Pool of Light

Like all whippets, George is a sun worshiper and loves to lie on his blanket, roasting away in the sunshine. Now that the nice season has begun, he’s been able to do just that pretty much every day. However, in the late autumn, winter and early spring you’ll see him moving his nest around the house in pursuit of that all-precious pool of light to lie in.

This next picture was taken about six weeks ago, when the sun had just started to smile down at us through the high window in our living-room. A lovely patch of light was created on the sofa, and guess who claimed it for himself straight away?


Not the best photo in the world, technically speaking. I know that. But speaking through images is not my main medium of expression, so my inexperience will hopefully be forgiven. And it’s still a nice photo, don’t you think?



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24 responses to “Pool of Light

  1. I think this is an absolutely beautiful photograph. I love the way the light is shining in (smiling in as you say, very nice!), and George’s placement on the pillow. He looks so content. Grace, too, loves her sunbeams, and will whine to go out on the deck even in cooler temps when she sees the sun out there. Smart doggies, the sun is such a nice feeling.

    • Thanks, Robin. I kind of expected Grace to be a sun lover, too, she just looks like one. It’s funny that she does the ‘let me go out to lie in the sun’ whining, George does that all the time. Which can be pretty annoying on a sunny and cloudy day, as he’ll ask to go out for 5 minutes whilst the sun is shining, and then he’ll ask to go in when it disappears behind a cloud, and so on, a million times a day. Smart, but very annoying doggy :S

  2. It’s a captivating photo! George seems to know that he’s being photographed and looks like he’s even inviting you to take the picture. I love the pose that George is striking—so regal with the sun shining on him. Maple loves soaking in the sun, as well. But, given our tropical climate, she’ll seek respite from the sun when it gets a tad too hot under her coat 😀

    • Thanks for the compliments [blush]. I can understand why Maple needs to take a break from the sun sometimes, it must be hard to live in a tropical climate. It would ne for us, anyway, coming from our UK weather. Although he loves the sun, I don’t think George would handle constant, intense heat very well, he heats up very easily. It must be because he hasn’t got much fur to protect him.
      I have this image in my head of Maple glowing in the sun, just like she did in that photo you took during your evening stroll 🙂

  3. It’s a lovely photo! I absolutely love it when they find the small patch of light to sun bathe in. George looks like a king perched on the sofa with his pillow. 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend!!

    • You hit in right in the head, I’m sure George thinks he’s a real king. He even acts like one sometimes. I just think he’s too spoilt, basically. As for the cushion, we’ve got quite a few of them scattered around the house for the sole purpose of providing extra comfort to his majesty, of course (or so he thinks) 😉

  4. Kristine

    I know nothing and care nothing about fancy photo quality. (Obviously, you’ve seen my blog. :-P) If you ask me, this photo is just lovely and George looks stunning!

  5. I think it’s a great photo — and I want to scooch George over so I can lie there in the sun too!

  6. George, you look stunning there! I wish I could share that patch of sunshine with you. Now I need to go take a nap!


  7. George is such a handsome dog! Oscar loves to bathe in sunlight, too. He’ll find a cool patch of grass and just lay on his side until he’s had his fill. Spring and early summer is the perfect time to soak up the sun—it’ll be too hot for him when August rolls around.

  8. Kas

    I love this picture! George looks so regal and majestic, like he belongs in a palace. He is the king of the house, I am sure. 😉

    • Thanks, Kas. He thinks he is the king of the house, I’d personally like to think he’s not the one running the show around here… I’m sure that sometimes he thinks he’s related to the Queen…or at least her Corgi 😛

  9. That is a beautiful photograph! That is magazine cover worthy.

  10. Woof George, we know what is it is like having to search for a warm spot, the dry season has arrived and the night time temps. have dropped, nay, plummeted to 18 degrees, and Connor and I have to be prised out of bed in the mornings. The days are still up around 30 degrees at present but the air is dry, so it feels cooler.
    Whereas we usually select different chairs to curl up on whilst awaiting our share of Annie’s breakfast we now share the 2 seater and cuddle up together!
    …and the breakfast changes at this time of the year too – it is now sort of thicker and ‘splodgy’ Annie says it is porridge, we like it!

    Clancy and Connor

    • Whippets will always be whippets, then. We knew you’d understand, boys! We hardly ever get 30 degrees here, we’re happy with 18! Although it does normally feel warmer than that because of the humid air…Well, at least you’ve got each other to keep warm. Porridge sounds nice, but George doesn’t like it! Silly baby!

  11. He’s so handsome!! My whippets agree: there’s nothing like basking in the sun!

    • Thanks, Kristin. I thought your whippets might suffer from the same ‘disease’. I love that photo of Xander with his legs up, I just didn’t get the chance to leave a comment. Will, though, I promise 😉

  12. This is a very lovely photo Didi. It really doesn’t matter about ability or even camera sometimes. What really matters is the end result. And this one is stunning.

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