Father and Son

Following a previous post in which we all agreed that George looked very much like his mum, Minha, I thought it was time to prove that, in fact, he’s a real man like his dad, Rufus.

The stunning facial resemblance between George and his mum is carried on by the amazing bodily resemblance between George and his dad. People who are familiar with whippets and sighthounds in general will know that the shape of their body can vary a lot. Some can be very thin-waisted, whilst others can be quite stocky (by ‘skinny dogs’ standards!). Also, some whippets can have a curvier back than others. There is a lot of variation in body shape within a litter of puppies, which is more apparent than in other breeds, probably because of the very short fur which allows for a very clear view of their outline.

When we went to George’s first birthday party, I was surprised at how different the puppies turned out to be in terms of shape and general look. They had all inherited features from their parents, but to different extents and in different combinations. It turned out that, if you took Minha’s head and attached it to Rufus’ body, you get George. As simple as that.

For a final verdict, I thought I’d better ask, again, for your opinion. Here are the photos:



…and son…


Do you think that George looks like his dad or not? I think he does, and I’m really pleased with it. You see, Rufus is a show and racing champion with a lot of titles to his name. George seems to have inherited his speed and love for running. He was the first of the puppies to cross the finish line (after mum and dad) in the race we organised at the end of the meeting. We’re not planning on racing him, I’m just boasting!

What do you think?


Note to our blogging friends: We’re going away for a week – school holiday! As I’m not sure what we’ll find at the other end and whether we’ll have Internet access or not, I may not be able to show my face on my or your blog(s). It doesn’t mean I’ve deserted you. My posts are scheduled to go out as normal, and I’ll catch up with your blogs and comments when we get back 😉



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14 responses to “Father and Son

  1. Yup, the resemblance is most definitely there. I can see that George has taken on the same form as his dad. The only minor difference that caught my eye is George’s muscular physique (especially along his hind legs). Maybe it’s the lighting? In any case George and Rufus are both stunning!

    Have a wonderful family holiday. In the meantime, Miss Maple and I will continue to keep tabs on your scheduled posts 😀

    • Thanks, girls, for the nice comment and keeping an eye on the blog for us. Will catch up with yours next week. At the moment I only get a few minutes online each day…too much to do 🙂

  2. Sara

    The body resemblence is definitly there. But im glad George got his moms face. The white stripe adds so much character. Of course Im speaking only from a strangers point of view. If I was there petting George and seeing his tail wag well then I probably would be too buzy getting to know ‘the guy behind the fur’ to notice if he had a stripe or not.

    • I’m glad he’s got the white stripe, too. I love all whippets, obviously (and most other dogs), but we really liked the ‘blade’ when we went to pick him up. It wasn’t the reason why we chose him (we let him choose us), but it was an added bonus. But, as you say, now that we’ve discovered ‘the guy behind the fur’, he could be purple with red stripes and we couldn’t care less. Still love his face, though.

  3. I do think that George looks like dad, but I’m not very familiar with whippets and may be way off base. 🙂

    Enjoy your holiday! I hope you get a chance to stay disconnected…we all need a technology break every once in awhile!

  4. I definitely see the resemblance; George looks a bit “fuller” as I can see the ribs in his Dad! They are both gorgeous, I really like the look of the breed. Enjoy your vacation with your family, Didi!

  5. Kas

    Their body resemblance is strikingly close! They are both beautiful dogs – I’ve always admired whippets and their immense speed and finesse.

  6. Hello and I am glad I found your blog. I have a small Tibetan Spaniel and know little about whippets or ‘sighthounds’ (never even heard of these) but I love the photos of your dogs. They are a handsome pair and I do think that the boy has inherited his father’s good looks.

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Judith. They are not both my dogs, I only own George (the son) and met Rufus, his dad, at George’s birthday party. But I agree, they are both handsome boys.

  7. There’s definitely a resemblance — but George looks so much softer and younger! (Which he should, because he is younger…) 🙂 So cute.

    • Thanks, Melissa. You’ve got a good eye to spot George’s soft fur. Indeed, his fur is incredibly soft, even for a whippet. Perfect for cuddling, like a big teddy-bear. 🙂

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