2920 Days of Christmas

With my daughter’s birthday coming up on Friday, I felt that writing a short off-topic post about the event would be a nice surprise for her. After all, she is my little blog advisor and one of my two favourite models – I’ll let you guess who’s the other one!


As Brianna’s special day approaches, I’ve been thinking a lot about our role as parents and how parenthood has changed who we are.  Although I am the sole bearer of words on this space, it is only fair to write this post in the plural since, just as it takes two to tango, it also takes two to create and raise a human being as part of a loving family.

With this in mind, whilst out and about with George this morning, I remembered something profoundly beautiful that a friend said to me in one of her letters. She said that since the birth of her daughter “it feels like it’s Christmas every day”. I cannot think of better words or a more succinct way to describe how we feel and all the wonderful things she’s brought to our life.

The sense of wonder as we rediscover the world through her eyes. The fun of splashing through puddles on a rainy day. The thrill of joining in her favourite games. The worries of each new beginning and the pride of seeing her develop into a free-thinking person. The privilege of sharing in her dreams, the overwhelming love that makes her the centre of our universe, and the excitement of the years to come.

It’ll be 2920 days of Christmas for us soon. 2920 happy, wonderful days that we will cherish forever.



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12 responses to “2920 Days of Christmas

  1. How beautiful for your family to have so much gratitude for each other. Happy Birthday to Brianna and congratulations to she and George for picking such fine parents!

    • Thank you for the wishes, Robin, they’ll make Brianna very happy. As for us being fine parents, I don’t know if we always are, but we’re definitely trying our best 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday to Brianna! What a beautiful post in honor of her 🙂

  3. What a beautiful sentiment! I hope your daughter has many wonderful and magical years ahead of her.

    One of the things I love about teaching PreK is that the experiences are always new and exciting for the kids in my class. While I may have seen some of these things ad nauseum, it has taught me to look at the world with a sense of wonder, and I love it!

    P.S. I remember you mentioning wanting to see other whippet blogs. A friend of mine has a Greyhound and a pair of whippets and her blog is Dogs Rock! http://www.xdogsrockx.com/

    • Thanks for the wishes, Carrie. I agree that PreK kids can be challenging, but their innocence and fresh approach to the world make it all worth the hassle. I love the inquisitive look on your kids’ faces in the photos you post, I always look forward to those 🙂
      Thanks for the link to your friend’s blog, it’s very nice of you to think of us and remember that we’re looking for other whippety friends. I’ll go and check it out next 🙂

  4. Beautifully worded! Please wish Happy Birthday to Brianna from me! I hope George went out and bought her a nice present.

    • Thanks for the wishes, Ed. I did pass them on to Brianna on the day, I just didn’t have the time to reply to your comment. George did given Brianna a present: a few doggy books and a nice woof message. He also received a new bone from her in return, little spoilt monkey 🙂

  5. Didi! So beautiful. I’ve said that expression, too, about every day being like Christmas, but I never actually did the math! I love it! Now I want to figure out how many days of Christmas I’ve had with my own kids.

    You are so right — it takes both parents being on the same page to raise a child. When that just can’t be, it’s so hard for all involved, but especially that little life. A friend of mine lost her father when she was 10. And I saw what her mother did to raise her and her sister. It made me believe that being a single parent is the most difficult job in the world. Because being a parent already holds that title. And when it’s just you? Wow.

    Thanks for the wonderful numerical image to think of for these special days. You are such a loving mother, and I know your little girl is going to have a wonderful birthday tomorrow! Happy Early Birthday, Brianna, from your friends “across the pond.” 🙂

    • Late thanks for your nice wishes. Brianna did have a great birthday weekend, so all of our efforts paid off.
      I can’t imagine how hard it must be to raise one, two or whatever number of kids by yourself. Especially when you’re trying to do it properly. There are a lot of children from single-parent families at Brianna’s school, and you can see that they’re troubled by the lack of two parents. From that perspective, I know that Brianna and I are lucky to have a wonderful dad/husband who’s fully involved in her education and all of our family activities.

  6. Thank you all for the nice wishes, and sorry I’ve been a stranger for the past couple of days. A busy work schedule and Brianna’s birthday didn’t leave me much time for anything else. One more party to go through tomorrow, and then I should be back to normal. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do with regard to blog reading 🙂

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