Time for Some Fun

What a wonderful May Bank Holiday we’ve had! The weather has been warm and sunny (a bit on the blowy side, too, but then this is England for you), Will and Kate looked beautiful and happy on their wedding day, we’ve done a lot of swimming and spent most of our time out in the fresh air (to the detriment of the blog) and, apparently, it was World Laughter Day yesterday.

Therefore, since I’m in a bright mood today (and still on holiday), I thought it wouldn’t hurt to start the week with a bit of fun. At first I tried to find a funny joke buried somewhere in a corner of my brain, but to no avail. Although I appreciate good humour and am a big fan of stand-up comedy, I’m useless at remembering or telling jokes. One can’t be good at everything, I guess.

For this reason, I’ll have to rely on my funny little whippet to save this post. He can’t tell jokes, of course, but has provided us with hours of entertainment and laughter over the past two and a half years, so he’s got a better chance than me to make you smile.

I thought the best way to do this was to share a couple of goofy photos of George, which are the result of our countless photo shoots gone wrong. He might not be happy about me ruining his spotless image, but I just can’t keep these little gems hidden anymore. Sorry, George! I hope you’ll enjoy his wrinkled nose, crooked smile and wonky ears as much as his usual ‘perfect’ poses.

George as a goofy puppy…


…and George being…well…George (on Brianna’s pink heart-shaped rug):




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25 responses to “Time for Some Fun

  1. I am not good at remembering jokes either! Wish I was. Thanks for sharing the pics, that last one is great.. even I would probably have to try out that rug. 😉

    • You know, it’s funny, but everybody in our house – plus the odd visitor – wants to sit on that rug. George and Briann will often drag it into the sun and lie on it reading a book/snoozing. Glad you enjoyed the photos.

  2. I absolutely love the puppy shot. The angle makes his nose look so big, but also the proportion of his face (big) to his body (small). He does look goofy — but really adorable. Glad you are enjoying a nice holiday and having so much fun!

    • Thanks, Robin, you’re right, it’s all in the angle. George is sometimes nicknamed “long nose”, and that photo is testimony of why that happens 🙂

  3. I try my best to recount good jokes, but I’m usually the only one laughing… I love George’s puppy face and want to give his nose a big squeeze. You can see how George has grown up to be quite the ladies’ man in the last photo where he is sprawled out on a pink heart-shaped rug, no less 😀

  4. Kas

    How cute!!! Just what I needed to start the week 🙂 And World Laughter Day? How in the world did I miss that?

    • Kas

      And btw – George looks so lean and muscular, like a racing machine!

    • Glad you liked them, Kas. I don’t think anyone’s making a fuss about World Laughter Day, I missed it myself by one day. Thought it was worth mentioning, though, in all this doom and gloom around us, a bit of fun is necessary. And yes, George is a racing machine…when he feels like it 🙂

  5. Love these pictures! George can do comedy as well as romantic lead roles I see!

  6. I’m so with you – cute dogger photos can save any post!

    Glad you’re enjoying your time off. Days off are the absolute best. 😀

    • Thanks, I knew you’d understand. After all, Gus can get away with anything with his cute face! 🙂 We do love our days off, I have to admit, especially now that the weather’s nicer and there’s more to do.

  7. He looks like one of those greeting cards where the animals face is blown up large size. Except hes not blown up. Goofy puppy.

    • Ha, ha, you got me thinking of animal balloons now, you know, those ones filled with helium that stick to the ceiling 🙂 Glad that you liked George’s goofy face.

  8. So cute! George really seems to love Brianna’s stuff. 🙂 What is May Bank Holiday? I’ve never heard of it.

    • Thanks, Melissa. Yes, he loves Brianna’s stuff, he’s fascinated with everything that she owns and wants his share of it. Typical kid. Here in the UK, Bank Holidays are basically national holiday weekends extended to include the Monday. They’re ‘set in stone’ and everybody tries to spend the three days going somewhere or doing something special to relax and enjoy themselves. The May Bank Holiday is the ‘1st of May’ bank holiday, which ended last night. Everybody’s back at work/school today.

  9. Dear George
    We were all so happy to know that you had a day off on the 1st Monday in May as well! Our special person is trying to recall if that is Hickstead Monday – when she lived back in England she rode showjumpers and knew all the holidays by which show jumping event was held over that week-end!
    Luckily she has seen the light now and sticks to Whippets!
    We have told Annie we MUST have a big heart shape fluffy rug just like yours.
    Annie said just for that she may be forced to find all our embarressing pics too….
    Clancy and Connor

    • Dear Clancy and Connor,
      I have never heard of Hickstead Monday, I’ll ask mum to google it for me to find out what it is. Show jumping sounds exciting, although not anywhere as cool as whippets, of course. Annie is clever to make you two the centre of her world 🙂
      I think every whippet should have a fluffy rug, even if it’s not pink. It’s worth a bit of embarrasment to get your hands (ok, paws) on one of these, trust me!
      Thanks for stopping by, lads!
      Yours sincerely,

  10. These pics of George make me laugh so much Didi. The “What?” look in the second photo is priceless.

    • Thanks, Lionel. He does put on the surprised look quite often, usually when he thinks he might be in trouble for something he’s done. Clever dog, he knows he’ll get away lightly by making us smile 🙂

  11. I’m not sure it’s possible for George to take a bad photo. That puppy shot is adorable!!! Smiles!

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