’t you dare roll away from me. Wait until you get a taste of dog slobber!”

    • 😀 Ha, ha…I think they’re definitely saying ‘Don’t you dare roll away from me’. I’m not sure about the slobber part…But then, I’m not a dog 😉
      Cute little Miss growling, barking and pouncing….I’d love to see that!

  7. George is executive material! If you don’t catch the ball, it’s the BALL’s fault!

  8. Kas

    Hmmm … this picture definitely does NOT remind me of Diesel. Nope, not at all. 😉 Silly boys!! Or more importantly, those gosh darn bad frisbees/balls!!

  9. Hmm, I don’t think Frankie or Beryl would consider that reason to bark. Beryl is very quiet unless she is lying on my bed and sees someone walk past the house, then she says something. Frankie does the same and he will sometimes bark at things he hears and he sounds the alarm if someone comes to the door. But barking at a ball or toy, nope. George must be very annoyed, lol! Great photo!

    • It’s funny how George barks in this situation, because he’s normally very quiet, too. Strangers coming to our door, unknown (large) dogs approaching him or rough games with his dad are the only other circumstances in which he becomes vocal.

  10. what a fantastic shot! i had to blow it up to have a good look.

  11. I would like to learn dog-speak.

  12. lifewith4cats

    So he only barks when he misses the ball? Thats too funny. What does his bark sound like? I mean, is it loud and high? or deep like he is a big dog stuck in a whippets body?

    That action shot really shows those powerfull hindquarters.

    • Yes, he barks when he misses the ball/frisbee, when new people come to our house or when he’s playing rough games with his dad. Apart from that, he doesn’t bark. He’s got a pretty impressive bark, a ‘proper’, big-dog one. If you only heard it (without seeing George), you wouldn’t think it’s coming from a whippet, but from a real guard dog. When I get that video camera that I keep talking about, I’ll film him barking and put it on the blog.

      Yes, he’s got really muscular legs. It’s funny, if you look at him from behind while he’s walking, his legs look chunkier and wider than the rest of his body 😀

  13. Must be a Whippet thing. Sia always barks at her frisbee if she thinks it might get away from her. She also barks at me if I’m too slow at getting the darn thing in the air.

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