Easter Bunny

Not much of an introduction is needed for this post, which is a combination of a photo diary entry and a short dog toy review. Easter may be gone, but George has got something to remind him of the holidays, if not forever, then at least for the next couple of months.

So let me introduce today’s ‘subject’: this is Rainbow, George’s new bunny toy that he received as a present this Easter.


Rainbow is a beautiful, colourful bunny with a little noise-making mechanism inside. To George’s delight, it squeaks whenever he bites its bottom. George can be very funny with toys and new additions to his collection often spend weeks or months in his toy box before he actually starts to play with them. Not the Easter bunny. He took to it instantly and has not looked at any of his other toys for the past 3 days. He even takes it to bed with him which, coming from him, is a sign of true love.


What I really like about Rainbow is that it’s made of latex as opposed to normal rubber. Latex is supposed to be more durable and completely digestible should the dog decide to shred it to pieces and then eat it. It is definitely softer and more flexible than other rubber toys George has had over the past two years, and has successfully resisted the rough and tumble treatment it’s received so far. So, overall, we’re all really thrilled with our little bunny.

If you ever have to choose between a rubber and a latex toy, don’t hesitate, go for the latter. It may be a bit more expensive, but it’ll be a better quality, safer product for your fur baby. And it might last you longer which, eventually, will save you money.



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19 responses to “Easter Bunny

  1. I love the way George is snuggling with Rainbow — so adorable! Glad to know about the difference between latex and rubber, I did not realize that latex was digestible. Thanks, Didi.

    • I didn’t know that latex was digestible either until we got this bunny. We just loved the colours and Brianna thought it would make a great Easter present, so we bought it. Then I read the label which said it was digestible and had a little browse on the Internet, and it looks like they’re right. Good to know, although I’m not going to let George eat any of it.

  2. Kas

    Oh my goodness that picture just made my day! The way he is holding his new toy is just too precious. We can only buy rubber and latex toys … our dogs eat anything that resembles soft/fluffy/fleecy if we take our eyes off of them for even a second!

    • Same here, George has a passion for destuffing, too. It’s was much worse when he was a puppy, but I don’t think he’ll ever grow out of it completely. I’m glad our picture made you smile 🙂

  3. Kristine

    Laytex, eh? Interesting. I wonder how well they hold up to destructive teeth.
    The photos of George and his new bunny are so precious. Nothing like some serious dog toy love. 🙂

    • So far bunny has survived all the attacks and love he’s been subjected to and is still in one piece. This is much better than the previous rubber toy. Hopefully, I won’t have to report the sad news of its death anytime soon.

  4. Ha! What cute photos. And I love that George was inclued in your Easter celebrations. He sure looks happy with his new treasure.

    • Thanks, Melissa. George is delighted with his present. He’s a complete child with things like that. When we come back from the shops, he sniffs the bags and loves it when we pull something (anything) out for him. So, yes, this Easter present made him really happy.

  5. That is adorable! And George always makes a perfect model! A complete professional no matter what situations he finds himself in.

  6. Sam

    Monty had a rubber chicken when we first got him – we ended up weaning him away from it because he always conferred with it when we asked him to do something. I don’t know if it was rubber or latex, though. I will have to remember that in the future.


    • George had one of those chickens, too, and loved it to bits. He was devastated when it died (ok, George killed it, but he doesn’t really know that) and we tried to replace it, but couldn’t find any more at that time. George is happy to have a replacement for the chicken.

  7. Isn’t it great to watch them with a favorite toy? Zoe is the only one of ours that actually plays with toys instead of just destroying them for the fun of it (Xander!) Please tell George that Zoe thinks he’s super-cute too!

    • Zoe sounds like the perfect lady and Xander like the typical whippet boy 🙂 George likes destroying his toys, too, for him it’s part of the game. Wonder how long Rainbow will resist the tough love he’s given…

  8. Oh my, Rainbow is the most comical toy bunny I have ever seen. It’s no wonder George is smitten with Rainbow. What a striking pair they make!

    P.s. Thanks for highlighting the difference between rubber and latex toys. I would never have thought to consider the durability and digestability of both. Very good to know!

  9. Luna has always loved the couple latex toys she has come in contact with… often a little too much. Good to know they are edible, maybe I will splurge and buy her a size appropriate one and see what she does. She is big into carrying toys with her as she goes to take a nap. That’s how they get scattered all over the room, it is beyond cute though.

  10. Awwww, Rainbow is a very cute bunny. I can see why George is so smitten. 😀

    Gus is the opposite with new toys. He usually loves them to pieces for the first day and then totally forgets about them and returns to his old favorites. It’ll be interesting to see if George continues to love Rainbow!

  11. I totally dig George’s new toy Didi. I did not know about the latex thing. Thanks for the tip.

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