Nasty Boy, George!…

Who? Me?

Stop spreading bad rumours about me, mum!



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40 responses to “Nasty Boy, George!…

  1. Hi George

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to meet you.

    You seem a very confident young man to me!

    Love, Winnie x

    • Nice to meet you too, Winnie, we enjoyed reading your blog. We’ll keep an eye on you from now on 🙂 George is more like this: confident with people/dogs he knows, over-confident at home and a little whimp around big boys off the lead 😀

  2. No worries, George! No one would ever believe you are anything but a perfect angel. 😉

  3. the joys of living with boys.. I would stick with girls if I had a choice. Perfect placement of the pillow or what?

    • Yeah, boys…We wanted a boy dog because we have a girl child and wanted to balance the boy-girl ratio in our family. I think we made the right decision, George is quite sweet and funny. That cushion should have been sitting nicely in the corner of the sofa, but George rearranged it before I took the photo…He’s a bit obsessed with cushions and pillows.

  4. Oh, George… If you were living in a nudist colony, you’d fit right in 😉

    P.s. We love George’s quirky expression! Great capture, Didi!

    • Thanks, that’s his ‘I’m going to do something naughty’ look! Nudist colony, ha, that’s very funny 😀 I bet he’d like it. He wouldn’t know otherwise anyway.

  5. I love this one! Gus is constantly rolling around on his back with his legs spread apart. We like to say, “inappropriate, Gus!”. Boys will be boys. 😉

  6. Oh my!! Covering Zoe’s eyes. 😉

    • Sorry, Zoe, I should have put a warning sign before the photo. I hope we haven’t hurt your delicate eyes. (George is wondering if you like what you’ve seen 😛 – he’s got a weird way of trying to impress the girls, I tell you).

  7. I never thought I’d see George giving us The Full Monty.

    • Well, we have the pleasure all the time, as he’s a very upside-down kind of dog. I’m so used to the view, that I didn’t even think of it when I posted the photo…But George doesn’t mind anyway…

  8. lifewith4cats

    Maybe he saw over your shoulder when you were reading my blog. All my recent posts about manliness…put ideas in his head. LoL.

    • Now THAT explains it. He’s always looking over my shoulder anyway. Sometimes he even lies wrapped around my shoulder, like a furry scarf.
      So, in conclusion, it’s YOUR fault, Six-Gun Sara. Thanks a lot! I hope you enjoyed the result of you playing with my man-dog’s mind …

  9. Kas

    Hehehe his face is absolutely priceless.

  10. I have to admit, I was first drawn to George’s handsome face before I realized he was bearing it all on the Internet. 😀

    • I hope you still like him in spite of his rude manners. I can’t ever imagine perfect Oscar posing in such compromising position AND putting it all over the Internet for others to see 😉

  11. Julia

    E super simpatic Urechila al vostru…

  12. George’s face is priceless. He looks incredibly proud and happy! 🙂

    • Proud of his ‘assets’, you mean? Oh, yeah, that’s my George. Dog with no shame attached. He does look happy, doesn’t he? It reminds me of Grace’s smiley face when she’s doing her agility training.

  13. Glad you enjoyed the bunny post. Lots of long faces around here with all the rain, Luna and wyatt have even begun to play at nights again. Does George ever fight with a bed or blanket when he has not gotten out enough? Luna does this, and his face reminds me of one she gives when she is thinking of going crazy on the couch. I really should try and photograph her look.
    Hoping the weather gets better for you soon

    • Yes, he loves cushions and pillows, and he loves killing them as much as he loves lying on them. He was really bad when he was a puppy and had more energy that he could ever use up…He destuffed all the cushions in the house and then I didn’t have any for over a year, until he calmed down. Now he’ll occassionally pick a fight with the odd cushion, but he does know that he’s not really allowed, so a simple ‘no’ is enough to convince him to leave it alone.
      And you’re perfectly right about the look on his face, he did go crazy as soon as I took the photo. I was really lucky I was able to catch him. I’d love to see a photo of Luna thinking about causing riot…Time for you to chase her around with the camera…x

  14. We think you should send it to Comopolitan, they are always on the look out for new male centrefolds! George as Connor and I always say if you have it, flaunt it!

    • You want me to encourage him to display himself like this publicly? I’m shocked…Well, do Cosmopolitan pay well, do you think? Maybe George can do a duet with Connor 😛

  15. Oh George. How cheeky of you. No shame 😉

  16. lifewith4cats

    hahah George is really feeling his oats today. You Go George! In all your glory!

  17. George, I am certain that PlayWhippets will be calling you to do a centerfold soon, but just make sure it’s tasteful! BOL!


    P.S. I don’t know why humans get all atwitter about being natural!

    • I can’t believe some of the magazines you read, Bunny…Tasteful, eh? George says, if the offer comes, he’ll do his best, just for you. (and he agrees that there’s no shame in being natural) 😉

  18. What a pose!! You looked hot,George 😉

  19. I need to make sure Sia doesn’t see this or she will never stay off my computer.

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