Hamlet Revisited

Hamlet is, unquestionably, one of the most iconic Shakespeare masterpieces. Even those who have never read or watched the play would immediately recognise the famous ‘Hamlet and skull’ scene.


Doing Hamlet is probably every actor’s dream, as well as the biggest test of theatrical brilliance. There’s something irresistible about this character, which draws both trained actors and lay people towards it. It might be the company of the skull that does the trick. Ever since I was a child, whenever I found myself in the presence of skeletal remains – i.e. during anatomy lessons at school or when visiting doctor friends – I’ve felt compelled to pick up the skull, look into its eye sockets and recite the famous opening line of Hamlet’s soliloquy, “To be or not to be…”. I believe I am not the only one.

Recently, a new interpretation of Shakespeare’s play was put on stage, quite successfully, in my very own home. It was an original, creative and somehow unique performance. Although not yet recorded on camera, I do have one piece of photographic evidence for this creative triumph.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce…Dad as Hamlet and George as Yorick’s skull … in a modern, contemporary take on the classic text.


I wonder what the theatre critics will have to say about this!?!



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17 responses to “Hamlet Revisited

  1. You are so clever! What a riot, Didi. I wish we could have seen the entire production. Do you think George is really for a full-time acting job?

  2. Looks like George is going to be the next noteworthy Shakespearean actor!

  3. I can’t wait to be in this audience! I love Hamlet, and George!! What an excellent combination methinks!

  4. Kas

    😛 Oh George, “That it should come to this!”

  5. Terrific! George’s versatility never ceases to amaze me! And in honor of the occassion let’s throw in that old Oscar Wilde line “Are the commentators on Hamlet mad, or only pretending to be?”

  6. George’s expression is priceless! It takes a very talented and dedicated actor to embody the role of Yorick’s skull—I would think there is a fair bit of challenge involved in portraying an inanimate object. Did George blink at all? And, is that your hubby as the “supporting” actor? 😀

    • Actually, no, he didn’t blink that much. He did wink once or twice, but I put it down to nerves 😉 Yes, that’s my hubby, he makes a good support, doesn’t he? At least George thinks so…

  7. The look on Georges face looks like he doesn’t want to be. 🙂

  8. Hmm, George has a very resigned expression on his face. I’m thinking perhaps he really wanted the part of Hamlet?

  9. lifewith4cats

    I knew George had talent just waiting fir the right scene to show it. Not eveyone can do shakespeare. Oh a typo that makes a funny… Ill keep it. 🙂

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