Herbal Dietary Supplements

George finally got a present today! The first one after Christmas, that is. The postman rang the front door to deliver a small parcel for the dog of the house. Since George is one of those spoilt creatures who LOVE presents, I’m sure you can imagine the excitement with which he ripped open the envelope to reveal the surprise. He was more than delighted to find this:


As some of you may know, whippets can be fussy eaters and really appreciate fine dining. There is not point presenting a whippet with over-processed food, because he won’t eat it (unless his life depends on it, I guess). Bland food is a no go, too, and George made this clear to us from day one. Therefore, in an attempt to keep him alive and take the best possible care of him, we started what could almost be described as a crash PhD course in canine nutrition. This is how we came to adopt the BARF diet with a good sprinkle of quality herbal supplements for our dog, and how he ended up being a healthy, energetic and shiny boy.


However useless the above introduction may seem, it is crucial to understanding why George running out of his food supplements a few weeks ago was such a big deal. Being used to yummy food tickling his taste buds, he has missed his “spices” and has been complaining about it ever since. So, yesterday we finally got our act together and ordered some more. We were very pleasantly surprised that they arrived so quickly, but the one bearing the biggest smile of all times was, of course, George:


Bon appétit, little whippet!



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4 responses to “Herbal Dietary Supplements

  1. No doubt about it, George has “Star Quality”. I often use pics of my own and other peoples’ dogs as “Guest Commentators” on my blog (Their pic accompanied by me commenting as if I’m the dog. They help me with the spelling) I would love to feature George as a Guest Commentator some time if you’d like. No money, I’m afraid, just the “glory”.

    • Hi, and thank you for the nice comment and the offer. I’ve taken a look at your blog and I really liked it. The “Guest Commentator” posts are great, too, and you impersonating the dog/cat is a brilliant idea. I’m sure George would love to be featured on your blog, he’d do anything for a bit of fame. I would not expect any money in return for this, of course, but I’d appreciate it if you gave a link to George’s blog in your post (we’re newbies so any help in boosting our profile a bit is much appreciated). Let me know when and if you want me to send you a “sporty” (?) picture of George. I’ll keep an eye on your blog anyway (I’m a big fan of sports, too, although college sports are not big here in the UK), and look forward to your next posts.


  2. Thank you for the kind reply. I’ll be glad to feature George as a guest blogger and naturally I would link to your blog! Feel free to e-mail me a pic of George (jpg please) and let me know what sport you want him to expound on (Get it? “Dog Pound” becomes “Ex-Pound”. I’m seriously in need of a doctor) In America right now the active sports are : college baseball (believe it or not!), college basketball and college hockey. I’ll do whichever one you want and if you’d like George’s comments to be more personal for you and your family or friends just let me know who you want George to make side-references to while he talks sports. Love all the new photos, by the way! I’ll tell all the dog-lovers I know about your blog!

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