Valentine’s Day? No thanks!

I wasn’t sure whether to post something today or not. But then there are bound to be millions of Valentine’s Day posts launched into the blogosphere at this very moment, so I may as well write one myself. However, whilst many of them will be brimming with love and enough sugarness to give you diabetes, mine is not intended to praise the day, compliment the man in my life or share a cute photo.

I’m writing mine to moan about life not being fair and how I always miss out on Valentine’s Day. It’s not that my sweet husband doesn’t love me or anything like that. He does. I always wake up to a fresh coffee, a hand-made card and a nice kiss on this day.

The problem is that I have the misfortune of having been born on the 14th of February. That was bad planning on my mum’s part, but there isn’t much I can do about that now. And, to be honest, there wasn’t much fuss being made about today back then, so how could she have known?

People tell me that I’m lucky none of my friends and family will ever forget my birthday. That’s true, this morning my inbox was full of messages from my friends, the telephone hasn’t stopped ringing yet and I’ve received lots of cards and quite a few presents. I really appreciate all these, but that’s not the point.

The point is that the whole world have hijacked the day and are getting cards, presents and flowers on my birthday. My husband buys me a present and I buy him one back. My daughter is so confused that she always makes me two cards, one for each occasion. I go out just to hear other women boasting about the massive bunch of flowers and the fancy jewelery they have received from their other halves. The competition about who is the most loved is fierce on Valentine’s Day and love seems to be measured by how many roses there are in your bouquet and how expensive your present is.

I look on and think to myself that it is all stupid and very unfair. Today of all days, I feel like I should be getting more attention and definitely some sort of compensation for not being the only one celebrating. I’m sure all ‘Valentine babies’ out there would agree. I can’t imagine anything worst than being born on Valentine’s Day. Except, maybe, for being born at Christmas.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone (else)!



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11 responses to “Valentine’s Day? No thanks!

  1. That is a bummer. 😦 Make the best of it though! Your birthday is all about love!

  2. Well, hang in there! And at least you’re not a Leap Year baby born on February 29th like some folks out there. Now THAT has got to be a confusing childhood.

    • Thanks, Ed. Looks like I’ve managed to survive it 😉 It’s actually been quite good, I’ve never eaten so much chocolate in my life and it was nice to get away with messing about for one day. I guess you’re right about the leap year thing. Ironically, it was a leap year when I was born so I guess that could have happened. My dad told me yesterday that he would have liked me to wait until the 29th!! Gosh, imagine the good deal of moaning I could have done then!

      • My grandma was born on Leap Year! She’s technically like.. 18 or something. Crazy!

      • Crazy indeed! 18…hmm…you must have the youngest grandma in the world. That could be the secret to eternal youth, then 🙂
        Joke aside, I’d be interested to know how/when she celebrates her birthday in the non-leap years and whether she’s ever been bothered about this or she thinks it’s cool.

      • I’m not really sure how she celebrates. My family and I usually call her on the 28th rather than the 1st. I think she doesn’t mind it. Nothing really bothers her that much really. I think she thinks it’s just another day! haha

  3. That is rather unfortunate! My sister was born just a few days after Christmas, and growing up, I could never understand why she got this amazing haul of presents and nobody seemed to love me. She didn’t understand why all her birthday presents from my dad’s side of the family were wrapped in Christmas paper. Now, I make sure every year that I have special birthday wrapping paper for her and that we go out on her birthday for dinner. I hope that you got lots of love for your birthday! Happy Birthday to you, even though I’m a day late!

    • Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, Carrie. I find the childhood story that you’ve just shared very moving, it just shows how different a child’s perception of the world is to ours and reminds me how important little details are to our kids’ understanding of and response to our actions. A little slip up like using up the Christmas paper for your sister’s birthday a few days later obviously confused both of you until you became old enough to understand. Your nice words about your sister show that you have a very special relationship with her, and I can’t help wondering if, ironically, the childhood experience you described has had the positive effect of bringing you two even closer together. Thank you for sharing this little story, it’s really made me think. Maybe you would consider writing a post on this subject at some point, I think you could do a great job on that.

  4. Hello there. I’m so glad I clicked on your name! Thank you for dropping by my blog (I’m breaking one of scary mommy’s rules here :p)

    A few days late, but Happy Birthday AND Happy Valentine’s too! Yes, it’s a bit of a bummer. Good on your daughter for making 2 cards. I can see she’s going to have a bright future, possibly in some field like conflict resolution 🙂

    Now, off to check your latest post, just in case you don’t have comment moderation and never see this comment.

    • Hi, Georgia and thanks for returning the visit. I think your blog is great, so don’t worry about advertising it a little. Thanks for the nice wishes, too. I don’t think you’re too far from the truth with regard to my daughter, she’s a very diplomatic person, much more than I’ve ever been. She always tries to make people feel better and considers everybody’s feelings – her dad says she’s like a little Mother Theresa 🙂 I think we’ve got a lot to learn from our kids sometimes…

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