George Got…

caught in the rain!

I guess it was inevitable that, at some point, we’d have one of those weekends. You know, when the weather is rubbish, so you’re stuck pretty much around the house and, to make things worse, you experience Internet connectivity problems, so you feel shut down from the rest of the world? Well, our weekend was one of those. George had to go out for his walk in the (sometimes torrential) rain, and I couldn’t even access my email.

Of course, our Internet had to go down during a Bank Holiday, when everybody – including our Internet provider – is off until tomorrow. Not good. So here I am, using an Internet connection I’ve borrowed for 10 minutes, making up some sort of post.This is not what I had planned for today, obviously, but it’s the best I can do given the circumstances.

George’s face reflects this weekend’s mood pretty accurately. He doesn’t like rain and getting wet, but loves his walks enough to go out in adverse weather without moaning too much. Then he comes home all soaked, has a towel rub and curls up on his dad’s chair, feeling sorry for himself. How sad can a dog look?

We hope you all had a nice weekend and wish you a wonderful week ahead. Hopefully, we’ll be back to normal as of tomorrow…See you around the blogosphere!



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23 responses to “George Got…

  1. Oh George! This is exactly why I have my pink raincoat! May your weekend improve and get better!


    • Thanks, Bunny, it looks like our Internet connection has been restored and the rain is easing off, so we’re a bit more optimistic about the week. George likes how the pink raincoat looks on you, but he says he doesn’t want one. He’s a tough boy, the only coat he’d tolerate is the summer mac he wears in the…winter (when it’s too cold, even for tough boys) 🙂

  2. Rainy days this time of year around here can be dangerous. That being said, I find Sia and Corran tolerate the rain pretty well as long as there is no thunder.

    • George is ok with thunder and gentle rain, but is not too good with strong wind and torrential rain. I don’t know if it’s because the large, heavy drops hurt his skin (he doesn’t have much fur), but he always cowers and heads home if we get caught in heavy rain. My mother-in-law had a Yorkie who was terrified of thunder. I felt really sorry for him, poor soul, he used to hide under the table and shiver until the storm stopped.

  3. Kas

    Pooooor George! He looks so sad and pathetic (in a really adorable, “I want to kiss your nose” kind of way). 🙂

  4. oh George, don’t be a sook please. it’s been cold, rainy and windy here for DAYS. i’ve been going out for walks without my raincoat. IT CAN BE FUN! this morning i met my friends and got some really good mud puddling in. lucky My typist didn’t manage to take any pictures or she’d be putting them up telling everyone how naughty and dirty i am.

    then i got home and got a COLD hosedown. My Typist can be a real meanie. does your human give you a hot blowdry? it’s nice.

    hugs, xox georgia

    • Hi, Georgia…I feel sorry for you, I know your weather is the opposite of ours and it’s autumn over there. I’ve heard that mud can be fun, but George doesn’t do muck at all, I’m afraid. That’s probably why he hates the rain, too. Cold hosedown…Gosh, I think George would get upset and leave home if we did that to him. You’re right, your typist can be a real meanie…Although, hang on…Did you mention a blow dry? Well, that sounds like ‘spoilt’ to me. No, George doesn’t get any hot blow dry, and don’t give him any ideas, please. 😉

  5. George sounds like he’s trying to be a good sport going out for his walks as per normal despite the grey weather. George also has a look of wanderlust on this face as he settles in on the sofa with his blankie… maybe he’s daydreaming of sandcastles, warm seabreeze, and cold ice-cream (LOL). Aww, cheer up, George—the rain won’t last forever!

    • God knows what he’s thinking of! One thing is for sure, he wasn’t a happy bunny when I tool that photo. Luckily, the weather is on the mend and George has been able to lie in the garden, so no long faces today. x

  6. George does have a look as if to say: “Where is my sunbeam?” Very precious. Grace, too, is not happy on rainy days and very much prefers soaking up warm rays of sunshine whenever she can. Thankfully, our holiday weekend weather cooperated and we had plenty of sun — only one thunderstorm, and it was a soaker!

    • Glad to hear that you had nice holiday weather. I can imagine Gracie was quite pleased with it…apart from the thunderstorm. Hopefully, you didn’t get caught in it.

  7. Gus loathes the rain – so much so that he’ll forgo his beloved walks just to avoid getting wet. He’s such a turd, sometimes. 😉

    Glad to hear that you were able to get out for a walk, even if it was a wet one. There’s nothing better than coming back, getting dried off and snuggling up. George has the right idea.

    I hope your internet connection is back in working order!

  8. Poor guy! Xander hates the rain too, but crazy little Zoe will sit outside in it just hoping a squirrel will be stupid enough to enter her yard. I dread the day she catches one. Yuck! I hope your next weekend is sunny and void of Internet glitches. Our internet was knocked out by a storm for a day last Friday. It’s amazing how much it messed up my day.

  9. At least George will brave the rain for walks. Oscar hates water. He’ll even avoid going outside for potty breaks when it’s raining!

    We’ve been having beautiful summer-like weather, so I’m going to send some sunshine your direction. 😀

  10. Oh, poor George:( But he’s such a brave boy for going for a walk in the torrential rain! Not even Frankie would do that. He and Beryl will do rain but not pouring rain … or maybe it’s me that won’t do the pouring rain? Beryl gets a similar pained expression when she gets wet and has become an expert at heading for the nearest tree to stand under:)

    What a bummer not having an internet connection on a wet, miserable day. That’s the pits. Glad it’s all restored now.

    • We never intend to force him out in torrential rain, we’re not that nasty. It’s just that we sometimes get caught in it, you can never tell with our weather…When it happens, George tries to hide under a tree, just like Beryl, but we don’t always follow his advice …

  11. We have same problem here, when the rain is so thick, my Internet connection becomes sooooo slooooow.

    Lucky I am a turtle, I don’t need to take a walk outside the house 😉
    Smile George, enjoy being inside the house like us 😉

  12. Poor George,

    His look is remarkabley familiar – all dogs must learn how to master it at some stage.

    • Hi, Jo, and thank you for your comment. You’re right, I haven’t seen many dogs looking too happy in the rain. I imagine they all look like George after a wet walk. I checked out your blog…veeery niiice 🙂

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