February Seaside Memories

Now that spring has decided to make its presence felt and we’re finally getting the sunlight and warmth that we’ve longed for, I’d like to take a last look back at the winter past.

Every year, we aim to end the winter and start the new season with a trip to the seaside. We live inland, in the middle of the country, but love the sea. As a seaside born and bred girl, I need to see, smell and feel the sea (any sea!) once in a while.

Therefore, on the second-to-last day of February, we decided to go west to a beach that we’d never been to before. We knew that it was a long stretch of soft sand that welcomes dogs all year round, and that was enough for us. We packed the beach toys in the car and set off on our new discovery trip to Brean Sands, in Somerset.

The day started wet, damp and very windy – a typical English winter day…


…but the sea was beautiful nonetheless…


We walked up and down the beach breathing in the salty air and admiring the scenery whilst George, overwhelmed by the new smells, turned into Mr. Sniffy:


Once we finished exploring the place, we settled down for a nice session of castle building…


…to which George contributed by doing what he loves best: digging…


While Brianna was adding the last touches to her construction project, the adults took turns collecting bagfuls of seaweed that the waves had generously washed ashore, under the close supervision of George…


Hours after we had first set foot on this beach, the cold and hunger finally kicked in and it was time to leave. One last glance at the beautiful sea…


…and we were gone.

We returned home with lifetime memories and a car-boot full of seaweed (if you want to find out what we did with it, click here). The feeling we carried back with us was one of excitement, since this trip marked the beginning of our 2011 adventures. There’s still the traditional seaside camping trip to look forward to in the summer, plus a number of other day trips that we’ll most likely plan at the last minute. There are good times ahead…



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22 responses to “February Seaside Memories

  1. I had to see what you did with the seaweed! I thought it might have something to do with drying them out for sushi :p That sea looks cold alright.

    • 🙂 You know, George thought that’s exactly what it was for! Even now, 2 weeks later, he’s still got a few dried strings of seaweed hidden in the garden and has a little munch on them whenever he’s out there. Doesn’t seem to be doing him any harm, but I’m still not sure if I fancy it…

  2. One of the reasons I’ve loved the UK is the people who are drawn to the sea even when they need to wear coats. I have a friend from Cornwall who takes his teapot so he can have a warm cuppa when the wind gets cold.

    It looks like you had a lovely day. And George is right. There are lots of amazing smells there, even if you’re just a human.

    • I guess the fascination for the sea is due to the fact that we live on an island.
      Your friend is funny taking the teapot with him, but he must live near the sea. We take a flask, it’s a bit more practical when you’re travelling by car.
      You’re right about the smells, they are amazing – sea, seaweed, little crabs, etc. everything smells salty and fresh. The seaside air has this amazing property of clearing your lungs and your head at the same time.

  3. What beautiful pictures! I love your daughter’s “ta-da” pose. So cute. I remember one time when my sister and I were little, we were making a snow fort with a friend. And digging the tunnel was hard work. All of a sudden a neighborhood dog came by, and watched us dig. So we threw a stick in there for him to “fetch” and he loved it! We were thankful for the help, and he was thrilled to have a duty.

    • Thanks, Melissa. Kids are funny with photos, aren’t they?
      I love your childhood snow memory. There’s something about sand and snow that makes all kids happy and turns adults into kids. I also like the fact that there’s a dog in your story. I think there are few things more heart-warming than the instant bond between dogs and children. You and your sister must be best friends, I wish I had a sister like yours.

  4. George looks “all business” in the photo where he’s supervising!

  5. I dig George’s coat. Reminds me of a rescued greyhound we once had named Emily. She used to wear coats like this.

    • Thanks, Lionel. As you very well know from your experience with Emily, whippets and greyhounds really need a bit of help in order to stay warm during the cold season. George is not too bad with cold, and that’s the only coat he’s got. It’s actually a summer mac, but he wears it in the winter, as it’s enough for him.

  6. lifewith4cats

    Your family has such a close and happy bond. And I am a big fan of sand castles even though I am an adult.
    Thats whats neat about dogs, when it comes to digging holes, they will often volunteer to help, and its so cute when they do.

    • I am a big fan of sand castles, too, probably because the child inside me is always looking for an excuse to re-emerge. Dogs are, indeed, great help, aren’t they? Mine is particularly useful in the garden, but I won’t get into that now 🙂 I wonder if you could train you kitties to do the same…maybe burying some of those toy mice they like so much would do the trick…

  7. What a spiffy coat George has! The colour suits him well 🙂

    • Thank you, George is very pleased with your compliment. I am too, especially since I spent hours trying to choose the right colour coat. One has to make sure that their fur babies look their best, right? 🙂

  8. What a lovely day! M and I are both from the middle of the U.S. (Iowa), so we’re always in awe of any large body of water. We can’t wait to spend time traveling up and down the east and west coasts of the U.S.

    Mr. Sniffy looks like he thoroughly enjoyed himself. 😀

    • Ahhh…I totally forgot to add that I LOVE what you’re doing with the seaweed! Not only did you pretty up the beach, you’re also using it in such an eco-friendly way…kudos!

      • We were really pleased with our harvest, although the garden would have taken more (I wish we had more room in the car). Using seaweed as compost/mulch is something we’d been keen to try for a long time, so we had to take advantage of this opportunity. Besides, it’s saved us some money, since seaweed extract is very expensive to buy.

    • I have to admit that I’m pretty excited about your move myself…There are adventures and new places ahead of you and I can’t wait for the reports (and lots of photos).
      Yes, Mr. Sniffy enjoyed himself so much that he slept all the way home and was no trouble for the rest of the day. He didn’t even ask for his evening game 🙂

  9. What a beautiful beach to take George to, although it does still look very cold! How sweet of George to help Brianna with her sand castle as well. I have never heard about using seaweed as fertilizer. Interesting!

    • Thanks for your comment, Kristen. Yes, that’s a very beautiful beach, especially on a sunny day. I hope we’ll get back there one day and take some “sunny” photos to do it justice.
      George is a very helpful dog, especially when it comes to digging. Unfortunately, he also likes to help knocking sand castles off…No photos of that, I’m afraid.

  10. I live in the middle of the Midwest, landlocked. The closest biggest body of water nearby is Lake Michigan. Your pictures are inspiring and I wonder if there is a way to have our own family’s seaside adventure.

    • Thank you for your comment. I’m glad to hear that we’ve inspired you to head for the sea. I’m sure your kids and dog will really enjoy it. Don’t forget to post some nice seaside photos on your blog!

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