Snoozy Wednesday

Look what this week’s Award excitement and a good morning run have done to George…

…No, they haven’t turned him into a whippet ball…They just got him very tired!

[One step closer to a Wordless Wednesday, but quite there yet…Oh well…]



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31 responses to “Snoozy Wednesday

  1. George,
    We feel we have to tell you, during the day our human companions and very special people rarely go back to bed, they have not yet learned the art of energy conservation the way we have, so….if you take a quick squiz around the house there is usually a nice comfy bed on which to lay and stretch out in Whippet bliss……
    We are so pleased that you like our blog too, and if you ever come down this way do please come and share our beach, it is rather good!

    Clancy and Connor

    • Clever whippets, eh? Judging by the amount of energy conservation going on around our home, I reckon George would live forever, and I bet it’s the same with you two 😛
      Thanks for the invitation, it’s very kind of you, and definitely very tempting. We live a tiny bit too far away, but you never know….;)

  2. Somehow he looks comfortable! I agree with Clancy and Connor, we humans need to do a better job at napping!

    • He must have been comfortable, since he didn’t move from that position for about 40 minutes. Before I was a parent and life got too busy, I used to have the odd lunch-time nap when I got too tired. It was the best way for me to recharge my batteries…I wish I could still do that…

  3. Doesn’t George look relaxed. He’s doing what I should be … it’s way past my bedtime, night all:)

  4. LOL. I say this counts as a wordless Wednesday. They can’t expect no words at all, right? It’s a blog – words are part of the definition!

    George looks so cozy, despite the weird contortions. I never understand how they find these positions so comfortable.

    • Ha, ha, thanks for your support, Kristine, I completely agree. In the future, I won’t worry about a couple of words here and there.
      I don’t understand either, I’ve tried some of George’s positions, and didn’t find them comfortable at all. It’s like they’re made of jelly sometimes, isn’t it?

  5. Sam

    That somehow doesn’t look very comfortable!


  6. common position for Luna.. This is how much she wants her morning nap.. I let Wyatt out in AM while I get ready for work… if I open her crate then go for Wyatts… then to the door she will stay half in her crate until I have shut the door behind Wyatt, then she procedes to jump up on the chair and curl up. She usually will nap for a couple hours before she feels like going outside. I think I have a vizsla who is simply an exception to the norm. Your boy looks very cute and content, was this on a chair?

    • So Luna’s a slow starter, too? George does that whilst we get ready for school. He’ll snooze until the very last second, then he suddenly jumps up and queues up at the back door, all ready for his morning walk.
      Yes, that’s on his dad’s chair, which George loves and is trying to claim for himself. A lot of the photos I use are taken on that chair…

  7. Awww he looks so cute all relaxed. Must have been a long day. 🙂

    • Hi, Carly, and thanks for stopping by. Funnily, that picture was taken in the morning, when he shouldn’t really be exhausted. But then, he is a couch potato, and he had had a massive run that morning…:)

  8. If you had a caption for the photo it could be “Genius in repose”.

  9. I find sleeping in the fetal position, especially when it’s cold, rather comfortable. Looks like George already knew that, though!

    • Who’s the ‘I’ here, Oscar or Pauline? I guess it could be either, humans sleep in this position quite often, too. I also tend to curl up when it’s cold, just not on a chair like that 😉

  10. lifewith4cats

    I was gonna say, thats the fetal position. How charming. I take it he didnt wish to be disturbed since he faced the back of the chair like that?

    Oh the hard rigors of dog life. 🙂

    • I guess you’re right. That’s why I took the photo, because he was facing the other way, which he doesn’t normally do. He usually likes to curl up with his back against the back of the chair, it helps keep him worm. That morning, he just turned the other way! Maybe he’d had enough of us, or maybe he was more tired than usual…I don’t know, he wouldn’t tell me 🙂

  11. I love when they curl up like that, and all their paws are together. I call it “a great big pile of paws.” Nice post, and very few words. 😉

  12. From one chatty Cathy to another–Wordless ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

    But that picture captured the light bouncing off George’s coat amazingly. I can almost feel the velvet just looking at it.

    • Oh, thanks for the nice comment. I’m always chuffed to bits when people comment on George’s shiny coat, as I’m working hard on it! You’re right, his coat is very soft and velvety…I think it’s partly genetic and partly down to diet…Everybody who comes around our house feels the urge, at some point or another, to stroke him or burry their face in his fur, especially the neck, which is super soft…I guess that’s why he gets so many kisses and cuddles from us, too 🙂

  13. So cute, and cuddly. What a funny way to sleep.

    • Hi, Mary, and thanks for stopping by. Yes, it’s a funny way to sleep, but George loves it and that’s how you’ll find him most of the time…He is a funny boy 🙂

  14. I have to say Didi that seeing this picture of George makes me laugh because Sia is the exact opposite in that she always has to stretch out.

  15. Gyahahahaha….that is freakin hilarious!!! George the contortoist (I am sure I misspell it).

  16. George, you just get cuter every day!

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