Good Luck, Kate and Will

Ok, so this is a dog blog, I know that. But I couldn’t let such an important and exciting event like our Royal Wedding pass without writing a little something about it. After all, it is the biggest thing that’s happened in this country for a long time and the two young people involved are so loved by everyone here in the UK that their wedding has become our national celebration, too.

It can’t be easy to be hunted by the more or less critical eyes of billions of people on the most important day of your life, when you’re supposed to concentrate on being happy and enjoying yourself rather than worry about your hair not being perfect or messing up your steps as you’re going down the aisle. As I think they are really nice people, I really hope that Kate and William manage to ignore the world, shake the pressure off their shoulders and make this truly their day.

Of course, like many others, I’ll be watching the highlights of the wedding on TV. However, I promise I won’t be looking for mistakes, fashion crimes, bad hair or faulty make-up. I didn’t care about these things when I was a bride and still don’t care about them now. I’ll be looking to see a page of history being written by a young couple radiating with happiness and love.

Have a wonderful, happy day, Kate and Will, and best of luck for the future!



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5 responses to “Good Luck, Kate and Will

  1. The image of Kate and William sealing their fate with a kiss on the balcony radiates LOVE. I can’t help but feel a sense of happiness for this young couple, even though I haven’t had the chance to follow their courtship or royal wedding. I guess I’m just a hopeless romantic at heart!

  2. Enjoy the festivities and celebration! It’s nice to have something like “love” in the news instead of all the tragic stuff – at least for a day!

  3. Kas

    That wedding was something to see and they make quite the beautiful couple!

  4. Didi — I think this is so sweet! What a nice tribute you wrote about “our” royal wedding. Though it’s true — it is the wedding of a country, not just a couple. From what little I saw, it was beautiful.

  5. George and family, it’s quite ok to be commenting on the Royal Wedding here, after all the Royal family are great dog people too!
    Our special person (Annie) did not get to see much of the tv coverage as it was happening at that rather special time of day, the bit right after she gets home from work and spends quality time with US!
    Annie did however make some comments about how good the dress looked, how good and natural Catherine looked and how very good the wedding music was…!
    Clancy and Connor

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