Mother and Son

Yesterday, I was tidying up the photos on my computer when I came across a couple of pictures of Minha that I took at George’s first birthday party two summers ago.

Who is Minha? George’s beautiful mum, of course. Her owner (and George’s breeder) always thought that, out of all the puppies in the litter, George looked the most like his mum. I think she was right, and the resemblance seems to become more apparent as time goes by and my little boy matures.

Here they are:


…and son…

What do you think?



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16 responses to “Mother and Son

  1. You can definitely see the resemblance. George is every bit as beautiful as his mum!

    I’m so envious of the beautiful green grass in these photos (and your header). The grass is sooo hard to keep green in South Texas!

    • Thank you for the compliment 🙂
      That’s the English grass for you, probably the best in the world. The photo I used for the header was taken in our back garden, and our grass is not great! But don’t envy us too much, it all comes at a price: rain, cold, humid weather…and more rain!

  2. I love those pics! It’s heartwarming to see George and his mum. You can see the resemblance at a glance!

    • Thanks, Ed. I’m glad you liked the photos. In real life, Minha has the same sweet nature as George has, it’s not just the looks. I’m glad you picked up on that 🙂

  3. I think it’s so sweet that you had a first birthday party for George! What a lucky pup. I know your daughter’s too old for it now, but my kids love the book “Summer” by Alice Low and illustrated by P.D. Eastman. It’s about a brother and sister, and the fun things they do in the summer. What lends heart to the book is their “pup.” He frolics along with them, jumping in the water, riding on a wagon… really bringing out the fun. Reminded me of your family!

    • Just to see how lucky he is (he doesn’t always think that, of course), let me tell you that we didn’t organise the party, his breeder did. What we did was travel 3 hours down to the other end of the country to get to that party and meet up with his mum, dad, brothers and sisters, and then drive back home for another 3 hours after the party. A bit of a long day, really, but it was worth it, it was nice to see how they had all grown and matured.
      I’ll look for that book, it doesn’t matter if Brianna’s too old for it. She loves all books, and we could buy it as a present for one of her little cousins (who also love George) and read it with them. Thanks for the recommendation, Melissa.

  4. There’s no doubting they’re related! Both of them are stunners!

    You asked about the backpacks Bunny and Morgan wear. Bunny is a petite Greyhound and she wears a size small. The place we got them from is called Wolf Packs. I’d e-mail them and ask before ordering. They’ll tell you what size you need, or if they don’t make one small enough.

    • Thank you for your comment, Carrie, and for the information about the backpacks. I’ll go check out their website and see if they’ve got anything suitable for us. I’ve seen something similar in a hiking shop last summer, but even the small size was too big for George. At the end of the day, I wouldn’t want him to carry too much weight anyway, but we always have problems with his water bottle spilling over in our rucksack, so he could carry that. Plus, they look really cool, don’t they? I’ll let you know if we find anything suitable. Thanks again!

  5. definite resemblance there. interesting name…minha. is it portuguese?

    • I don’t know about the name, I never thought to ask. The breeder is English, she must have just liked it. Minha is the pet name, her pedigree name is “Rather Dangerous”- which is a funny one, because she’s got the sweetest nature you could ask for in a dog.

  6. Oh, wow, the resemblance is uncanny! I now see where George gets his good looks. What was the reunion like between mother and son during George’s 1st birthday party?

    • Thanks for the comment! The reunion was brilliant, especially that it wasn’t just George and Minha there, but everybody else, too: his dad, his brothers and his sisters. It was my idea of heaven: whippets everywhere, bouncing around being…whippets! We had a great time, and the excitement got both my kids (human and canine) really tired!

  7. Thanks for your votes, guys! It looks like you all agree with us that George is the spitting image of his mum. Maybe that’s why most people we meet think he’s a girl 🙂

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