Vital Garden Help…Wanted?

It’s Monday and time for a post about a subject dear to my heart, which has kept me away from the blog over the weekend. Gardening! This won’t come as a surprise to some of you who know that, as a family, we’re quite passionate about plants, soil, fertilisers and garden muck in general.

This weekend we tackled the back garden. Again. We took pretty much everything to pieces and are hoping to make it look and function better once we’ve finished with it. The initial aim was to double up the back fence in order to: 1) make it look neater; and 2) stop our nosey neighbour peeping through the warped planks in his fence.

Of course, us being us, we ended up lifting all the borders plus half of the patio up in a sudden urge to create more growing space and make more room for grass. Edging the existing grass was key in achieving our goal, and this is where George stepped in to provide precious help.

George loves gardening, you see, and can’t wait to bring his contribution to our family gardening sessions. He especially loves it when it involves ripping grass and digging holes. As you would expect, he isn’t normally allowed to make use of his ripping and digging skills, so he gets very excited whenever this interdiction is lifted.

This weekend we lifted the interdiction. The garden was in such a mess that we actually asked George to: 1) dig in the borders to make them wider; and 2) shred the trimmed sections of grass into smaller pieces so that they fit into the wheelbarrow easier. He was, of course, happy to oblige.

I have never seen anyone perform their tasks with more enthusiasm than George did his.

He helped his dad edge the grass…

…arranged it in the wheelbarrow …

… nicked it off again …

… and ripped it to bits:

Unsurprisingly, by the end of it, George got sent into the house (on the grounds of being over-enthusiastic) and Brianna had to go around picking up the small chunks of grass from wherever George had thrown them in his frenzy. Just an ordinary gardening session, really!



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26 responses to “Vital Garden Help…Wanted?

  1. Oh, I can’t help but feel for Brianna! She is like the responsible elder sister cleaning up the mess created by the overly playful younger brother. LOL, at least George contributed his share of the work even if he ended up distributing grass all over the garden. By the way, it’s wonderful to see that your garden sessions are an all-inclusive family affair!

    • Brianna does, indeed, take her role as a ‘big sis’ very seriously. She not only cleans up after George, but also tells him off when he’s naughty. It’s quite funny to see how they interact sometimes 🙂
      We do try to turn all our garden sessions family into events, although it is not always possible. Sometimes the ‘kids’ are not available (Brianna is at school and George is sleeping), or are not allowed to help (when we’re doing something more dangerous, like chopping trees).

  2. He looks so happy to be helping in all of the photos. Kudos to Brianna for being a good sport and tidying up after George ripped through the grass. 😀

    One of Gus’s favorite “naughty” things to do is to rip wrapping paper into shreds. We only indulge him a few times a year – and then spend 30 minutes picking up the pieces!

  3. George is such a character! I think you should start a webcam trained on George and his antics 24 hours a day.

  4. lifewith4cats

    I found myself wishing you had made a video. Maybe you can put Briana in charge of movie making. Thats one of the cool things about dogs, is heping to dig. You are to much like me in that… start a simple project and instead remodel. I bet you were tierd the next day. Is it still a work in progress?

    • Now that both you and Ed have mentioned videos, maybe I should consider the idea seriously. Believe it or not, in spite of the fact that I’m obsessed with my camera, we don’t actually own a video camera. We’ve been talking about buying one, so maybe we’ll actually get our act together and make the purchase. Then I can really get on George’s nerves. Or delegate it to Brianna, as you suggested.
      You know, I’m not surprised that you’re the same in this respect, somehow I though you would. Imagine how much damage we could cause if we got together! 😀
      We were tired, but then we’re used to it (plus I love having aches and pains in my muscles, it’s a ‘pleasant’ reminder that I’ve done some exercise) so just ploughed ahead. We haven’t finished it, but we’re nearly there. Planning to have it all ready for my plants on Thursday. Fingers crossed!

  5. You know what . . . I think Zoe and George would get along wonderfully. We’ve had Roxie and Xander for years, and neither of them dug in the yard. Along comes Zoe, and we have holes everywhere. She was also kind enough to teach Roxie and Xander about the joys of digging! Ughhh!! George looks like he had a good time gardening. 🙂

    • You know what…I completely agree. I said it before that Zoe and George would make a lovely couple. I have a feeling that they have more than just digging in common. Well, you’re too far away, so there you go, that’s life for you. Well done Zoe for turning Roxie and Xander into helpful gardeners 🙂

  6. George, you are an awesome gardener! I think I’d be good at it, too, if I were allowed to help!


    • Ask you mum, Bunny, maybe she’ll let you help. If not, she could ship you over here and you could help me help my humans. We’ve got comfy beds, too.

  7. Kas

    George, you’ve clearly got a green thumb. This post put a huge smile on my face 🙂 And “George got sent into the house (on the grounds of being over-enthusiastic)” — that pretty much describes Diesel and Kylie 6/7 days of the week 😉

    • Why aren’t I surprised that the same thing happens to Diesel and Kylie? 🙂 Our dogs have got too much energy, I reckon…More agility/free running, then!

      • Kas

        Apparently they do … Too bad we can’t stick the three of them in a huge field and let them run around until they die, I mean pass out 🙂

      • That sounds like a mighty fine plan, exhausted dogs are very pleasant to be around. 😀 😀 😀

  8. George looks like it was taking his job quite seriously. What a good trait for a worker! I loved the way you kept the pictures towards the end — I was dying to see the action! You and George had me in complete suspense.

  9. George is a little character, that’s for sure — but I love how you give him such a personality in the way you look at his actions. “Arranging the grass” in the wheelbarrow — truly a unique way to look at that! Love it. Somebody else would have just ignored what their dog was doing, or told him to go mind his business, but you really can feel the love you have for him in your writing.

    • Thank you so much for saying that, Melissa, your comment has made me a very happy bunny. I do love George very much (we all do) and am very pleased that some of my feelings are apparent in my posts. I think the way I look at his actions is due to the fact that we regard him as a family member rather than just a silly animal, so we kind of ‘humanise’ him and try to find the meaning in everything that he does. It’s funny, but before we had George I was one of those people who thought (some) pet owners go over the top with the fuss they make over their animals. And now here I am, doing the same. Or worse?!?

      • I’m the same way! Before I had my daughter, I saw a mother with her little girl walking along, and the girl was pushing a toy stroller with a doll in it, and the doll had a smaller doll in its lap! A doll for a doll.

        Are you kidding, I thought?

        And now of course my own little girl has a toy stroller, with a doll, who has a doll. 🙂

      • That would be three dolls, if we count you little girl. Four, even, if we include you as well. Niiice! 😉

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  11. I really like Georges landscaping skills. People would pay good money for his fine talent over here.

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