Naturediet Complete Dog Food

Our search for good quality complete dog food that we can feed George (without feeling guilty about it) when we’re camping away continues. This time, we tested the Naturediet range of products, which promise to provide all dogs with “the finest food – naturally!”. The key company statement – displayed on every pack and all over their website – is “We care what goes into our food, because you care what goes into your pet”. Since I completely agree with the second half of this statement, I was very keen to check out if the first half is supported by the product itself, or is just another empty promise.

We found 4 different Naturediet products – all bearing the Certified Holistic Product stamp – available on our shelves: Lamb with Vegetables & Rice, Rabbit & Turkey with Vegetables & Rice, Chicken with Vegetables & Rice and Fish with  Potato & Rice. A puppy/junior, a senior/lite and a sensitive version are also available, but these are of no interest to us. Because George’s previous experience with minced chicken hasn’t been that great and because he gets plenty of fish every week, we only purchased the first two products, the lamb and rabbit & turkey-based ones. Then we asked George to test them and tell us what he thinks.

Well, there were no problems with the fussy whippet. He showed a significant amount of interest and emptied his bowl within minutes. He even licked his lips and asked for more, which is always a good sign. In case you can’t read the small print in the photo above, here is what the label says about the ingredients used in this food:

“Turkey min 40%, Rabbit min 20%, Brown rice min 5%, Vegetables min 5%, Natural Ground Bone, Kelp, Herbs (Rosemary & Rubbed Sage), Omega 3 & 6 (provided by Flax, Fish Oil & Meat) min 0.25% & 0.75%, Vitamins and Minerals, Vit A 1250 iu/kg, Vit D3 150 iu/kg, Vit E 20 mg/kg.”

The lamb-based food incorporates exactly the same ingredients, with lamb meat representing at least 60% of the total composition. The meat content is lower than the one found in the tripe and rice food we reviewed last month, but the addition of ground bone is more than welcome and, in my view, compensates for the 5-10% less meat this food contains.

It might also be worth adding that this is a product manufactured in the UK by a British company, which matches our preference for local produce. However, I was unable to identify – on the product label or the company website – whether the meat, especially the lamb, comes from animals raised in the UK, which to me would make a world of difference.

Overall, a good product that we will most likely buy again, when planning our trips away from home.



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14 responses to “Naturediet Complete Dog Food

  1. It’s so good of George to be a “team player” and try out these foods for you! Such a selfless pooch!

    • That’s my George, always happy to get in there and help. I did offer to try the food myself, but he said, “no, mum, I’ll do it!”.

      • Hilarious! He’s a real “stiff upper lip” kind of pooch, just like you’d expect from a British dog.

      • “stiff upper lip”! 😀 You always come up with the funniest of descriptions, Ed. This one’s just as funny and accurate as the previous ones. It’s like you’ve known George for ages…

  2. That sounds pretty good, content wise! We are still looking for the right food for us here.

    • I don’t know if this company delivers to the US, probably not, but I’m sure you have equivalent food products over there. I’d be interested to hear what you can find on your market. Maybe you can get Bunny to write a post on this topic.

  3. Kas

    Our dogs say, “We will happily sample some as well and let you know our opinion…” Food hounds 🙂

  4. You are so excellent with your food research and reviews! I have to admit that after we dealt with Gus’s food intolerance issues for so long, I was just so relieved to find something that didn’t cause vomit (from either direction).

    We are contemplating changing Gus’s food for our travels. We’ve slowly introduced it to him over the past couple of weeks. Fingers are crossed it works!

    • We’re keeping all of our fingers crossed for you and Gus! By the sound of it, it’s working. First couple of weeks without any problems is always a good sign. Let us know how it goes.

  5. I really appreciate the fact that you are conscientious about buying from local sources. I would agree that quality and health-benefits take precedent, but for both human and canine, using local sources is so important.

    • We do try to buy local produce whenever we can, because it’s more environmental, encourages local producers, it’s fresher and you have a better chance of knowing what’s in it. It’s not always possible, but we’re getting better at it.

  6. Since our dogs are very picky eaters, it is also hard to find good quality natural food since that is what they like best. I really wish they could try some of this Naturediet here in the U.S.

    • I don’t know if they deliver to the US or if you can find their products over there. However, I’ve read some good dog food reviews on US blogs, so I’m sure you’ve got similar products available on your shelves.

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