A Bit of Highbrow Entertainment

Last week was all about Britain’s Got Talent, a show which I have mixed feelings about. I kind of like it, as some of the talent on there is unbelievable, but I find it quite annoying at times, like when they call people back just to make fun of them.

Anyway, we watched the semi-finals all through the week and the final on Saturday. A lot of different acts in there, including a few dog ones. Although I love dogs, I have to say that most of them were rubbish. The dancing dogs didn’t dance and the agility dogs didn’t weave through the poles.

However, there was one dog act that everybody loved and was good enough to come third in the last semi-final. It involved a young opera singer, Pippa, and her dog, Buddy. Since I really liked them, I thought I’d post the video of their live performance on the blog, for everyone to watch and, hopefully, enjoy.Β  So here they are…Pippa and Buddy, singing opera:

Rumour has it that Pippa would have made the final if she’d gone on stage without Buddy. Possibly, but isn’t Buddy cute in his little suit? And isn’t the bond between these two just wonderful?



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24 responses to “A Bit of Highbrow Entertainment

  1. Quite funny! Buddy was properly dressed for this special occasion and very cute. It must have been fun for them to perform together. Grace would have been vocal, but it would have been a whine and not in tune! πŸ™‚ And it still would have been much better than my voice!!

    • Ha, ha, I know what you mean. I’m not much of a singer myself…as for George, I think he would just leave the room, because he hates anything loud (music including).

      • The thought of George picking up and leaving the room makes me laugh. Grace would definitely want to leave the room but she’d be too scared to leave my side. I guess G&G would not make the theatre world! πŸ™‚ (Nor would I.) That makes these types of performances all the more impressive. I could never do it.

      • πŸ˜€ Oh, Gracie…Maybe she would leave if you also showed her the nail trimmer? πŸ˜› No, I guess none of us are cut out for the big stage…

  2. Oh Didi, Leave it to you to find something so sweet to share! The dog was a little cutie, and WOW that woman’s voice is amazing.

    • Thanks, Melissa. That’s what I thought…I liked the dog because I like dogs and he’s cute, but Pippa’s voice really impressed me. I, too, believe that she would have done better by herself…But I think she needed Buddy’s moral support…

  3. Cute idea! I’d love to see one of my favorite operas, Tales of Hoffmann, performed with dog accompaniment.

    (Plus some of my subscribers are telling me thir latest e-mails arrive as gibberish. WP is looking into it. Just wanted to make sure you knew I posted about the Top 12 Deities From Inuit Mythology today)

    • How about an all-dog cast? πŸ˜‰
      Yes, I did get the notification. I’m a little bit behind with my blog reading because of work, but I’ve bookmarked the post so I can read it later, alongside Jo’s saga…I don’t like to rush these things πŸ™‚

  4. Buddy is looking dapper in that suit! I should have one on hand for Oscar for special occasions. πŸ˜‰

  5. What a cute little chap Buddy is, and boy, can his owner sing! She’s nearly as good as he is:)

  6. Pippa does have a lovely voice – Buddy is very cute in his evening attire, and yes I think Pippa did have him there for the support he gave her. I have no idea what the other acts were but on her voice alone she should probably have won!
    Clancy and Connor are now wanting to have bow tie’s and tuxedo’s too.

  7. I really don’t think she’d have got very far without Buddy. She’s so beautiful with an amazing voice, but that isn’t enough – I think the general audience out there just don’t enjoy opera singing. But with the dog, it adds a completely different dimension and actually reduces people to tears watching it – my mum was crying and it made me simultaneously laugh and cry – and that’s what it’s about! πŸ™‚ Such a unique act.

    • Hi, Teresa, and thanks for commenting. I agree with you, Buddy made their act special and different. I thought the judges should have put them through to the final, I thought they were definitely good enough. Plus, as you say, they’re one of those acts that moves you one way or the other…

  8. Oh my goodness – this video just made my morning. Buddy looks so cute in his little outfit. The satin collar and cuffs are just too cute.

    I feel the same as you about talent shows. I love watching all the amazing acts, but feel SO terrible when they bring them on just to ridicule them. 😦

    Gus is lucky I can’t carry a tune, or he’d be dressed up in his own little suit on the stage. πŸ˜‰

    • I’m glad you liked it. When I watched it back, before I put it on the blog, I did actually think of Gus and how cute he’d look in a suit like that. I have a feeling he’d quite like it…

  9. Kas

    SO cute!! Callie needs to get to this level.

  10. That’s really cute! She has a phenomenal voice, so I’m guessing the competition must have been stiff, or else the judges just weren’t fond of dog acts this year. America’s Got Talent is just starting this year and I’ve already seen one dog act here that was amazing, and the judges seemed to like it, too!

    • I think she had one of the best voices in the competition, so she should have at least been in the final. In her semifinal, it was down to the judges to choose between her and another act to put through, and they chose the other one, which was rubbish. It’s not a secret that they wanted a certain child act to win the competition, so I guess they were making it easier for him by getting rid of strong contenders. Ironically, the dark horse won!! I know America’s Got Talent is starting, we get to see it here, too. I hope there will be a dog act in your final.

  11. That was pretty neat. Sia and I were watching the video in my office and she couldn’t take her eyes off the screen.

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