It’s Hard Being a Blogging Whippet

Yesterday’s launch of his blog really took its toll on George. All the excitement of posing, posting and looking cute for the fans got him very tired. In fact, he was too tired to even make it to his bed and fell asleep in his dad’s chair!


He slept solidly for hours, mainly upside down in true whippet style:


For the first time in a long while, he couldn’t even be bothered to ask for the never-ending game of pull and chase that he thinks he is entitled to every night. No growling, no throwing toys around, no sweating and no panting. Isn’t blogging sweet?



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11 responses to “It’s Hard Being a Blogging Whippet

  1. vanimator

    So cute !!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures.


    • Thank you. Glad you like them, there are a lot more to come, so feel free to come back for another dose of “Georginess” 🙂 Had a quick look at your website/blog. I find the way you structure your posts as a dining experience very creative.

  2. Hey, thanks for visiting our blog. Lilly returns the favor to George. He looks like a real sweetie bug.

    P.S. When I was volunteering at the animal shelter years ago, we had a lab+whippet who was SUCH a doll. I suppose that’s why I’m so fond of our blog’s supporting actor, Ginko … who is lab+greyhound.

    • Hi, Roxanne, and thank you for the comment. I’ve never worked at an animal shelter, but I visited one a few years ago and it broke my heart. Most of the dogs looked so sad and hungry for love. It makes me angry when people abuse or abandon their animals. Anyway, on a more cheerful note, I’m on my way to your blog to look for Ginko, I must have missed him the first time.

  3. George, you are so right! Clancy and Connor (the Whippets who allow me to share their lives also blog and it knoks them sideways too!)
    We are pawsaroundoz and the boys blog is entitled whippetsaroundoz, call by and have a look one day!

    Annie (the driver)

    • Thanks for stopping by, Annie. I’ve visited your blog and really liked it. Your two boys are gorgeous, George says he’s happy to meet other whippets who share his passion for blogging 🙂

  4. Indigo our poodle, popped in to say hi, she is off to bed, too. Center of the double bed in the caravan. She spent today planning her tour to the warmer climate for winter and hopes to meet a cute fellow blog dog.

    • Hi, Kathy and Indigo, and thanks for stopping by and leaving a message. It’s always nice to meet new friends. We’ll go and check out your blog later. We’re really curious to see what Indigo looks like. She’s got a really cool name 🙂

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  6. Your blog is great! I love whippets but can’t have one as we have a full house here. Still…I can dream 🙂

    • Hiya and thank you for stopping by. We’re always happy to meet new friends who like whippets! You can visit us anytime you need a whippet fix 😉 I’ll come and visit your blog to meet your gang in a bit …

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