Blogging Dog Turns Sports Commentator

My little George has been a busy bee lately, utilising his talents to the maximum in a new venture: sports commenting. Always a big fan of balls of all sorts, he accepted the invitation launched last week by one of our favourite WordPress bloggers, Mr. Wozniak at balladeer’s blog , to make a guest appearance on the front page of his blog as a sports commentator.

Ed published the result of their wonderful collaboration yesterday, in a very interesting, witty and funny post. I’m sure all of our friends will enjoy reading it, so here is the link:

Thank you so much, Ed, for the opportunity and for publicising George over there in the great US of A. I can’t help wondering if this is just the beginning for my little star…Hollywood, here we come!



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3 responses to “Blogging Dog Turns Sports Commentator

  1. Glad to do it! George was a brilliant and talented star to work with. He was nice to all of us little people and never once tried to big-shot it over us. Thank you for this very nice write up! I’m looking forward to following George’s further adventures on the blog the two of you write.

  2. George is becoming quite a star!

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