How to Make Liver Cake

Today’s blog post is an easy-to-make liver cake recipe that I found years ago and I’d like to share with all dog owners. If you’re looking for a special treat for your pet and are not squeamish about handling raw meat, this is one recipe you must try. It uses natural ingredients, it’s healthy and works wonders as a recall treat. What more could you want?

So here is how to make liver cake:


  • 250 g liver
  • 125 g self-raising flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 cloves of garlic


  1. Chop the liver into small pieces.
  2. Mash the liver in a food processor
  3. Add the flour, eggs and garlic.
  4. Mix everything together.
  5. Place mixture in a greased tray or cake tin.
  6. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees C (gas mark 4) for approximately 30 minutes.
  7. When ready, remove from the oven and leave to cool.
  8. Then simply cut the cake into small squares, split into bags and place in the freezer for future use.




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21 responses to “How to Make Liver Cake

  1. I often buy liver and bake it at a low temperature so it’s dry enough to handle as treats.

    This recipe looks pretty easy and I’m sure Honey would love it. I will definitely try it.

    • If Honey likes baked liver, I’m sure she’ll like this, too. Let me know what she thinks of it.
      I’ve never thought about just baking it, thanks for the tip. I’ll try it, it’s nice to add a bit of variety to their diet once in a while.

  2. lifewith4cats

    hmm, Maybe kitties will eat this? I want to try a b.a.r.f. diet someday but its a lot to learn.

    • I’ve never had cats so I don’t know much about cat nutrition. But I don’t see why they wouldn’t like it or why it wouldn’t be good for them. Just out of curiosity, if you try it, please let me know if they like it. I’ve got a post about BARF scheduled for sometime within the next week or so (still working on it). If you’re interested, you may want to take a look when it’s published and hopefully it’ll provide you with some useful information to start with.

  3. I’ve heard of liver cake and how much the dogs love it, but this is the first recipe I’ve seen for it! Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Seems like a delicious recipe! I’ll see if Bogie likes it!
    George’s star turn at my blog is up now- here is the link –

    Thanks for playing along!

    • No, Ed, thank you for having us, George and I really appreciate the opportunity. Love the post, will follow it up with a post and a link on here tomorrow.
      As for the liver cake, I’m waiting for Bogie’s verdict 🙂

  5. lifewith4cats

    Hi, I am back to report. After converting the recipe, 180 C = 350 F. I made it as you described. I wasn’t sure about garlic though so I substituted the garlic and used 2 tablespoons of shaved Bonito flakes. (that’s Asian fish)
    My greedy food loving cat absolutely LOVES them. My other three cats are fascinated with the smell, but have not eaten any.
    This recipe is a keeper! Happy Valentines day you guys. ,Sara

    • Hi, Sara, welcome back. I’m glad the cake got a thumbs up from the greedy kitty. Shame the others aren’t sure about it, but they may change their mind and try it once they’re used to it being around. Sorry for not giving the temperature in degrees F, I didn’t even think that not everybody uses degrees C. Having said that, a bit of science practice never hurt anybody 😉 Using fish is a great alternative, especially with cats who are supposed to be mad on it. You could even substitute the entire liver quantity with fish if you wanted to, your other cats might like it then. Feel free to play with the recipe and make it your own.

      Monday was great, I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day too.

  6. I was on my way to your newest post when I saw this! It’s just the recipe I’m looking for! I also saw Pamela’s comment on how to bake simple liver. So now I have 2 things I must try.

    The addition of garlic is interesting. I’ve read in certain places that garlic is not good for dogs, and in others, that it’s fine. Obviously you’ve found it to be Very Okay and Yum for George! Good to know. Does it matter what kind of liver? I have some pig liver in the freezer I’d love to use up 🙂

    • I know you were looking for it, that’s why I even left a comment for you on Angela’s post (although you probably didn’t see it). I liked Angela’s recipe, too, I’m glad I’ve got an alternative to this one, although I’m not sure George will readily try anything new (he’s not very good with change). I’ve never heard that garlic is not good for dogs. I know onions aren’t, but from what I’ve learnt garlic is great for preserving their general health and preventing infections. I’ve always used in this recipe because he really likes it (you should see him trying to hunt our garlic sausages-veeery funny), and I even give him garlic tablets every day. Any liver would do, so pig liver is perfectly fine, I use it sometimes and George doesn’t complain about it.

      • Oh ho! Who’s Angela? I thought I asked for a recipe on Karen F’s blog. I’m confused. It’s a wonder I managed to find my way back here.

        Anyway, some exciting news – I tried Pamela’s simple recipe today. Rufus and Georgia loved it! I threw in a couple of chicken hearts I had and they turned out nice as well. The only problem that I can foresee is that they haven’t stopped farting since :p

        I shall get more liver and try your recipe next. Yes, it’s weird about the garlic. The next time I see such an article, I’ll forward it to you. It’s always puzzled me how there can be such differing views. Onions…yes a definite no-no.

        Have a great weekend 🙂

      • I’m obviously the confused one, I think I’ve mixed up all the names :S I’ll put it down to being new in the blogosphere and still learning my way around it. I’ve visited so many interesting blogs and meet so many nice people it’s hard to keep up. I try to write things down, like the name of the blog and the name of the person, but I still get things wrong.
        I’m very pleased with your news, it’s such a nice feeling when your ‘babies’ appreciate your efforts. I love chicken hearts, but I haven’t given any to George yet 😀 Somehow, they’re not easy to get hold of here, so they’re not part of our daily diet. Wind is a problem here, too, when offal is on the menu, but we’ve just got to put up with it, I guess. My little girl thinks it’s hilarious when George passes some of his ‘aromatic’ winds. He’s never had this problem with the liver cake, though, so you should be fine with that. The only warning is: I hope you like the smell of cooking liver 😛
        Please do forward any interesting article you find about nutrition (and not only). I am genuinely interested in it, so it would be much appreciated.

        Hope you have a nice weekend, too.

        P.S. I’ve just become follower no. 28!

  7. lifewith4cats

    Before I sign off I just wanted to say that I agree with didi about the garlic. When I did own dogs I would often give them a garlic pill right from my vitamin bottle. Never any harm from it. I cant understand why some sources say garlic is bad?

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  9. thanks for the tips on how to make a liver cake.

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