Two in One Bed

George owns one of those kidney-shaped plastic beds that are everywhere and you can buy for a tenner. He got downgraded to one of these indestructible items after eating his RSPCA-recommended, soft, padded bed that we bought for him when he was a puppy.

Of course, we’re not that cold-hearted to make him sleep on the bare plastic. Like any other whippet, he wouldn’t lie on anything cold or hard, so we lined his ‘nest’ with soft and cuddly blankets. Surprisingly, this new ‘mean’ bed has proved to be an instant hit, not only with our furry boy but also with the youngest members of the family. It has, in fact, become the best and most wanted seat in the house.

You will often find Brianna and one (or two) of her cousins squeezed in the dog’s bed with George, playing with their (or his) toys or just lying on top of each other ‘being dogs’. Sometimes, the real dog will surrender to the noisy invaders and take refuge on the sofa, watching over them from the distance.

Most of the time, however, when it is quiet and there’s no one else around, this is what you’ll see: George and his human sister cuddled up together, enjoying a good story.




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24 responses to “Two in One Bed

  1. Lovely picture 🙂 it’s so sweet

  2. lifewith4cats

    I have one problem with reading your blog…. It’s gonna make me want to get a dog. Bit by bit you and George are chipping away at my defences. This picture is gonna be one of those memeories that Bri talks about fondly when she is all grown. I love it!

    • Thanks, Sara. You must be psychic, Brianna’s got that photo stuck on her wardrobe 🙂
      Sorry, if we’re messing up your life, we can’t help it. I bet your kitties would love a doggy friend, just like George would like his own cat to cuddle up with. I never even liked cats very much until I read your blog, so I guess we’re quits 😉

  3. Oh, what a sweet picture! It must be something about dog beds — I often find my husband curled up on one on Saturday mornings! I’m glad your cheap bed has turned out to be priceless!

    • Thanks, Carrie. Your beds must be a bit bigger if your husband can fit on them. My husband doesn’t stand a chance to fit in George’s although I’m sure they’d both like it!

  4. As I type this, The Other Half is sleeping with Georgia on HER doughnut bed 🙂

    • 😀 Doesn’t that make you a bit jealous? George always tries to snick in between his dad and me whenever he can. As soon as I get up to make a cup of tea, for example, he’s in my place resting his head on his dad’s shoulder. And you should see how happy they both look when he does that!
      Brianna has assured me that George’s bed is very, very comfortable. Maybe that’s the answer?

      • oh, that’s weird. georgia is so in love with The Other Half too. he’s her favourite cushion and she gets jealous when he’s with The Other Dog in the house. she steps right between them.

        it’s not so bad with me. but i do have to PLEAD to get her on me for a cuddle! what does this say about our relationship, I wonder.

        i was going to say – maybe george is like georgia, a daddy’s girl. but *ahem* george is…NOT a girl :p

      • Ha, ha, the “daddy’s girl” syndrome, I love that! Maybe you need to use some efficient bribing methods with Georgia? I know girl dogs are more independent than boy dogs, that might be the explanation. I wonder if you could try to make her jealous my making a fuss of the other dog? I wouldn’t worry, anyway, I’m sure she loves you, how can she not?
        George is not only daddy’s boy, he’s everybody’s boy (I think it’s because he’s the only dog in the house). He’s got certain things he likes to to with each of us, but I think he loves all of us the same (we all get the same amount of kissing and ear-licking :)). He thinks his dad is the man dog and likes to do “boy things” with him (including rough playing before tea) and he loves to have a boy-only moment with him once in a while. But he also has to have his evening cuddle on my lap, chewing a bone or just snoozing. As for Brianna, he loves following her around when she’s at home, playing and just being kids.
        Apparently, all whippets sneak in (or at least try to) their humans’ bed for a bit of warmth and comfort. It always has to be in the middle, and always head first. My husband and I both really love it, because George is warm, soft and non-smelly. It doesn’t last long anyway, because he gets hot quickly and goes back to his bed. But he comes back in the morning, for a last cuddle before we start the day. When my husband wakes up early to catch up with his work, George takes his place in bed and cuddles up tightly against my stomach. He probably thinks he’s looking after me.
        Another thing that all whippets seem to do (never had other dogs, so I don’t know about other breeds) is they’ll always take your place as soon as you’ve stood up. People think it’s because they’re after your warmth. I don’t know.
        You’re right, George is NOT a girl but, ironically, very often (older) people come to us and say: “Oh, is that a whippet? Isn’t SHE lovely?”…It must be his cute baby face 🙂

  5. Awwww….a good story is always best shared with a loved one. 🙂

  6. What a great picture – priceless. Lovely to see story telling with George a calming experience.

  7. Nice post and I really love that photo! It is really cute!

    • Thanks, Ed. I’m glad you liked the post and the photo – I’m really proud of my kids 🙂 Have you got a picture of Bogie on your blog (couldn’t find one)? I’m really curious to meet your spoilt doggy.

      • Yes, in fact Bogie was the very first Guest Commentator. He’s wearing a Washington football outfit in the photo.

        Looking forward to more shots of George and his “sister”.

      • I’ve found him! He’s very handsome, and looks in great form for an ‘oldie’. I wouldn’t have guessed he was 10 if I hadn’t read it in your post. It must be sports that’s keeping him fit 🙂

  8. Love this post. It reminds me of when I was a little girl. Myself and my brother could often be found in the middle of a pile of sleeping dogs (a collie and two cocker spaniels). Such fond memories!

    • Lovely memories, too. A pile of sleeping dogs sounds divine and makes for perfect childhood memories. With a collie and two lively cokers around, I bet you’ve got some funny and got-in-trouble kind of memories, too, from when the pile was awake 🙂

  9. postadaychallenge2011

    I am getting obessed reading what you write. Ok you need to write a book! Dogs are people too. I love the real life photo’s and the dog is so adorable he makes the photo!

    • I couldn’t agree more: dogs ARE people, too! Very nicely said. I’m sure George will agree, he thinks he’s human and he’s got rights, anyway.
      I’m not sure I have what it takes to write a book, I think you’re too nice to say that. But I do enjoy writing and I’ll stick to it for a while, see where it takes me. Good luck with your writing!

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